Silhouette Cameo–all is quiet on the home front!

OMG, it’s been a week since I last received a plea for help from a Silhouette Cameo owner. Does this mean that Cameos are being delivered with good blades? Could it mean that cutting mats, everywhere, are neither too sticky, nor too not-sticky? Is it possible that every single solitary Cameo owner now has conquered the Cameo? If the answer is, “yes,” to even ONE of these questions, then I am a happy, albeit lonely, little Globug!

I’ve learned so much from the questions that I have received over the past eight months, since I took delivery of my own Cameo. I have read every blog, viewed every tutorial and sought out every bit of information available on the care and feeding of the Silhouette Cameo. And, it was all worth it! Besides the fact that my Cameo has become my most precious crafting tool, I have met (through Globug Ideas) dozens and dozens of passionate crafters. We have worked through so many problems and issues, such as defective blades, broken blades and debris-covered blades; mats that are too sticky, mats that are not sticky at all, and ones that keep slip-sliding around. We’ve figured out settings for blades, thickness and speed; we’ve dealt with print-and-cut, trace-and-detach and cardstock issues.  Veni! Vidi! Vici! Or, as we North Americans say, “We came! We saw! We conquered!”

So, now, after a week with no questions to answer, no problems to solve (I mean absolutely none), I feel a bit like the Maytag man. I’m ready, willing and able to help Cameo owners go from, “I hate this @#$@$@% Cameo,” to

“Sigh…I LOVE my Cameo!”

Stop by anytime, and let me know how you’re doing. Or, if you have any more questions, are feeling confused or frustrated, remember, there are solutions to EVERY problem! And, if you have some tips or projects you’d like to share, we would all love to hear them.

Thanks, Cameo-owners! Have a wonderful weekend, and keep crafting!

13 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo–all is quiet on the home front!

  1. greetings

    i need help with the cameo software. i usually design in FLEXI SIGN PRO and then export the file to .dxf format. when i import the file in cameo its not the same as i saved in FLEXI. its deformed.

    why is it so?

  2. Hi Gloria,

    I got sent to your blog via My Scrappy Chick on Facebook. I’ve been reading some of things that have gone wrong with the Cameo. This is really scary to me because I JUST bought one yesterday, to replace the original Silhouette that I bought and have finally gotten used to using with out pulling my hair out. Now I’m scared to even unpack this thing.

    What suggestions do you have for a brand new owner, who’s luck sucks and will probably have ALL of the issues you’ve mentioned!


    • Hi, Gwen,

      Oh, I know you must be trembling, right now. But, go ahead and open your Silhouette Cameo. It will be fine, I promise! Also, I am always an-email away, so feel free to send me questions, anytime!!

      When the Silhouette Cameo was first produced, the blades, which were manufactured in Taiwan, were defective—they were set at the wrong angle and simply tore the paper. New blades were made in Europe and Silhouette began distributing them in February 2012.

      Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind:

      You will rarely set your blade higher than 3. So, for example, if you are cutting regular cardstock for cards or scrapbooks, you will set (in the software) SPEED at 3; THICKNESS at 33; BLADE at 3. Be sure to check that the blade is physically set to 3—i.e., in the machine.
      If you set the blade at a higher number than required, it will break the tiny tip and you will not be able to cut—new blade time!!

      The other problem has been that the new mats are too sticky. So, just lay a piece of 12×12 cardstock over it and pull it off a few times. This will dull the stickiness enough so that your paper comes off easily. If you don’t have 12×12 cardstock, use a towel,

      These are the two recurring problems, but believe me, once you get comfortable with your Cameo, you will fall in love with it. It blows away the Cricut and is capable of the finest cuts.

      I’m sure you will have to go through some “trial-and-error” experiences, but you probably went through that with your SD.

      So, go ahead and open that box!!! Have fun and come one back any time you need help!!


  3. I could not find where I should post a question —so here goes…….I am trying to take a picture that I have saved and get it to the Cameo for print and cut. It is a jpg file and I have a laptop—not a Mac. If I open the file —then I cannot open the Studio. I tried opening the picture which I have saved on my desktop and drag it to the Studio but that does not work. I am not very good at this computer stuff but have had no real serious problems with the Cameo. Any help you can give me would be deeply appreciated!

    • Hi, Sue,
      The Print and Cut feature is great, once you get the hang of it. I struggled with it at first, too. If you follow the steps below, it should work just fine. I have done it many times and it works every time. Okay, so here’s what to do:

      1. Open Silhouette Studio
      2. Once you are in Silhouette Studio, click on FILE in the upper left-hand corner.
      3. Select OPEN. Notice at the bottom this window and you will see a box that says “Silhouette Studio (*.Studio)–click the down arrow and change it to ALL FILES. This will take you to the folders on your computer. Go to the folder where you have saved the image you want to use.
      4. Double-click on the file you want to import and it will appear in on the screen in Silhouette Studio.
      5. Now, go to the REGISTRATION MARKS icon–it’s the second from the right at the top of the Silhouette Studio (it looks like three photo corners). Select SHOW REGISTRATION MARKS.
      6. Next, go the the TRACE icon–it’s the fifth from the right at the top of Silhouette Studio. Then, select which type of cut you want–you can see the three options: TRACE; TRACE OUTER EDGE; or, TRACE AND DETACH. Select the one you want. You will see a little cross-hair that looks like this + … grab that and pull it around the image that you want to trace.
      7. Now, select PRINT.
      8. Once you have printed your document, put it on your cutting mat and select the settings you need for your paper (e.g., blade 3; thickness 33; speed 3).
      9. When you send it to the Silhouette, you will be asked if you want too DETECT REGISTRATION MARKS. Click DETECT AUTOMATICALLY. The Cameo will begin to move back and forth across the paper as it detects the registration marks. When it’s finished, you can select PRINT (at this point, you can SKIP REGISTRATION MARK DETECTION (because you have just done it) and go straight on with your printing.

      This should work like a charm…but, if it doesn’t, come one back and we’ll go through it, together.

      Good Luck, Sue!!! If you have a minute, come on back and let me know how it turns out.


  4. I am so glad I found your blog. I’ve read some of the posts you have written about Cameo issues. I’ve had those, but my biggest complaint and I have not seen it addressed here is that my machine does not cut where it is supposed to. For example, when I cut circles or something with a scallop edge, it cuts everything as more like an oval. And when I try to cut doilies or something similar the design is never symmetrical. Everything cuts sort of deformed. Stars never look like stars, they are usually deformed in some slight way. I am starting to think I have a lemon, but don’t know what I can do about it. Any suggestions? I did try emailing my issues to the company and they suggested cleaning out the blade casing because my issues may be related to lint in the casing. But this happens with a brand new blade (no lint involved). Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of the information you’ve provided on your blog.

    • Hi, Melissa,

      First off, you’re right about this being a brand new issue. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find a solution!

      My best guess is that it has absolutely nothing to do with your blade. And, as you say, the problem continued even with a new blade. I think that your Cameo is not function correctly due to a problem in its computer. It could be that it is not sending the right data to the plotter, so the shapes are not being cut out correctly. The blade will only cut what the computer part of the Cameo tells it to cut. As the problem seems to be happening with everything you cut, it most certainly sounds like your machine is malfunction–or, probably defective.

      If I was in your shoes, I would speak directly to someone on the support team and tell them you want the machine replace. Obviously, it’s no good to you the way it is.

      Let me know what happens, Melissa. Good luck!!


      • Thanks Gloria! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I did communicate with Silhouette finally last week. They are going to replace it for me. I had to ship it to them, so it is on it’s way. I am hoping to have my new machine soon so I can finally have some fun with it. Thanks again! 🙂

        • Hi, Melissa,
          Yay!!!!! I am so happy to hear that Silhouette America is taking care of the problem. I am exited for you!! I can’t wait to hear about your Silhouette projects. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your new Cameo arrives very soon.
          Keep smiling!!!

          • Hi, Melissa,
            Yayyyyy!!! I am thrilled for you. Now you can do some serious crafting! Have a wonderful time with your new Cameo and remember, I’m always here if you have questions.


  5. I feel so bad for you with no problems! Ha!! But —I do have a question maybe you can help me with since I cannot find it anywhere else…..please…….can you use adhesive sheets on your cardstock or will that be bad for the Cameo and the blades? Any idea or suggestion? Thought would be nice for intricate things if does not gum things up! Thanks! Am sure someone out there will have a problem soon!!

    • Hi, Sue,

      Your comment made me laugh! The funny thing is that as soon as I posted that article, a crafter contacted me with some Cameo problems!!

      So, as for your question, you shouldn’t have any problem using adhesive sheets on your cardstock because the Cameo is designed to cut adhesive-backed vinyl. You may have to increase your blade depth to accommodate the extra layer. There is one brand of adhesive-back cardstock called “Quickstripz”–here is the URL:

      There is another product called “Quickcutz” which is a chipboard with adhesive backing on both sides. You can get it at URL above.

      I am sure there are a lot of crafters out there who would love to know how your projects turn out, so please stop by and let us know how it’s going.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sue. I look forward to hearing more about your projects!!

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