Rock and Roll 65th Birthday Card

What would you call a bona fide, card-carrying senior citizen, who still loves good old rock and roll and a day on the golf course?

I’d call him a cool dude!

Well, this cool senior citizen’s best friends (a lovely couple from Ontario) wanted to give him a special card for his 65th birthday. They wanted the card to be reflective of his love of rock and roll and his passion for golf. When I was offered the challenge, I accepted, gladly!

Album front-framed


I decided to create  a card in that looked like a record album–you can see it in this photo. The birthday boy’s name is Damian, so that’s what I named the record label. Check out the close-up, below. It’s not the greatest photo, but you’ll get the idea.



Record Label Close Up


After completing my design in CorelDraw, I exported the image to .jpg format and then imported into my Silhouette Studio library and cut it out on my Cameo,

On the flip side of the record, I wrote a birthday verse:

Happy 65th Birthday
to our good friend, Damian,
the coolest
golf-club swinging
senior citizen
on the planet.

Flip Side with Verse

I was happy with the record, but I really wanted it to look like vinyl. So, off I went to Staples to have it laminated. For the small cost of $3, I got the record laminated in 10 mil vinyl–that’s strong enough so that it doesn’t flop around, and feels about as sturdy as a real record.

I had to trim around the outside of the record, because laminating sheets are square. But, I think it turned out pretty good.

Frame_laminated record

Here is the laminated record. I took this photo right on the counter at Staples and then headed off to the post office.

In the background, you can see the album cover. I designed it entirely on my computer using CorelDraw. I did a search on “album covers” and then sized them to 2.5″ each.

Frame-1_Frame_Album Cover--Frontx

Right in the middle, I added a photo of the album so that Damian would see right away that this was a special creation, just for him.

Album Cover--Back

Here’s a better photo of the front of the album cover.

On the back of the album cover, I created a collage of vintage concert tickets and, in keeping with Damian’s passion for golf, I included tags from the four big golf tournaments–the U.S. Open, the PGA, the Masters and the British Open. I used the tags for 2013 to mark the year of Damian’s 65th birthday.

Damian’s big celebration is next week, and I really hope he loves his unique hand-crafted card.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any creative card ideas that you would like to share with other card-makers, let me know and I will feature you and your card in an upcoming post.

3 thoughts on “Rock and Roll 65th Birthday Card

  1. My husband turns 65 on May 31st. Loves the songs by foreigner and George thorgood. He is a NASCAR Fan Dale Jr is is favorite. He loves atving. Is there anything you can do?

  2. My husband is 70 on the 29th May and I was wondering if you could make a card like the record one shown on your website, he loves rock and roll and this would be perfect for him, hope to hear from you soon.

    Regards, Sue Moyes

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