Silhouette Cameo: using the right paper makes all the difference!

Is all cardstock created equal? Uh…no-o!

I was busy making a birthday card for my mom, today, when I discovered–or, let me say, confirmed–that the Cameo definitely works better with some papers than others. Here is a perfect example…

Shown in this first photo, is what happened when I tried to cut out some small autumn leaves, using Michael’s Recollections 80 lb. cardstock. What a mess!  I’m using the Silhouette Studio Designer software, with the upgrade that Silhouette America released, recently.My settings were: Speed 5; Thickness 30; Blade 6.Pretty disappointing results, right? In fact, I couldn’t even get it off the cutting mat because it wasn’t cut all the way through. Also, because this cardstock has what I call a “looser construction,” it pulls the paper fibers apart very easily and clogs the blade housing.

In this second photo, you can see that the cuts are very clean and the excess paper pulled away from the mat easily. I used exactly the same settings as I did with the Recollections cardstock. Just to give you an indication of the sizes, the smallest leaf is the size of the top third of my baby finger.

This time, I was using Stampin’ Up Whisper White 80 lb. cardstock. What a difference! This particular cardstock, along with Stampin’ Up’s Very Vanilla, is smooth and always cuts like buttah! I think of this cardstock as, “tighter, smoother, shinier,” and it doesn’t pull apart and leave bits of paper debris in the blade housing.

Does any of this make sense. As  you can tell, I am struggling to articulate exactly how the paper feels. I hope you kind of “get it!”

So, a rose is a rose is a rose, as they say…but not all cardstock is created equal.

Final thoughts:

  • Recollections cardstock from Michaels is great for the card base and for many other crafting projects–it just doesn’t work for me, when it comes to running it through the Silhouette Cameo.
  • Stampin’ Up cardstock is very reliable in the Cameo.
  • Before you blame your blade, try a different cardstock!

I hope this helps those of you who have been experiencing similar problems. If you have any suggestions or advice, please, oh please, let me know so we can help other crafters.

By the way, you can see my finished card in the next post. I came it quick and simple!