Silhouette Cameo Cutting Problems…AGAIN!

Okay, my love-hate relationship with my Silhouette Cameo may slowly be turning into a hate-hate relationship. So, here’s the latest: I put a brand new blade into my Cantankerous Cameo and it cut beautifully for the first two pages. Now, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, it won’t cut all the way through the exact same paper. I used the same blade setting as always (6) and it only cut half-way through. I then turned the blade setting up to 8 and set it to “cut twice”-–but it still won’t cut all the way through.

I cleaned out around the blade and still no luck.

I guess I will try turning the blade setting up to 10. If that doesn’t work, I may attach a hack saw to my Cameo, maybe that will work!

And, as for the “Print and Cu”t feature, Silhouette America may have to rename it to “Print and Cut with Scissors.”

Anyone else having this problem? I am open to any and all advice and, if you don’t have any advice for me, I could use a shoulder to cry on!

Thanks, everyone!

37 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo Cutting Problems…AGAIN!

  1. My silhouette worked fine. I had used it a few times with no problems. Now when I send a design to cut that I got from the silhouette store, it will not move and then the touch screen says job complete. However, there was no cuts made and the computer still says it’s cutting. I’m about to smash this thing and get a cricut explore. Any advice on how to fix the issue?

  2. Hi!:) I know this is an older post, but I’m beyond desperate for help and you’re the only one I’ve found after hours & hours of searching for someone with a similar issue.

    Here’s my story, I finally put my new blade in after a year.. I cut 40 sheets of sticker paper PERFECTLY… Cuts were amazing for the kiss cut sticker and to cut the sheet out. But suddenly out of nowhere! My cuts stopped working for me!:( I am soo confused! The kiss cut stickers wouldn’t peel anymore and the sheet won’t cut out.. I turned up the settings and still nothing! After wasting a few sheets I realized something was way off.. Especially with double cuts not cutting through completely.. I’m so stumped. How can my blade just suddenly stop working after so many perfect sheets? I have no idea why this happened. I was on a roll and then bam, my Cameo just turned on me apparently! Lol! I’m trying to laugh it off but really I’m furious inside because I just got a huge order of near $200 and naturally this just had to happen.

    And the even crazier part.. I put in my old blade and it won’t work for me either! I’m doing the same settings I used with it a day ago and it’s not doing good cuts either?! This has to be the most frustrating thing ever.

    Any help would be beyond appreciated! Thanks for you time!:)

  3. Hi everyone- I’m having major problems with my cameo. We’re going to Disney soon so I’m making shirts. I’ve made tons of items using vinyl before and it works perfect. BUT this time I load the cut may, do all of that to get it ready and push send to cut or whatever. It says “cut complete” every time no matter what I’m cutting. I don’t know what to do because it simply just won’t cut. Thanks!

  4. hi, A few months ago 4 exactly buy my cameo in Colombia , where it is still uncommon and few days ago has struggled consisting of marking the paper but fails to cut it completely , I tried changing the blade , adjusting the options section and nothing has me worked … if anyone can help me I would appreciate forever …

  5. I was so excited to purchase my Silhouette Cameo but wasn’t able to try it out. We were going on holidays so I thought I’d bring it along and maybe do some stuff for Christmas cards. Unfortunately my machine doesn’t work. When I “send to silhouette” it just sits there with the status bar running and running and running. I have the new one with the touch screen and the only thing that shows is the “LOAD” screen. When I touch the screen to load it does nothing. It only loads when the machine is turned on. I work on a PC with Windows 8 but was told that it should work with that. I even put some of the designs for Silhouette on a USB stick and I didn’t get the “Browse” screen. I have contacted Silhouette via email but with weekends and holidays it’s a long process. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Silhouette suggested I download the 3.3 version. So far nothing works. The machine just sits there and does nothing except take up space on my desk. Can anyone help me please?????

  6. Frustrated! I cut a design and sent it to my friend. It was just what she wanted. I have wasted 10 pieces of cardstock….still will not cut the design. Sometimes it doesn’t cut the whole design, just part of it…and sometimes it tears the paper. So, I reset my blade from a 3 back to 2, and everything is just perfect…except it didn’t cut all the way through. I don’t know what changed overnight. I am more than frustrated.. new blade, twice. I have the Cameo, Designer 3 help me.

    • This is 8 days later, and I am still having the same problems….they (Silhouette) keep giving me things to do and I keep doing them, new mat, new blade (3of them) and delete Aspex….it still will not cut the design I bought from them. What in the devil do I do?

      • Hi,
        If you are using the new v.3 Silhouette Studio, there’s not much I can do to help you. I would strongly suggest you uninstall that version and install the Legacy version which is available on the Silhouette America site under “Downloads.”

        I had installed the new v.3, but it was a disaster. Silhouette America advised me to go back to the Legacy version. I did and haven’t had a problem since.

        I hope this helps. Good luck!!


        ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

        • Hi, Beverlee,

          Here is a link to the Silhouette America download page Click on the link and then scroll down until you see LEGACY. Under that heading you will see two icons, one for Mac users and one for Windows users. Click on the one you require and following the instructions. You will not lose your library of designs (I didn’t). Silhouette America has all of your designs backed up to their servers, so even if you did run into any trouble, you could still retrieve your designs.

          Good luck!!! Let me know how it goes.


          ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

          • thank you so much, I don’t know how to uninstall the v3, don’t even know where to begin. I don’t want to lose all of my designs. thank you so very much…I am lost.

          • New machine, and smiles instead of tears. It is so fun to have things work the way they should….
            and I have learned some things along the way, having a machine that works properly…..
            The first being, that the Cameo will cut textured paper, it LOVES very smooth paper, and your job of removing it is much easier….so make it easy on yourself, for smaller, detailed designs, use a very smooth paper.
            And it is a lot easier to flip the mat and paper over, so you are removing the mat from the paper, rather than pulling the paper off….
            Thanks for all the help, so maybe I can help someone else…Many Blessings Gloria!

  7. I am so fed up with my cameo. I have wasted more paper then I care to mention. The machine is new, I know I have a lot to learn, but I have figured out how to click on an image and cut, the fine cuts it’s advertised to do is snagging and tearing my paper. I have tried all kinds of paper, settings, blade depths etc.

    I’m so ready to package it back up and return it. I had to order more mats and blades to have on hand because no one in my area sells anything to do with these machines. I too received it as a gift. But have tried to figure it out. Not much as far as directions came with it. I did figure out, to clean paper out of the blade housing area, that the little white tip actually unscrews for easy cleaning.

    Ok, done venting…….. Down to waste more paper!!!!

  8. OMG, I didn’t know you had to have a “how to use your silhouette” degree before using it. I don’t have the time or paitence. I just want to select an image and have this POS (piece of s***) machaine cut it. It has been such a chore and so far not worth my time or money, or rather a waste of a Christmas present. I don’t want to disipoint my husband by returning it since he was so thoughtful to buy it for me but, even this electronic genius can’t figure this out. Is there a silhouette for dummies site with video?

    • Hi, Aureole,

      Well, first off, your letter made me laugh!! But, I do feel your pain! I remember being frustrated with my Cameo for the first little while, too. I will do what I can to help you, but you will need to tell me, specifically, what the problems are. As or a “Silhouette for Dummies” site, I don’t know of one off hand. However, my site provides answers to most Silhouette questions. Also, go to Youtube and key in your question and you will find hundreds of videos that respond to virtually every Silhouette question you could have–lots and lots of great tutorials!!

      I hope this helps. Good luck and I promise you will fall in love with your Cameo!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

    • I guess I’m pretty lucky. I know how to use AutoCad (I’m an engineer) and am a network IT nerd. So the double duty came in handy with this junk. The best “how to” videos I’ve come across are on Make The Cut’s websites. Scrappy Doo videos on YouTube are the best. Sites likes these are great for little snags and problems, but the how-to videos can’t be beat for general help. Even if you don’t use their software, they do alot of very informative videos. Others that work at this really ARE the best help, though. GOOD LUCK. Never say die!

  9. hola por favor necesitaria de su ayuda, mi silhuotte cameo lo uso para cortar vinilo y estampar remeras. pero el corte resultante es irregular o roto en algunas partes. no está limpio.
    cambie cuchiulla lo nivelo bien al vinilo sobre la manta trasbordadora, uso velocidad de 3 a 6 grosor de 26 a 29 y cuchilla 3.
    por favor necesito de su ayuda lo antes posible. tengo muchos trabajos para entregar con vinilo y pierdo material y tiempo y clientes.
    muchas gracias.

    • Hello, Maria Rosa,

      I really wish I could help you, but I do not speak Spanish. If any of my readers can translate your message, I will do my best to help you out.


      • From what I can tell (and I am VERY late as this was almost two month ago) she says:

        Hello I need your help please. I want to use (or am using) my Cameo to cut vinyl and tshirts (transfer paper, I am assuming) but the cuts are jagged and not very clean. I leveled [maybe changed] the knife [blade] to work with vinyl or the transfer covering, used 3 to 6,thickness from 26 to 29 and blade on speed 3. Please, I need your help as soon as possible. I have a lot of jobs that I need to complete before I lose customers and keep wasting material.

        Sorry I did not come across this sooner. I speak Spanglish, as many Texans do, so my Spanish might be a little regional. 🙂

        • Hi, Brandi, I’m sorry that this message comes to you a few weeks to late, but thanks so much for taking time to translate Maria Rosa’s question. People helping each other is what my site is all about!!!

          Thanks again and happy new year!!

  10. Hi my cameo was working fine up to 2 days ago,now it stays in the one spot working as if it is perforating,it wont move along and cut out,when I turn it off and back on again it does the same thing,even with nothing in it,it really is a frustrating machine,any help would be appreciated Thank You, Eithne.

    • Hi, Eithne,

      First, sorry for my late reply–I try to answer promptly, as much as possible, but some weeks just get crazy-busy!

      In response to your questions, here are the basic trouble-shooting tips, that fix most problems:
      — make sure you have the latest version of the software
      — close Silhouette Studio and then turn off your computer
      — now, turn your computer back on and open Silhouette Studio–this turning off/turning on allows the memory to clear (it’s not an usual problem)
      — try your cut, again. If you are still having the same problem, you should call Silhouette America support and ask them for help.
      I hope this helps. Please let me know how it turns out, so I can share the knowledge with other Silhouette owners.

      Good luck, Eithne!

  11. so… i just opened up my new cameo…and it’s making a horrific sound when it goes through the process of “cutting”… and at the end of all the noise, there’s NO cut!!! 🙁 i’m really sad… i can’t explain my disappointment after waiting on pins and needles for it to arrive 🙁 defective blade maybe? what’s with that horrible sound?


    • Poor you!!! I can feel your frustration!! I went through some rough times with mine, too, when I first got it, and my goal is to help you start enjoying your Cameo as quickly as possible. I am not affiliated with Silhouette America, I`m just a passionate crafter who wants other crafters to be happy.

      So, let`s get to your problems…

      Noisy Cameo

      1. Check to be sure you removed all packing material from the inside of your Cameo.
      2. Is the metal belt vibrating when you use the cut feature? Mine did this once, (and made a huge noise)but it never did it again, so I didn’t have an opportunity to figure out what the problem was.
      3. If it makes a noise every time you try to use it, I think it’s safe to say you have a defective machine. In this case, Silhouette America will replace it for you.

      Cameo not cutting

      1. If you are cutting standard card stock, such as Stamping Up Whisper White, your blade should be set at 3—never higher; the speed should be 3; thickness at 33. If you set your blade higher than this, you may chipped the end of your blade, which means it won’t cut anything. In this case, your only solution would be to buy a new blade. This happened to me and I called Silhouette American and they send me a new blade.

      Don’t despair! If you have double-checked your Cameo and are sure there is no packing material left inside, then you may likely a defective machine. If your Cameo stops making the loud noise but still won’t cut, then you definitely have chipped the blade. Call Silhouette America support team.

      I promise you will LOVE your Cameo as soon as you iron out the problems. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I am always happy to help.

      Good luck!

  12. So….its been a few months. Have your issues cleared up after receiving new blades? We just purchased a Cameo after returning a Cricut Expressions2 (hated the cartridge concept). The Cameo is just out of the box not even made a cut yet. Did we purchase the wrong machine??

    • Hi,

      I am thrilled to tell you that my Silhouette Cameo is FANTASTIC! Now that I have a new blade, my Cameo makes beautiful cuts on even the tiniest and most patterns.

      Silhouette America has taken the defective blades off the market and replaced them with new ones, which cut beautifully.

      I would definitely recommend that you buy the Silhouette Cameo. I totally agree that the whole concept cartridges is old-fashioned, expensive and they take a lot of storage space. I love being able to just buy the image I want on-line, right from the Silhouette Studio software. It’s convenient, instant and cost-effective. Every week, they put a big variety of image on sale at half-price ($0.50), and I usually buy several for my collection. Also, there is a free image every week.

      All in all, I LOVE MY CAMEO. I’m certain you will, too. If you do have any blade problems, call Silhouette America right away and they will send you a new blade.

      Let us know how it goes.

      Have a happy day,


  13. I had the same cutting problems, only it would cut fine on setting #3- for larger designs. As for anything semi detailed, forget it! It eventually got worse, until I cranked up the settings to 6…and instead of cutting, it just made a big mess of the paper. After reading complaints about the defective blades online, I called up support, they denied knowing anything about the defective blades and instead told me I should never set my blade higher than a 3 and suggested I might have chipped the tip of the blade (also found similar stories online). They sent me out a new blade. The very first cut cut beautifully- and it’s all gone downhill from there. I’m now back up to setting 4. I really really want to love my machine, but it does not seem to be working out that way 🙁

    • Hi, Jessica,

      Your story is exactly like mine and so many others, except for one thing: no one on the Sihouette Support Team has ever denied that Silhouette has/had an issue with defective blades. Unfortunately, the Silhouette Support Team members don’t have a standard answer. In your case, they told you there is no issue with defective blades. In my case, I was told several times that there is definitely an issue with defective blades.

      The support person I spoke to recently told me that we should never have to turn our blade setting up past a three. She said that doing so causes the blade to come down further and the tip breaks off. The blade is then useless. I told her that no one on the Support Team had ever told me that before (which was completely true) and she offered to send me a new blade once the shipment arrives. The shipment was due in on Monday, February 27, and they were going to start shipping the new blades out that week. Apparently, the defective blades are no longer being shipped, so it should be all good.

      I know how you feel about wanting to love your Silhouette because I feel the same way. I’m trying to stay positive. I’m hoping that when I get my new blade, I will be cutting out doilies and names and teeny tiny birds and…LOL…you get the picture!

      If your blade is not working, I would urge you to call Silhouette, again. With any luck, you will get a different member of the support team and a new blade.

      Jessica, we WILL love our Silhouette Cameos…one day!! I hope you will come back to the forum or send me an e-mail to let me know how it works out for you.

      Big hugs,


      • How is is that you shouldn’t ever turn your blade past a 3 but cardstock alone tells you to set it at a FOUR?? If it’s not supposed to be past a 3 WHY DOES IT GIVE YOU THE OPTION UP TO 10? That’s an absurd response to an obvious question and indicative someone LYING TO YOU.

  14. I’ve had nothing but issues since purchasing my Silhouette Cameo. I love the idea of this product and what it is supposed to be able to do. I am now on my third blade. The company keeps sending me replacements but they work one or two times and then stop. I have ruined an entire roll of vinyl trying to get it to cut. Very frustrated.

    • In response to: “Very frustrated,” Silhouette American told me last week that they have a new shipment of blades arriving, today (Monday, Feb. 27, 2012) and that the defective blades are no longer being sent out. CALL THEM and ask for another blade. We must keep at them until we are all satisfied with their product! Good luck. I hope, soon, we will all be happily creating with our Silhouette Cameos. Thanks, so much, for stopping by the forum and leaving a comment. Best of luck,
      Gloria :o)

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