Silhouette Cameo Cutting Problems…AGAIN!

Okay, my love-hate relationship with my Silhouette Cameo may slowly be turning into a hate-hate relationship. So, here’s the latest: I put a brand new blade into my Cantankerous Cameo and it cut beautifully for the first two pages. Now, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, it won’t cut all the way through the exact same paper. I used the same blade setting as always (6) and it only cut half-way through. I then turned the blade setting up to 8 and set it to “cut twice”-–but it still won’t cut all the way through.

I cleaned out around the blade and still no luck.

I guess I will try turning the blade setting up to 10. If that doesn’t work, I may attach a hack saw to my Cameo, maybe that will work!

And, as for the “Print and Cu”t feature, Silhouette America may have to rename it to “Print and Cut with Scissors.”

Anyone else having this problem? I am open to any and all advice and, if you don’t have any advice for me, I could use a shoulder to cry on!

Thanks, everyone!

Silhouette Cameo blade problems…and mat problems…again!

Okay, so I sound like the proverbial broken record, but I’m still having blade problems with my Silhouette Cameo.

It’s such a love-hate relationship! I love what the Silhouette Cameo can do WHEN it does it. And I hate the fact that my Silhouette Cameo still has major blade problems.

Cleaning the blade: Yep, I use a straight pin or needle regularly to clean any paper debris from around the blade.

Blade settings: I have tried every combination of blade settings and papers. I have tried praying for my Silhouette Cameo. But, alas, I have been out-stmarted, again, by that fickle machine.

What I don’t get is why it works like a charm for a week and then,

it just won’t make clean cuts on anything.

The cutting mat: Argh! The cutting mat just doesn’t hold any weight of paper. Everything slides around, making the cutting mat completely useless. Now, I have to tape every sheet of paper and cardstock to the cutting mat and watch closely during the cutting process to make sure the paper goes through smoothly.

If you are having the same or similar problems, please, please, please, leave me a comment so I can share it with my readers. 

I leave you with one final word: Help!