Garden Chickens

A couple of years ago I bought some metal chickens and roosters at the dollar store to put in a flower bed in my back yard. To be clear, I don’t like doo-dads in my garden, but these chickens and roosters were rusty antique-looking critters and I love anything vintage or antique.

Anyway, this spring, as we were cleaning the garden beds, my husband suggested that I paint the chickens. Yikes, doo-dads in my garden! Well, after several nudges from him, I finally decided to paint the darn chickens. Actually, they look kind of cute. Here’s a photo log of my chicken-painting adventures. I had already painted the rooster’s cone and wattle when my husband came in to take some before-and-after photos. Enjoy!

This is Holly, my sweet little Maltese. She’s putting up with the cone, but still happy to be near me while I paint.

Here they are, in glorious colour!