New Feature: Great Places to Shop for Crafting Supplies!

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 Introducing our brand new feature: Great Places to Shop for Crafting Supplies!

Isn’t it always great to get a first-hand review on a product or a vendor before you start shopping? I don’t trust the advertising propaganda–I prefer to hear it straight from someone who has had personal experience with a product or vendor. And, with that thought in mind, our new feature page, Great Places to Shop! was born!

I have shopped at numerous craft stores, both on-line and brick-and-mortar. My goal is to share with you my personal experiences and observations. I hope it will help you to find vendors who will serve your needs in a friendly and professional manner.

To launch Great Places to Shop! I would like to introduce you to Loonie4Scrapbooking. . .Enjoy!

Looking for an on-line scrapbooking store with great prices and amazing customer service? Look no farther. Loonie4Scrapbooking, owned and operated by Angie Hartledge of Kars, Ontario, is at the top of my list.

Angie’s prices are consistently lower than most other on-line scrapbooking stores, which is what attracted me to Loonie4Scrapbooking (I was looking for a deal on Copic markers and Angie had the best prices, anywhere!). Besides having the best prices in town, Angie treats every customer like they’re the only one.

After meeting Angie (she actually delivers to your door if you live within a specified area), it was easy to tell that she cares about her customers’ satisfaction.

Angie’s product line includes everything from Cricuts and Cuttlebugs to embellishments and Envelopers. And, if there’s something you don’t see on her site, she will quickly find a supplier and order it for you.

Before you spend your hard-earned money anywhere else, take a few minutes to check out Loonie4Scrapbooking. It will be time well-spent!

P.S. Check out the Loonie4Scrapbooking Facebook page! While you’re there, be sure click on the LIKE button on one of the articles!

Copics…a beautiful thing!

Copics, beautiful, beautiful Copics! 

Copic Sketch Markers...ahh, I'm in love!

While watching on-line tutorials about card-making, I kept hearing about Copic markers and wondering what was so great about them (that pretty much tells you how much of a newbie I was). So, I started watching tutorials specifically on how to use them. Well, that’s when I realized that once you colour with Copic markers, there is NO turning back!

They are very expensive, though, and you have to shop around. The best price that I have found in Canada is at–Angie is selling them for $4.99 each, at the moment, but the Copic company will be raising its prices by about $0.50 each in August.

The best price I’ve come across in the United States is at Florida-based Copic Marker Christian, the owner, is currently selling them at $4.87 each and offers free delivery anywhere in Canada, the United States and Mexico on shipments under three pounds. Copics don’t weigh much, so this is a great deal! Christian prides himself on top-notch customer service.

Most vendors sell them as high as $6.99. Yikes! That adds up when you need about 6 dozen of these beauties!

P.S. Copics come in over 300 glorious colours and they have just introduced 21 brand new ones! (Squeals of delight!!!)

Please let  us know if you have any other great shopping spots for Copics, and we will share the good news with all of our readers.