Embossing folders: let’s get organized!

My mission, this week, was to organize my out-of-control collection of embossing folders. Mission accomplished! See how happy I am?Yay!

Rooting through 99 embossing folders to find the one I needed was so darn frustrating. (Yep, I have 99 and two more on order…but, I don’t smoke, drink or spend money on shoes, and a girl has to have some fun!)

Anyway, after months of searching Pinterest and craft blogs, I finally picked a bit of this and a bit of that and came up with my own hybrid system. Here’s how it works:

I began by making a little orange name tag for each embossing folder. I created a table in MS Word and typed in the names of the folders, but you could just as easily write them by hand. I then affixed the labels to the folders using Scotch tape.





With the folders all labelled, then came the best part: I tossed out the bulky packaging! (Well, I really just packed them up and put them into storage). Just getting that packaging out of my tiny 8′ x 8′ studio was a big accomplishment. Wow, was it ever taking up a lot of valuable storage space. I felt better, already!

Next, I made index cards from some heavy cardstock and added tabs that I cut out on my Silhouette Cameo. I found these cute peel-and-stick alphabet letters in a book of scrapbooking stickers–how’s that for quick-and-dirty?

My “filing cabinet” is just a simple photo box (a shoe box would do just as well, and you could have fun altering it with designer paper).

And finally, in keeping with my quick-and-dirty plan, I created a catalogue for quick and easy reference.


A quick search of my studio and I found a nice hard cover notebook that been sitting on a shelf for years. Perfect! And, one less thing to buy. Also, I just didn’t see the point to a big heavy binder. I really wanted something easy to store and easy to carry with me on shopping trips.

Next, I pulled out a bunch of left-over cardstock from my scrap box and created sample cards measuring 2.5″ x 2.5″. I ran each card through my Cuttlebug, using a different embossing folder for each. I then glued them into my notebook, wrote the folder’s name underneath and, presto, Bob’s your uncle. Well, as I always say, Bob’s my brother, but that’s a whole other story.

It is so quick to just flip through the pages now to see what I have–and it’s much better than just looking at the embossing folders. (For example, if I want to use the folder called, “Leafy Branches,” I just look under the letter L in my file box.

The last thing I should mention is how I catalogue and store those skinny border folders. I labelled them and created a sample card for each one in my catalogue, just as I did for the regular size folders. But, rather than storing them loose in my file box, I bundled them in sets and wrapped each set with a rubber band. This way, the sets will stay together and it’s way easier to locate a bundle rather than one little folder.

My next mission is to catalogue all my stamps. I will also insert my Copic Marker colour sheet into my master catalogue, so when I go shopping, there will be no more guessing about which stamp sets I have or which markers I need.

So, that’s pretty much it. I hope this helps you get the organizing bug, too. I will be back with more photos as soon as I finish cataloging my stamps. Don’t hold you’re breath on this one, though…I think this is going to take a while…a long while! 😉


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