A card-in-a-box for Mother’s Day

My very first pop-up card!

Have you seen some of the adorable cards-in-a-box on Pinterest or YouTube? They are so cool and there are so many ways to use them, from baby cards to  graduation, birthdays to anniversaries and just about anything other occasion you can think of!

Mother's Day Card-cu in oval

This is my first-ever card-in-a-box, which I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.

It looks so complicated, but it’s as easy as pie! (Not that I could bake a pie to save my life!)

Here is a link to a great video that will show you how to create your own pop-up card.

My mom really loved her Mother’s Day card and, of course, she thought I was a genius for creating such a fascinating card!

Below is another photo of my first-ever card-in-a-box… By the way, the other cool thing about these cards is that they fold flat and fit into a standard card-sized envelope!


I have one more card-in-a-box to show you, so come on back, I will be posting it in a few minutes.

A birthday card and a special gift for Ashleigh

Gloria 2010I just got back from our annual craft sale and I didn’t buy anything!! Well, I did spend a dollar for 20 sheets of design paper.Talk about restraint! A friend has been organizing this annual event for the past five years and it’s a great way for all of us crafters to declutter our craft rooms. . . so we can make room for more craft supplies. It’s an addiction, I tell you. And I AM HOOKED!

Anyway, I’ve been so busy crafting that I haven’t had much time to blog. For starters, I have regular card customers who keep me busy all year round. And, this year our family is celebrating some really exciting events for which I am making very special cards.

Frame_Ashleigh Cu 2012

My beautiful and completely wonderful granddaughter, Ashleigh, just turned 20 in May and is graduating from college on June 25.

I made her this little book, filled with pages of questions for her to answer–questions all about her! I titled it, “Me at 20.”

When she’s finished filling in all the answers she can tuck the book away and take it out again when she turns 25 or 30.

Ash 20th Birthday Mini-album

It will fun for her to see her “Me at 20” answers. The book contains questions such as, 1) what do you like best about yourself; 2) what was your favourite/worst thing about college; 3) who is your favourite singerand/or band; 4) what do you think is the best invention, ever; and 5) what could you do to make the world a better place. There were lots and lots of other questions, but these are just a few examples.

For this project I used my Zutter Bind-it-all, which I got at a going-out-of-business sale for $30, complete with a few boxes of the binding wires. Now, THAT is a deal!

Shown below is the title page.

Ash 20th Birthday Mini-album title page

Here is a sample page–this is page one, which gives her a place for a photo of herself at 20.

Ash 20th Birthday Mini-album page one



Here is the purse card I made for Ashleigh–another Silhouette Cameo project, and a great place to tuck a cash gift! The second photo below shows a close-up of the key that I attached to the handle of the purse because that’s where Ashleigh carries her keys, so she doesn’t have to dig through her GREAT BIG purse to find them!

Purse Card Front Purse Card CU of Key Purse card inside open

Happy Birthday, once again,  Ashleigh! Keep the celebration going as long as  you can!!

A birthday card for Joan

Hey, Sister…age gets better with wine!

Frame_2013-11-17 12.11.29

Joan is a lovely and elegant lady who is turning 70 this month. She loves white wine and pearls. In fact, Joan wears pearls with everything!

Then, there’s Peggy, Joan’s sister. Peggy simply adores Joan and wanted to give her a personalized birthday card that would reflect Joan’s love of white wine and pearls. And that, is where I came in.

I’ve made several cards for Peggy and yet, I’m always pleased and surprised when she asks me to make another one for someone in her wonderful family. So, without further ado, let me tell you about Joan’s 70th birthday card.

First off, I spent hours online hunting for a digital image of a woman with a wine glass in her hand, as Peggy had asked for. Believe it or not, I could not find one, anywhere. Finally, I found this cutie, a freebie–unfortunately, I can’t remember where I found it. I hate when that happens! Next, I found a wine glass which, through the magic of CorelDraw, is now in the lady’s hand.

I named the wine Joan’s Cellar and added Chablis  and 1943 (Joan’s date of birth); at the bottom of the label I wrote Product of France. 

Joan, Peggy told me, loves the colour cream and wears it often. So, I dressed her cream and, to add a tiny touch of sparkle to it, I gave it a coat of clear sparkle nail polish–one of my trade secrets revealed! Of course, she’s wearing pearls and, just for fun, a few shiny bangles which I created with Perfect Pearls. Her wine glass has a realistic look, thanks to Glossy Accents.  (By the way, I coloured the lady with my Copic markers and cut her out by hand…that was a challenge!!)

Peggy found a really cute nightie for Joan that has, “Hey, Sister…age gets better with wine!” written on it. She suggested that I use the same sentiment on the card. Great idea!!! I added, “And you’re aged to perfection!” I think it all worked out quite well. It’s cute and whimsical! As always, I finished all four sides of my cards, so the front, middle and back are all pretty!

2013-11-17 12.11.58

I’ve got a few more orders to work on this week, so come on back soon to see what’s happening here, at Globug Ideas! I hope I’ve inspired you, even just a bit. 🙂

A Birthday Card for Lima

Let’s all sing, hip hip hooray! Lima McVeigh turns 80, today!

My friend and neighbour, Ruth, asked me to make a light-hearted card for her east coast friend, Lima, who is just about to turn 80. I had fun with this one, and got to use my Copic markers and lots of sparkle glue. Here’s the finished card…



2013-11-13 13.54.26 2013-11-13 13.51.40

2013-11-13 13.52.04




























That’s all for now, folks, but lots more to come! It’s busy here at Globug Ideas…I’m working on a card for a lovely lady who is about to turn 70; one for a little Miss who is about to celebrate her fifth birthday with a “spa party!” I also just got a request for an elegant fifth anniversary card for a couple who got married on Christmas Day–I’m looking forward to making a romantic card for this couple, with a sweet Christmas theme. I also have to get busy on my son’s 42nd birthday card. And, of course, my Christmas cards!! Is it any wonder I don’t have time for housework!!

Quick and Cute Greeting Cards

I LOVE polka dots!

On a recent trip to Michael’s, I bought a great stack of 5″ x 7″ polka dot card stock for $9.99. The minute I saw it, I was in polka-dot-love! Red, green, blue, orange and yellow sheets, all with white polka dots–ahh, what wonderful cards I would create!

Frame_polka dot stack

Here are a couple of the quick and easy cards from my polka-dot-love collection.

Frame_2013-10-19 18.45.34


My Tweet Tweet…Happy Bird Day from both of us card is a little silly, but I was just having fun with polka dots! (Don’t ask what the scalloped half-circles are, because I have no idea. I just thought they were fun).


This quick and easy flower card is bright and cheerful, and would make even the gloomiest person smile! Here’s the inside (I finish all four sides of every card!)

Frame_2013-10-18 21.56.31

I haven’t put the verse in, yet…but you can see how pretty the inside is even without the verse.

Quick, fun and easy!! If only I could find someone to do my housework, shopping, laundry…and then I could craft all day long. Sigh… 🙂