Hey, St. Nick!

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You’ve heard of “Christmas in July,” right?
Well, I like to call this “St. Nick in the Summer!”

I just completed a two-day workshop with the award-winning artist, Maria Saracino. Our project was this beautiful St. Nick figure. It was a lot of work and oh, so many details. I’m really proud of this character.

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I love colour!

I’ve sure been slacking off when it comes to writing in my blogs. But, then, that’s just the way I am. I go on binges of this, that and the other thing. So, lately I’ve been deeply immersed in colouring with my Copic markers. I’ve discovered a few artists whose work has captured my interest: Christine Karron, Dinny Sidik and Mariola Budek. Here are some of the Dinny Sidik images that I’ve coloured so far. I need so much practice on skin, especially the cheeks and shadows and these images are perfect for that.

Here are a couple I coloured by Mariola Budek:

That’s it for now, but I will be back with some of my Christine Karron images. She draws amazing fairies and her special little guy, Benny Blue. See you next time!

Fairies, fairies, fairies!

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted an article, but I’m back with some gorgeous fairies. I discovered artist, Christine Karron, and now I just can’t get enough of her gorgeous drawings. In this post, I am publishing the a few of the images I’ve coloured from her Fairies 2 collection. If you love to colour, be sure to check her out.

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Angel love!

I just spent a day-and-a-half at a workshop to make this beautiful angel. What a wonderful experience! The teacher, Maria Saracino, is an award-winning artist whose work is beyond amazing.

Maria works with Super Sculpey to sculpt her characters. I had never worked with it until I took my first class with Maria.

Everything about the angel is handmade. We sculpted the face and hands (with delicate little fingers); applied make-up to enhance her pretty face; made the wings, the dress and the delicate underskirt. It is such a fascinating journey to see a block of clay and some bits of fabric turn into a beautiful angel that, I hope, will become a family heirloom.

Maria has turned Sculpey into a medium for fine art. Visit Maria’s site to see her unforgettable hand-sculpted characters. 

P.S. Here’s me, with my completed angel. Do I look happy? Oh, yah!

Christine Karron–Love, Love, Love!

I’m always looking for new digi artists…

I’ve been colouring digis for years and, to be honest, I’m pretty tired of the standard digis…you know, the cute little girls and adorable puppies. Well, recently, I discovered Christine Karron. Her digital images are beyond superb! Here are a few that I coloured last week and made into cards. I love, love, love Christine Karron’s work! (By the way, I coloured these with my Copic markers).

Aren’t these amazing digis! I had such a great time colouring them. They are so sophisticated and full of details. Try them out, for yourself. Visit Christine Karron!