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Oh, my goodness, this is the longest I have ever gone without blogging. My husband and I having been laying a flagstone patio on the side and around the back of our house. It measures about 25 ft. x 50 ft. Whew!! what a job. So, needless to say, I’ve been a bit tired lately and my evenings have consisted of a shower, dinner, and falling asleep in my favourite chair or early to bed.

Anyway, here I am, this time with a puzzle card that I made for a friend’s birthday. The birthday boy, Altar (pronounced All-Tar), came to Canada from Turkey a few years ago. He started off as a friend of my son, but we soon “adopted” him and I now call him, “my favourite Turkish son.” He loves puzzles, so this was a perfect card for him.

There are great instructions on YouTube on how to make a never-ending card (also known as an endless card or a puzzle card), which I will include at the end of this post.

Here is the front of the card. I put a l ladybug on the left side with a message from myself. On the right side I put a funny bird with a noise-maker and a message from my husband, Peter.

 Open the two doors on the front of the card to reveal the next surprise. I’ve just used some colourful bits and pieces to decorate these panels. I also wrote, “Happy Birthday,” in white gel pen.

Next, open the top and bottom flaps to reveal yet another surprise. This one shows birthday candles and flowers. And, of course, I included my little Globug Ideas logo.:)

Now, open the top and bottom flap, again, to uncover a message from Cookie, our beautiful little Bichon Frise and a birthday cupcake.

Open the doors once, again, and you’re back to the beginning!

This card is as much fun to make as it is to receive. And, it’s so much fun to see the wonder and amazement on people’s face as they try to figure out the puzzle card.

I hope this funny card inspires you. This is my first one, but I’ll be back with another…hopefully much improved!

And now, as promised, here is a link to an excellent tutorial on how to make a never-ending card:

Have fun!!

4 thoughts on “Never-ending card

  1. Just brilliant! I l love seeing new ideas take fold in creative ways. i can imagine this card being something that would be both fun and intriguing at the same time as well as the sort of card that you’d want to revisit from time to time to appreciate the effort that went into it.

    • Hi, Jacob,

      Thanks, so much for taking time to write to me! That was my first “never-ending card” and I really enjoyed making it. I love cards that have something unique about them and this one is pretty cool, I must admit!!

      Happy crafting,

      Globug Ideas

  2. It is obvious from reading post from your readers and from readers on other post that many of them are just like me. They read and read about various die cutters and decide on the Silhouette Cameo. It sounds so easy to use when you are reading about the cutter. When chatting with folks they tell you how easily you can learn to use the cutter. Well, they didn’t tell me I had to be a computer genius to be able to do so well in adapting to learn the use the machine. I to have pulled my hair out, called Silhouette support line so many times, I imagine they sigh and roll their eyes when they hear my name!!:)
    I truly wish someone would be able to set up a seminar where we all could bring our machines and spend several days working on the basics of how to use these machine. How to set up the settings; learn to cut, paste, set the setting etc. and all the other stuff I don’t even dare push those buttons. I would be so willing to pay for a seminar to have someone that is very experienced, had great patience in explaining to those of us that are challenged and could teach us to feel comfortable with our machines. I have lots of materials for projects I have wanted to make, but has either started them and then me mess up so much that I just throw my hands up and quit. I have completed some projects but they have taken many 5 times the amount of time they should have because I am blindly trying to figure out what I am doing and constantly have to redo things. That gets expensive with wasting vinyl.
    I purpose that if someone would like to set up a class, charge a fair fee, get several students, they could make a good amount of money for a weeks or several days’ work. For teaching something that she has already mastered and when they do, please let me know immediately, I will sign up and be one the first students!! Please help us save our hair, we would like to grow old with as much hair as possible and not pull all of it out over a die cutting machine!! Thanks!

    • Hi, Barbara,

      Please don’t pull your hair out!! LOL!! I know the Silhouette can be frustrating when you first start using it, but you WILL master it, I promise!!

      When I first got my Cameo, I felt exactly as you do–I wanted to send it back. However, I read everything I could find on the Internet–blogs, forums, etc. I agree that a workshop would be really helpful, but I don’t know of any in my city. Have you checked the Internet for Silhouette classes in your area?

      Come back anytime, Barbara, and I will help you through this learning curve. I guarantee that before too long you will be creating all sorts of wonderful things with your Cameo. I answer hundreds and hundreds of questions every year from folks just like yourself. Keep reading and keep experimenting with your Cameo. Most of all, relax and have fun.

      Big hugs,


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