ATC: Artist Trading Cards–so much fun!

You know, once you get involved with something you really love doing–in my case, it’s making cards, scrapbooks and other paper-crafting projects–there’s just no limit to where it can take you. It’s like a magic carpet ride, with something new and exciting at every turn!

Of course, this is all leading up to my latest discovery: Artist Trading Cards–ATCs, as they are called.

Here is my first ATC. 


What is an ATC?

You may already know what an ATC is, but for those who don’t, below is a short explanation.

Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art, 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches (63 mm X 89 mm) in size. They are designed to fit into standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets, like the ones used for baseball cards.

These little works of art are created by artists and crafters, who trade them with other artists and crafters. They are not sold, simply traded. Every artist uses his or her own technique and media, which can range from digital and stamped images, to pens and pencils and even water colour and acrylic paints. The ATC can even include metal or cloth and just about any other media that strikes the artist’s fancy.

The back of each ATC must include the title, artist’s name, date and series number. For example, the ATC shown above is number three in a series of 12. Kristy Deyette of The Crafter’s Cafe hosts an ATC swap every month. This month’s theme was frogs, so we had to include at least one frog anywhere on are ATC. There were twelve crafters taking part in the swap, so my ATCs were number 1 of 12, 2 of 12, 3 of 12, and so on.

Once we finish making our 12 identical ATCs, we send them off to Kristy (keeping one aside for ourselves). Kristy collates all the ATCs so that each of us ends up with12 different ATCs (one from each artist). She mails them back to us and, voila, each of us has a complete set. As I have already mentioned, this is my first ATC, so I am really looking forward to receiving the package with all the other ATCs. It will be really interesting to see how the other 11 crafters interpreted the frogs theme.

If you have never made an ATC, and would like to give it a try, pop by  The Crafter’s Cafe and check out Kristy’s Swap Club. It’s more fun that a barrel of…frogs!


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