ATC–Show me your hat!

Swap-Bot always has a bunch of great ATC swaps on the go.

This one was called, Show us your Hat.

So, here you go, here’s my hat (with a little French lesson thrown in, free!!)

Voici mon beau chapeau! (That’s French for “here’s my nice hat!”)


I created this one with one of my favourite Priscillastyles vintage images.

To add a little je-ne-sais-quoi (that’s French for “whatever”), I topped

the hat off with a couple of soft white feathers and a delicate flower.

A casually tied foulard (that’s French for “scarf’) and voila, cèst finit (that`s French for “it’s finished!”)

And now, this post est finit!! …well, almost…see my last two photos, below. LOL!



Oops! My ATC says “Swat-Bot” instead of “Swap-Bot”…duh!!!

Happy 40th Birthday, Kelly!

Damn! I look GOOD for 40!

My wonderful neighbour asked me to make a card for her daughter, Kelly, who turned 40, today. She told me that Kelly was a teacher and very active in sports. I played around with sports themes and teacher themes, but just couldn’t pin it down. And then it occurred to me that any forty-year-old who can work all day (with a whole room full of kids, no less), look after her own children at night, cook, clean, shop and still find the time and energy to play a number of sports…well, she must be in good shape!! This is my “easel card” creation for Kelly…I hope she liked it!!


I used Mo Manning’s Little Smooch because she just makes me smile. I coloured her with my Prismacolor pencils and I really like the way shading and highlights turned out (I usually use my Copic Markers). I cut her the old-fashioned way–out by hand, because I was too lazy to run her through my Silhouette Cameo. She’s popped up with pop dots on an oval background that I cut out on my Cuttlebug using my Sizzix oval die set. Her glittery earrings were created with sparkle glue. I used a matching pearl to create her over-sized pendant necklace.

I created the Happy Birthday background with a Cuttlebug embossing folder. I think it added interest and depth without taking away from Little Smooch. I also antiqued the edges of the oval using a lime green ink pad.


…and another shot of the easel card…


The next photo shows the inside message. . .


And, here’s a photo showing the card opened up all the way. I like to finish the inside and back of my cards so they look just as pretty as the front (well, almost as pretty). There’s lots of room to write personal messages on the empty panels (yep, right over the flowers).


…and, finally,  here is the back…


More cards to come!!!

A birthday card for Jenn!

My lovely daughter-in-law, Jenn, celebrated her birthday in May. For you old-timers who remember Jack Benny, Jenn is the same age as he was!

She is a passionate gardener, who would rather be “playing in the dirt,” as she always says, “than doing just about anything else in the world!” When she’s not in the garden, she’s at work in the accounting department of a big high-tech firm–she’s our little number-cruncher. So, here’s the card I made, especially for our Jennie-Pooh… (coloured with my Copic markers, of course).

Frame_2013-04-11 20.21.23

Frame_2013-04-11 20.21.51


Frame_2013-04-11 20.22.00





I like to write my own verses to make the cards really personal. No card is finished until it has my Globug Ideas logo on the back. Here’s one last photo to show you the inside of the card–I always finish the back and the insides to be as pretty as the front–it just feels right!

Frame_2013-04-11 20.21.42

Mini-albums–vignettes of your life

This is me at 17 (1965). It was taken by a photographer at the ballet school where I studied (and taught on Saturdays to pay for my own classes).

When I was a kid, back in the 1950s-60s, my parents took a few photos–but only on important occasions, like Christmas, summer vacation, First Communion and Confirmation. Eventually, my mom would get them developed, show them to us once and then hide them away in a deep, dark closet. Oh, how that frustrated me. I mean, come on, photos are for looking at and enjoying!!

I’m now 64 years old, and just three years ago I managed to get those photos from her (she was actually glad to get them out of her closet). What a treasure box of memories.  The idea of making a huge scrapbook sometimes feels like an onerous task, but mini-albums, or vignettes of your life, as I like to call them, are (in my opinion) easier and more fun to create. Also, I like the idea of focusing on one topic at a time.

I’ve never made a scrapbook about myself, but I’m thinking that it might be nice to leave one behind for my kids to enjoy after I’m gone…which won’t be for a very long time, I hope!

Over the past year, I have made several mini-albums for my family. (They serve as both a card and a gift!) For my grandson’s 18th birthday, I made The book of Austin, an envelope mini-album that focused on his many talents. Click on the photo to see a video of the album in its entirety. 

 When my granddaughter, Lindsay, turned 21, I made one that was sweet and pink and girly, just like she is. I made this one from toilet tissue tubes. It was my first one, and I really had fun with it! Click on the photo to see a video of the album in its entirety. 

The next one was for my granddaughter, Ashleigh, who also celebrated her 18th birthday this year.  Ashleigh’s album was a flashback of her life from birth to 18. It was so much fun looking through her photos! I had to enlarge this photo of the cover and, in doing so, I lost some of the photo quality.

 Click on the photo to see a video of the album in its entirety. 

By the way, I have thousands and thousands of photos, both printed and digital. I keep the printed ones in photo boxes, filed by each person’s name. So, for example, when I want a photo of my mom, I just got to the “MOM” tab and  there they all are. I also keep a tab for group shots. This filing system makes selecting photos for a project so easy.

As for the digital photos, I create digital file folder for each year and file the photos as follows; BIRTHDAY-Angie 45th; BIRTHDAY–Ashleigh 18th; BIRTHDAY–Mom–82nd; VACATION 2012…and so on.

My latest mini-album is of my nephew, Eric and his new bride, AnnMarie. I’m going to post it, shortly!

Make one soon for someone you love–why not for Christmas! It doesn’t have to be huge, just six or more pages. I promise you  it will be a treasured gift and a lot of fun to make and give.

P.S. In the making of my mini-albums, in addition to photos of each person, I also included inspirational thoughts and messages, digital art that I coloured with my Copic markers, metal charms, ribbon, shiny beads and other bling, as appropriate.

Thanksgiving place cards and more!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. Here it Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.  It’s such a perfect time of year for a family gathering–the air is crisp and fresh and the trees are dressed in autumn splendor. I just love the red and yellow leaves that cover our lawn and blow up onto our porch. I don’t even mind that they blow right into the house every time I open the front door. I make it a practice never to rake up the leaves until after Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I decided to have some fun with the place cards for the table. Instead of putting names on them, I used some descriptive words and then let my guests figure out where they were supposed to sit. Everyone had fun laughing at their own and each other’s descriptions.

During the week preceding Thanksgiving, I thought a great deal about how fortunate we are, with our abundance of food, clean drinking water, comfortable homes, warm clothes, access to education, good health and so much more. I thought it would be nice, even if just for a few minutes, to have everyone in the room think about how blessed we all are. So, I searched the Internet for relevant quotes from well-known persons–everyone from Ghandi to Willie Nelson!  I made little cards, each with a quote and a Thanksgiving-related image (I used some of the digital images I use for card-making), placed them face down on a plate and then asked each person, in turn, to take a card and read it aloud.

It was really a lovely few moments, with everyone granting me the favour of their attention and reading their quote with sincerity. Well, that is, until it came to my brother, Bob…yes, Bob’s my brother. But that’s another story!

To all my readers and friends who will be celebrating Thanksgiving in November, I wish you and yours good health, peace and love! God bless.