Bits and pieces…and your Cuttlebug

Bits ‘n Pieces

If you’re a baby boomer, or a fan of 1960s rock ‘n roll music, you probably remember The Dave Clark Five. One of their big hits was “Bits and Pieces.” This band was the number one rival of the Beatles, way back then. But, alas, they disappeared and the Beatles soared to unprecedented stardom, leaving the Dave Clark five and “Bits and Pieces” in their dust.

Ah, but thanks to my Cuttlebug, my bits and pieces are not being left behind. They’re all going to good use…but then, we crafters can find a use for just about anything, right?

Here is a sample of one of my Cuttlebugged bits and pieces cards.

So here’s the scoop: before throwing left-over paper into my scrap box, I use a square or circle punch (or heart-shaped, or whatever)  to create lovely little bits and pieces. By punching out these little shapes, I have almost no paper waste…yeah! I have a little container with bits and pieces in every imaginable colour and pattern. Not all of them are Cuttlebugged, but they all get used somewhere, somehow, in a card or other papercraft project. It’s really fun to create something from what would have been trash.

The other great thing about a bits and pieces card is that they are quick and easy to make. You don’t even have to put a sentiment on the front. They can just be pretty cards ready for any  occasion!

My scrap box is cleaner, my recycle bin lighter, my “finished cards” box is fuller…and I can’t get the song “Bits and Pieces” out of my head! Oh, well, this week, “Bits and Pieces,” next week, that old favourite, “Paper Roses!”

Thanks for dropping by and happy crafting!

P.S. I’d love to showcase what you are doing with your bits and pieces. Please leave me a comment, if  you would like your Bits and Pieces project to be featured here, on Globug Ideas.

Get well card for Twinkle Toes

A get-well card for Twinkle Toes

Twinkle Toes

My friend, Dolores, loves to break into an impromput jig–anywhere, anytime! Unfortunately, she has been having lots of problems with her knees, lately. So, I made this card for her. I hope it makes her smile. FYI, the cute kitty digi is from Stretch n’ Bubbles. I used my Copic markers to colour the dancing kitty and my glitter glue to add some sparkle. Below are photos of the inside and the back. (I made a 2012  resolution to properly finish the inside and back of all my cards). How am I doing?


I used my Cuttlebug to cut out and emboss this scalloped circle.

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