How to deal with sticky cutting mats.

Like a warm tongue on a frozen metal post…talk about a sticky mess!!

2013-11-20 11.45.15


Does this look familiar?

This is my new cutting mat. Do you think it’s sticky enough?

I’m a Cameo-owner and I recently bought two new Cricut cutting mats to replace my three-year-old Cameo mats. Yep, they are interchangeable.

So, there I was all excited to have a brand new cutting mat. After spending a considerable amount of time creating the shapes I wanted to cut out for a special card I was making for a customer, I attached a sheet of Stampin’ Up Whisper White card stock to the mat and sent it to the Silhouette. The cutting job was perfect! Unfortunately, getting the shapes off the mat–not so perfect.

2013-11-20 11.45.53

The glue on the mat was so strong, that the card stock wouldn’t come off the  mat even with the use of a scraper.

Sheeesh, whatta mess!

Well, I took that sticky mess and plunged it right into a sink filled with hot water. Next, I peeled off all of the bigger pieces and picked off the residual crumbs of paper, I then laid a 12″x12″ sheet of heavy scrapbooking paper on the mat and pressed it down hard with the palms of my hands and then pulled it off. I repeated this several times until I had achieved the right stickiness level (I hoped). The outcome: it worked!!!

By the way, Silhouette Cameo mats are also too sticky when new. I bought the Cricut mats because they were half the price of the Silhouette mats. I’m not favouring one brand over the other, just sharing my experience in the hope of helping other crafters prevent a similar situation. But, all’s well that ends well–and I’ve learned something new!


Silhouette Cameo Review: Part Two

The ongoing saga of my Silhouette Cameo

I have been seriously using my Silhouette Cameo for over a month now, putting it through every possible test. Here’s a first-hand report on my personal experiences with my Silhouette Cameo…

Off to a rought start-Blade #1

When I first got my Silhouette Cameo, back in October, it arrived with a defective blade. Not one cut came out clean; every cut came out rough and unusable.

I tried every possible combination of settings, to no avail.I watched the user’s video that came with the Silhoutte and every YouTube review and tutorial I could find. So, having done everything possible, I contacted the company and they sent me a new blade. Problem solved? Nope!

Blade #2

With the new blade installed, I tried a couple of simple, large cuts–nothing intricate like snowflakes or text–and the Silhouette Cameo finally delivered! For the next few days, I experimented with cutting out simple shapes for cards that I was working on. I was thrilled at this new success. In my excitement, I wrote and posted a glowing review, telling my readers how happy I was with this marvellous new machine. End of story? Nope!

The morning after I wrote the review, I needed to cut out some bird shapes, again for some cards that I was making.  And, once again, the Silhouette couldn’t deliver. I contacted the company, again, and we had a long discussion about paper weight, settings, cutting speed, and so on. Back I went to my studio to test out the instructions given to me by the Silhouette help desk representative. Again, no luck.

Blade #3

So, I contacted the company, again, and they sent me a third blade. This one works, as long as I use a good solid cardstock, such as K&Company’s Special Paper or Designer Paper. The blade must be set at six and the speed at three. I have been successful at cutting out text and other intricate shapes. However, this is only possible with a good quality card stock–paper still rips.

Cutting mats–groan!

When I first used my cutting mat, it was so sticky that images were extremely difficult to lift off without tearing. After just a few uses, the cutting mat is so lacking in stickiness that the paper slides–and that means another sheet of designer paper ruined.

So, now I have to tape each and every sheet of paper onto the cutting mat and watch it closely as it moves through the cutting process. 

My final analysis 

Well, despite all the problems I have had getting off the ground with my Silhouette Cameo, I do love it. It doesn’t cut every weight of paper, but it does cut the heavier card stocks quite well.

I also love the online shopping feature available through the Silhouette Studio software. It is very convenient and there are lots of half-price sales and weekly freebies. As I browse through Silhouette collection, I always find shapes and images that inspire new ideas for scrapbooking, card-making and other papercrafting projects.

I would love to hear other reviews on the Silhouette Cameo. It would be great, too, if anyone has any solutions to some of the issues, such as cutting images out of paper (not cardstock) and how to deal with problem of the unsticky cutting mats.

P.S. Why can’t everthing just be as simple to use as the Cuttlebug? 🙂

Thanks, so much, for stopping by. I hope you find this article  helpful. I would really appreciate your feedback!