More Silhouette Cameo Problems and Solutions

Hi, folks. I’m back with more on the Silhouette Cameo.

One of my readers is ready to pull her hair out in frustration over the problems she’s having with her Cameo. Sound familiar? So, I thought I would share the note she wrote to me and my response to her. Hopefully, it will help some of you who may also be experiencing problems with your Cameos. If you have any other ideas or solutions that might also help, please leave a comment so we can all learn, together.

The reader said: “So, I just bought the cameo, and I am so upset.  I bought it for some big projects coming up and the mat is slipping everywhere.  The glue on the mat is so strong that my paper sticks to it each time and tears up when I try to remove it.  On top of that, It wont cut through, the mat slides all around and even when I try to adjust the rollers, the one on the right wont move.  It is in the grove so tight that it wont come out to slide it over.  when i adjusted the settings, it cut straight through my mat and it scratched it. i initially bought it so i could make rhinestone names on shirts but now, I cant even get it to cut through vinyl, let alone something else.  Help”

My response: Hi, I just read the comment you left on my blog, Globug Ideas, and I can really feel your frustration. I decided to write to you, one-on-one, to help you find a quick solution.

I had all the same issues with my Cameo. Thankfully, there are solutions.

Cutting mat too sticky:

After a few uses, it loses a lot of its stickiness and you may even find it’s not sticky enough…but there’s a solution for that, too. However, Silhouette America should be including some basic tools to help users remove the cut-outs from the mat. I bought a little kit at Walmart for $10. It’s the one for the Cricut, but it’s the exact same tools you will need for your Cameo. In the kit there is a little spatula which you slide under delicate cut-outs for easy removal…without tearing! The kit also includes a few other tools that you will also find useful.

Mat sliding around:

The Cameo is pre-set at the factory for the 12-inch cutting mat. You can change the width of the rollers by flipping the little blue handle on the right side of the roller bar. When the blue handle is in the down position, it allows you to slide the white roller toward the left so you can smaller sized media. Once you have the white roller set where you want it, be sure to push the blue handle back up—this locks the bar in place so that your cutting mat (or vinyl) won’t slip around. As a note, however, you can use smaller pieces of paper on the 12-inch cutting mat without adjusting the rollers. For example, sometimes I just want to cut out one bird image or a name. In this case, you would just use the settings in the software to choose the paper size.

Here is a YouTube video that illustrates how to change the roller width.

Blade problem:

You mentioned that you adjusted the settings. The setting for the blade should rarely be used at higher than 2 or 3 for cardstock. For vinyl, the blade should be set at 1, speed at 9, thickness at 8. For regular 80-pound cardstock, such as Stampin’ Up Whisper White, the blade should be set at 3, speed at 3, thickness at 33. Works perfect every time.


When the blade is set higher than needed, the tip of the blade chips. Once the blade is chipped, it will no longer cut. The only solution is to buy a  new blade. Silhouette American doesn’t do a good job of explaining all the little ins and outs of using the Cameo, and hundreds of my readers have had this experience. It happened to me, too.

So, the good news is that all of your problems can be fixed. The bad news is that you will have to get a new blade. Call Silhouette America and explain your problems. I spoke with them on several occasions and they sent me a new mat and a new blade. In fact, over a period of a couple of months, they sent me three new blades, until finally, one of their support staff explained to me about the blade settings. Since then, I have not set my blade above 3 (3 is the perfect setting for heavy cardstock).

I hope this helps.

Thanks, so much, for contacting me. Good luck!!


P.S. Please let me know how it works out.


Silhouette Cameo: it’s cutting!

Yippee…my Cameo cuts!

Hi, folks. Well, I am here with good news about my Silhouette Cameo! Just to bring you up-to-speed, I bought my Cameo in November, but wasn’t able to use it because it had a defective blade. I called Silhouette America, explained the problem, and they sent me a new blade–which was also defective. Then came a third defective blade.

Finally, on yet another call to Silhouette America, I was told that the original blades were defective–they were set into the casing at the wrong angle. They also told me that all new blades had been manufactured and the problem was corrected.

So, I waited patiently (sort of) for my fourth blade to arrive. It did. It works. I’m ecstatic! I finally have a blade that is not defective.

Here is a photo of some tiny doilies that I cut out, yesterday. I laid a car key beside them to give you an idea of their size. I also cut out a bunch of little flowers and some birds. That’s a good start, don’t you think? Here’s one more photo showing a teeny tiny branch.  It’s a very clean cut…yayyyyyyy!!!

I get about a thousand visitors every month who are looking for solutions to their Silhouette Cameo cutting problems. I sure hope this helps. Don’t give up on your Cameo! If you’re having issues with your blade, be sure to contact the Silhouette America support line for help. They have really been terrific and always willing to discuss my problems and answer my questions. Good luck…and happy crafting!

Silhouette Cameo Blade Problem–Read This!

Silhouette Cameo still won’t cut?

Read ON…

After several months of frustration and disappointment with my Silhouette Cameo, I finally got some really useful information from the Silhouette America support group. Excellent!

First, Silhouette America told me that the blades that were shipped with the Cameos were defective. Specifically, they were set at the wrong angle and were tearing the paper during the cutting process. Oh, darn!

So, they fixed the blade problem and sent new blades out to everyone who contacted them with this problem. I received two new blades from them. The last blade, which I installed just last week, cut fine for the first two cuts and then it just wouldn’t cut all the way through the paper. So, I turned the blade setting up to a higher number, and still no luck. Bad decision.

What Silhouette America DID NOT tell me on the several occasions that I spoke with them was this: if you turn the blade up to a higher setting than required for your paper weight, the blade tip gets chipped and then is not long enough to cut all the way through the paper. Ohhhhhh, grrrrreat!

Well, I had been setting my blades at six, which is not necessary. The support person that I spoke with told me that the blade is typically set at two…three, at the highest. Yikes!

Now, I am eager for my third blade to arrive. The company is currently waiting for a new shipment of blades, which is due to arrive on Monday, February 27. As soon as they are in, they will begin shipping them out to all of us Cameo owners who are still waiting to see what this amazing machine can really do. Yayyyy!

The moral of the story is: 1) always start by setting your blade at a lower number, such as two or three  2) always do a test cut   3) CALL Silhouette America TODAY if you are having blade problems. They will help you identify your specific issue and will send you a new blade. Don’t feel discouraged, there is a solution! Wooohooo!

I hope this helps. Please pass it on to your Cameo-owning friends!

Thanks, so much for dropping by.


P.S. I will let you know how things go with my new blade. Watch for an upcoming post.