Silhouette Cameo: it’s cutting!

Yippee…my Cameo cuts!

Hi, folks. Well, I am here with good news about my Silhouette Cameo! Just to bring you up-to-speed, I bought my Cameo in November, but wasn’t able to use it because it had a defective blade. I called Silhouette America, explained the problem, and they sent me a new blade–which was also defective. Then came a third defective blade.

Finally, on yet another call to Silhouette America, I was told that the original blades were defective–they were set into the casing at the wrong angle. They also told me that all new blades had been manufactured and the problem was corrected.

So, I waited patiently (sort of) for my fourth blade to arrive. It did. It works. I’m ecstatic! I finally have a blade that is not defective.

Here is a photo of some tiny doilies that I cut out, yesterday. I laid a car key beside them to give you an idea of their size. I also cut out a bunch of little flowers and some birds. That’s a good start, don’t you think? Here’s one more photo showing a teeny tiny branch.  It’s a very clean cut…yayyyyyyy!!!

I get about a thousand visitors every month who are looking for solutions to their Silhouette Cameo cutting problems. I sure hope this helps. Don’t give up on your Cameo! If you’re having issues with your blade, be sure to contact the Silhouette America support line for help. They have really been terrific and always willing to discuss my problems and answer my questions. Good luck…and happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo: it’s cutting!

  1. Hey Gloria,
    I have had problems with my Silhouette from day 1, Christmas day to be exact. It has always torn and never given a clean cut. I have called Silhouette customer services and they sent me out 2 new blades, to replace the blade that came with it and the blade I had bought, which I got a few days ago and tested today…. THEY STILL DONT WORK, one just tears everything and the other just scored the surface!!! What a waste of £300! I want them to take my Silhouette away so I can buy a machine that works!! I have changed settings and the blades have not been overexposed as this was the first use of both of them! I don’t know what else to do! Any ideas? 🙁


    • Hi, Cherry,

      I can really relate to your frustration. I felt exactly the same way. But, I finally got a good blade and now my Cameo is making amazingly detailed cuts…intricate little doilies, tiny little branches with teeny tiny leaves. I am so glad I stood my ground with Silhouette. My advice to you, Cherry, is to call Silhouette, again, and ask them to send you another blade. All of your blades may have been from the early batch, when they were all defective.

      Don’t give up, just yet, Cherry. If you get a blade from their new shipment, I promise you will fall in love with your Cameo, just as I have…finally. It took from November to just about two weeks ago for me to finally get a good blade, but it’s all worth it, now!!!

      Please let me know what happens. I truly hope it works out for you. By the way, I have spoken with Cricut owners who have said that the Silhouette Cameo cuts much better than the Cricut…and no expensive cartridges to buy!! Good luck, Cherry!!! :o)

  2. My dear Gloria, my name is Melania, i write from Italy and i am so happy for you fory your Cutting Cameo. I bought mine in November and First everything was ok, sometimes i had problems…And i have done many attempts to understand well how it works.
    Now i bought a new blade because it was completely impossible to clean mine and it was so full of paper little pieces that it couldn’t cut anymore un uts best way.
    Anyway i have some questions if you wanna help me. For example the number of blade. The number that defines the thickness. Which number you use to cut a bazzil ti do a little box for eample? And what kind of paper you use generally? patterned? Cardstock? bazzil? I would be so happy if you could help me…anyway here i found myself not alone…Then in italy it’s dufficult to find people who use silhouette cameo, it’s not as famous as big shot or slice 🙂 Anyway i thank you and i wish you an happy easter 🙂

    • Hello, Melania,

      It is so wonderful to hear from you, all the way from Italy!

      In response to your question about cutting bazzil, the blade setting can vary from 4 to 6. Begin with a blade setting of 4, thickness 33 and speed 3. If that doesn’t give you perfect cuts, then move your blade setting up to 5 and the speed down to 2.

      You may have to experiment with those settings, but you should get some nice clean cuts. One little tip: when you move the blade setting to a higher number, remember to keep the blade at a lower number.

      I hope this helps, Melania. Write to me anytime!!!

      Happy Easter to you!


      • Hi Gloria,

        Could you please explain what the difference between the blade and the blade setting that you refer to above? Is one the physical setting on the cameo and the other a software setting?

        • Hi, Nadia,
          Yes, you’ve got it right. One is the blade setting in your software and the other is the physical blade setting in your machine. They should be at the same settings at all times.

          I hope you enjoy your Cameo!


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