50th Anniversary Card for Sharon and Ed

golden-small-16-1We live in a neighbourhood where the folks around us are more than just neighbours, they’re friends. One lovely couple, Sharon and Ed, who live just down the street from us are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. They are both truly sweet and always have a smile and some friendly conversation to welcome us as we take our evening stroll.

As Sharon and Ed were married in December, I wanted to make them a card that incorporated winter into the theme. I found this beautiful digital image called Chickadee in Barberry by Marcella Hawley of Power Poppy.

card-front-newI usd two copies of the image and cut them out on my Silhouette Cameo. Then, I coloured them with my Copic markers and added some sparkle glue to highlight the snow on the branches. To give a 3-D quality to the berries, I used 3-D Liquid Crystal (I also used a tiny drop of it on each bird’s eye). I popped one image up to add dimension. I used this pretty die cut shape on all four panels and I ran the front panel through my Cuttebug with an embossing folder to add the effect of falling snow.

In the photo below, you can see that the chickadee bride  is wearing a “diamond necklace and ring.”  The chickadee groom is wearing a black bow tie. Aren’t they just adorable?


Last, but so important, are the inside messages. On the right I included a traditional happy anniversary message and on the left, I added a special note about chickadees. I will be giving the card to Sharon and Ed later today and I really hope they like it. They are such a special couple and they deserve a very special celebration.

inside-verses-cuI hope my little chickadee anniversary card has inspired you to make a card for someone special in your life.

Thanks, so much, for dropping in. I hope you will visit, again, soon. Until next time, happy crafting, happy everything!


A Christmas card for my mom

 Silent Night, Holy Night

Christmas card for Mom

So many possibilities, so little time!

This year there were so many new dies from Dees’ Distinctively and Impression Obsession, that it really challenged my ability to stick to a  crafting budget. But, I just had to buy a few of these gorgeous shapes. So, here’s a Christmas card I made for my mom. I call it Silent Night, Holy Night.

While it was fun to create a card with these lovely dies, I’ve discovered that I really prefer creating cards that require more of my own ideas. I especially love working with my Copic markers, which I didn’t have much opportunity to do in this one, except for the teeny tiny house in the background. Anyway, I think it turned out quite nicely and my mom loved it. And, that’s what it was all about, in the first place!!

How to deal with sticky cutting mats.

Like a warm tongue on a frozen metal post…talk about a sticky mess!!

2013-11-20 11.45.15


Does this look familiar?

This is my new cutting mat. Do you think it’s sticky enough?

I’m a Cameo-owner and I recently bought two new Cricut cutting mats to replace my three-year-old Cameo mats. Yep, they are interchangeable.

So, there I was all excited to have a brand new cutting mat. After spending a considerable amount of time creating the shapes I wanted to cut out for a special card I was making for a customer, I attached a sheet of Stampin’ Up Whisper White card stock to the mat and sent it to the Silhouette. The cutting job was perfect! Unfortunately, getting the shapes off the mat–not so perfect.

2013-11-20 11.45.53

The glue on the mat was so strong, that the card stock wouldn’t come off the  mat even with the use of a scraper.

Sheeesh, whatta mess!

Well, I took that sticky mess and plunged it right into a sink filled with hot water. Next, I peeled off all of the bigger pieces and picked off the residual crumbs of paper, I then laid a 12″x12″ sheet of heavy scrapbooking paper on the mat and pressed it down hard with the palms of my hands and then pulled it off. I repeated this several times until I had achieved the right stickiness level (I hoped). The outcome: it worked!!!

By the way, Silhouette Cameo mats are also too sticky when new. I bought the Cricut mats because they were half the price of the Silhouette mats. I’m not favouring one brand over the other, just sharing my experience in the hope of helping other crafters prevent a similar situation. But, all’s well that ends well–and I’ve learned something new!


Did you get a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas?

Ladybug Dec 2011If you got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas, I guarantee you will have questions about it. But, that’s good, because you’ve come to the right place! Over the past year, well over 70,000 Cameo-owners have visited Globug Ideas in search of some advice and reassurance about their purchase.

I hope you are enjoying your Cameo, but if you are gritting your teeth in frustration, scratching your head in wonder, or seriously contemplating throwing your Cameo out a window, please take time to read some of my posts. I promise you will be glad you did!

Below is a random list of some of the posts I have written to help Cameo-owners get over that initial hump. I have also replied to hundreds of questions from my readers in one-on-one e-mails. (I also post my responses in the Comments section). There are tons more posts, so take a minute to search my site! Oh, and by the way, I was ready to throw MY Cameo off a cliff for the first while, so I can totally relate to any problems and frustrations you might be having.

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I’m here anytime you need moral support or have questions you want answered or if you just need to bounce some ideas around.

Good luck, Cameo-owners. I KNOW you will fall in love with your Cameo, just as I have done with mine!

Autumn birthday card

Oh, the curse of being born on Halloween! My mom has been putting up with jokes about being a Halloween witch for 83 years! Luckily, she’s a good sport! Well, I sure didn’t make her a witchy card. I decided to go with an autumn theme and here’s what I created. There is a bit of a glare coming off the gold cardstock; it’s much more subtle when there isn’t a bright light shining directly on it.


In this second picture, you can see  the birthday sentiment on the inside. As with every single card I make, I forgot to photograph this one before signing it