Why Canadians do more crafting in the winter…

Frame_2013-12-15 11.39.54 Why do Canadians do more crafting in the winter? Well, if you’ve never spent a winter in Canada, you can’t even imagine how cold it gets here and how many tons (yes, tons) of snow we shovel every year.  But, we’re a hardy bunch and we take it all in stride–most of the time!

Here I am on a cold and snow Sunday morning with my Winter Welcome sign. As you can see, my hair and ear muffs are completely caked with snow, which actually turned into ice.  When your head is frozen, a hot shower takes on a whole new meaning! So, now that I’ve thawed out and put on a nice warm sweater, I’m off to my craft studio! Thank you, Mother Nature, for another wonderful winter…and another craft day!

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