Mini-albums–vignettes of your life

This is me at 17 (1965). It was taken by a photographer at the ballet school where I studied (and taught on Saturdays to pay for my own classes).

When I was a kid, back in the 1950s-60s, my parents took a few photos–but only on important occasions, like Christmas, summer vacation, First Communion and Confirmation. Eventually, my mom would get them developed, show them to us once and then hide them away in a deep, dark closet. Oh, how that frustrated me. I mean, come on, photos are for looking at and enjoying!!

I’m now 64 years old, and just three years ago I managed to get those photos from her (she was actually glad to get them out of her closet). What a treasure box of memories.  The idea of making a huge scrapbook sometimes feels like an onerous task, but mini-albums, or vignettes of your life, as I like to call them, are (in my opinion) easier and more fun to create. Also, I like the idea of focusing on one topic at a time.

I’ve never made a scrapbook about myself, but I’m thinking that it might be nice to leave one behind for my kids to enjoy after I’m gone…which won’t be for a very long time, I hope!

Over the past year, I have made several mini-albums for my family. (They serve as both a card and a gift!) For my grandson’s 18th birthday, I made The book of Austin, an envelope mini-album that focused on his many talents. Click on the photo to see a video of the album in its entirety. 

 When my granddaughter, Lindsay, turned 21, I made one that was sweet and pink and girly, just like she is. I made this one from toilet tissue tubes. It was my first one, and I really had fun with it! Click on the photo to see a video of the album in its entirety. 

The next one was for my granddaughter, Ashleigh, who also celebrated her 18th birthday this year.  Ashleigh’s album was a flashback of her life from birth to 18. It was so much fun looking through her photos! I had to enlarge this photo of the cover and, in doing so, I lost some of the photo quality.

 Click on the photo to see a video of the album in its entirety. 

By the way, I have thousands and thousands of photos, both printed and digital. I keep the printed ones in photo boxes, filed by each person’s name. So, for example, when I want a photo of my mom, I just got to the “MOM” tab and  there they all are. I also keep a tab for group shots. This filing system makes selecting photos for a project so easy.

As for the digital photos, I create digital file folder for each year and file the photos as follows; BIRTHDAY-Angie 45th; BIRTHDAY–Ashleigh 18th; BIRTHDAY–Mom–82nd; VACATION 2012…and so on.

My latest mini-album is of my nephew, Eric and his new bride, AnnMarie. I’m going to post it, shortly!

Make one soon for someone you love–why not for Christmas! It doesn’t have to be huge, just six or more pages. I promise you  it will be a treasured gift and a lot of fun to make and give.

P.S. In the making of my mini-albums, in addition to photos of each person, I also included inspirational thoughts and messages, digital art that I coloured with my Copic markers, metal charms, ribbon, shiny beads and other bling, as appropriate.

Graduation Card for Ashleigh

My Granddaughter, the Graduate!

This beautiful young woman is my 18-year-old granddaughter, Ashleigh. Ashleigh just graduated from high school, but the graduation ceremony won’t take place until October. Ashleigh will be entering college in the fall to study social work. Here long-term plan is to go on to university after college to work on one or two degrees.

In the meantime, Ashleigh is working very very hard to earn and save money for her education. She was hired at Tim Horton’s a few months ago, and since then, has proven herself to be so reliable, punctual and efficient that her boss has promoted her to supervisor! Way to go Ashleigh. Some days she starts work at 5 a.m. some nights she still working long after most of us are in bed. Last week she worked 55 hours! How many teens do that?  I am a very very proud Grammie!

My husband and I wanted to give Ashleigh a gift certificate for her college book store, and it just didn’t make sense to wait until her graduation ceremony takes place in October. So, here is the card I made for my sweet granddaughter.

I wanted to make Ashleigh’s card very pretty and pink. I found this gorgeous sheet of paper with some embossing on it and it was perfect for my project.

The card has a double fold, so I tied it with a pink ribbon to keep it closed.  I added three little gem stones to make it sparkle, just like Ashleigh’s eyes!


Here is how the card opens. This style has lots of panels inside for messages, graphics and sentiments.




The bottom flap opens down to reveal a jumping-for-joy graduate. She’s all done up in pink, in keeping with the overall theme of the card. (This image is available from Mo’s Digital Pencil).





I wrote a special message, just for Ashleigh. As always, I ended the message with, “Love you more than chocolate!”




Here is what the card looks like when it’s opened all the way.

It was really fun to make a girly card, with little rosebuds and lots of pink!

I’m already looking forward to Ashleigh’s college graduation. Yippee, I get to make another card!

You can see more of my creations on my Globug Ideas Pinterest page.


Graduation Card for Austin

My Grandson, the Graduate!

The handsome young man in this photo is my grandson, Austin. The lovely young lady next to him is my 21-year-old granddaughter (Austin’s sister), Lindsay.

This was a proud day for me, “Grammie.” It was Austin’s high school graduation. Not only did he graduate with excellent marks, but he received a special award (which also included cash) for his strong contribution to the school; for his good nature; school involvement; big smile; polite and respectful attitude toward teachers, staff and students; and, for his ongoing voluntary work, mentoring (and play) with autistic students. He’s headed off to college this fall to study Television Broadcasting. Maybe we’ll see his handsome, smiling face on the tube, one day. (His real passion is for film-making, though, so maybe we’ll see his name on the Big Screen!). Now that I have done my bragging–as every good grandmother must do–let me show you the card that I made for Austin.

I decided to go with an easel card, so I would have more space for graphics and text, as well as for a personal note.Here is the front of the card, with its tiny diploma, all tied up with a black bow. I’m so finicky about details, that I actually created a real little diploma, complete with Austin’s name, date, school name, and so on. Silly, huh?
Instructions on how to make an easel card can be found at Splitcoast Stampers).




This is a view of the easel card when it is opened part way.

I added three small black pearls to hold the easel part up. The message says, “Class of 2012.”



The really cool “mortarboard” paper matched the plaid, perfectly! Yay!!

The happy graduate, clicking his heels together, is one of Mo Manning’s fabulous digital images (her images are also available in rubber).

The photo below shows the card fully opened, with the message that I wrote and printed out for the middle panel; the hand-scrawled text above is just another note from me and my husband.


We were giving Austin a gift certificate for his college book store, so I created a gift card holder on the back of the card.





I didn’t photograph it, but I also created a custom cardstock envelope/box for the card.

All, in all, I was happy with the overall result and Austin seemed to really like it, too.

Well, Austin’s next graduation will be from college, and I’m already starting to put ideas for his card into my Ideas File! As a Virgo, my motto is, “You can never be too prepared!”

You can see more of my creations on my Globug Ideas Pinterest page.