A 50th birthday card for an awesome lady golfer

Happy 50th Birthday, Jen!

I just love this vintage lady golfer, she looks so prim and proper. It must have been torture for her to swing her club in this dress with its tightly fitted bodice and cinched waist. And, what the heck is her dog doing on the golf course? Anyway, I made this card for one of my favourite customers to give to her sister-in-law, Jen. Have a peek at the photos below…as always, I hope they give you some ideas for your next card. Thanks for stopping by!

Front panel image-cu

Inside verses

Happy Winter Birthday to a Special Little Girl!

Thanks a million to all you wonderful folks who buy my hand-crafted cards: you challenge me to stretch my imagination and hone my crafting skills.

Haley's skating card frontHere is a cute 5″x5″ easel card that I made for a young lady who is going to be six years old this January. She will be celebrating by hosting a skating party for her friends. Her grandma asked me to design a card that was “all blue and sparkly.” Here is what I came up with, I hope it inspires you!

Here it is in its “easel” position.

Front standing up


When it’s full opened, there is lots of space for verses and messages.

Inside open

And last, but as important, a handmade personalized envelope…

Envelope front

Happy New Year, crafters!

Hello, crafters…

happy new year 2015 wishes in oriya

It’s another brand new year and, for me, it’s filled with crafting dreams, plans and project ideas.

If I manage to complete even a handful of the projects on my ever-growing list, I will be ecstatic.

If you would like to share your ideas, completed projects or tutorials, I would be happy to post them here on Globug Ideas and give you credit or link to your blog.

My readers now number about 120,000 a year and that number continues to grow. Thanks a million to each and every one of your for your questions, comments and support.

Happy New Year and remember, don’t run with scissors, unless you’re in a real rush to get to your craft room!


Card-in-a-box: an international “thank-you!”

Thank you…from a couple of cool Canucks to a hot California couple!

Inside the box-2My wonderful friends from Mississauga, Ontario, recently spent a week with their friends in California. They wanted to send them a thank-you card that included in the theme references to California, Canada and friendship. They also asked me to include the Canadian and American flags. Hmm, now that would be a challenge… if it weren’t for the versatile car-in-a-box!

Here is what I came up with…I hope it inspires you. By the way, you can see my YouTube video here.

This is the front. It just looks like an ordinary card until you pop it open. The great thing is that it fits into a standard mailing envelope.

Front flat

On the backside…oops, I mean the flip side (LOL), I wrote a verse (okay, so no poetry prizes for me ;); opposite the verse is a nice big panel for a personal handwritten message..

Back panels

Here it is popped open. BAM! So cool! In the background you can see a palm tree for California then a pine tree with some sparkly snow on it for Canada. Next are some silver snowflakes juxtaposed against some glittery red and blue stars. To say, “friendship,” and to incorporate the Canadian and American flags, I used heart-shaped flags with a dash of sparkle.At the very front  are a seashell and a cute little penguin. I think that, all in all, I pretty much covered all the bases!

Inside the box-2

Here are some close-ups…

Top thank you panel behind trees


Palm tree

Check out the cute little chicks on the left flap. I added bikinis on them and called them, “the real chicks of California.”

Chicks panel

I just love this happy moose on the opposite side, a familiar site for Canadians.

Moose panel

    Here is the front flap…

Thanks so much panel

 No Globug card is complete without a custom desiged matching envelope…with sparkles, of course!

Envelope front

Card-in-a-box: butterflies!

A pretty box full of butterflies!

There’s an adorable little girl named Grace who just turned two. Grace loves butterflies and so her mommy planned a birthday party with a butterfly theme. Her grandma asked me to make a special butterfly birthday card for her. I thought it would be so much fun for little Grace to open her card and see a bunch of pretty butterflies pop up. So, here’s the butterfly card-in-a-box Ii made for this little cutie. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the butterflies. (I know the photos are that great, but my next project is a to set up a proper place to take good quality photos. It’s on my To Do list!!)

This is the front of the card, before it’s opened to reveal all the pretty butterflies.


 Here is the back of the card, with a nice big panel for a hand-written birthday message from Grandma and Grandpa.

Card back

 And now, for let’s open that box right up. Will you just look at all those butterflies!


 No Globug Ideas card is complete without a matching envelope.


  I hope my little box of butterflies inspires  you to make a card-in-a-box for someone special in your life.