Welcome to Globug Ideas!

“I love paper more than anything else on the Planet!” 

Paper, Scissors and Glue...Oh Yeah!!

Ever since I was just a little kid, I have always been drawn (excuse the pun) to paper and pencils, paints and crayons. Now that I’m a big girl, I have Copics and Prismacolors,  rubber stamps, cardstock and embellishments. Woohoo!!

I started scrapbooking a few years ago and fell head-over-heals in love with all the beautiful papers and sparkly embellishments that are available today. Then, one day about four months ago I stumbled on a shop called, Heather’s Stamping Haven, which is about a 10-minute drive from my house. I was inside Heather’s about two seconds when I realized I had found true love. Beads of sweat welled up on my forehead, my heart raced, my hands itched to hold every gorgeous stamp and my wallet jumped out of my purse and into my hands (crazy how that happens sometimes, right ladies?).

When I’m not working on another card or a scrapbook, I hang out on the Internet watching card-making and other such tutorials on YouTube. I’ve probably watched a thousand or more…and I learn something new, every time.

Okay, it sounds like that’s all I do…but it’s not…really! If you’d like to know the Globug behind the all the paper and sparkles, take a minute to read my About Globug page.

If you have a love for paper and all things sparkly, as I do, then this may be the beginning of a beautiful thing!

Learn, share and have fun with me

As a new kid on the block, I still have lots and lots to learn. But, that’s okay! I’m having a blast experimenting with new techniques, working on improving my stamping and colouring skills and coming up with more creative ideas. I will post my cards and other hand-crafted paper projects on my site so you can watch me progress (well, hopefully!)

If you’re a stamper, scrapper or you just love paper, please drop by often. Send me photos of your projects and I will upload them to my site. Let’s be each others teachers, coaches and critics. That way, we’ll all learn and get more satisfaction from our labours of love.

I will be watching for you, so come back often and please, please leave a comment!

Happy crafting,



P.S. Next post won’t be so long…promise…well, maybe!