Silhouette Cameo–all is quiet on the home front!

OMG, it’s been a week since I last received a plea for help from a Silhouette Cameo owner. Does this mean that Cameos are being delivered with good blades? Could it mean that cutting mats, everywhere, are neither too sticky, nor too not-sticky? Is it possible that every single solitary Cameo owner now has conquered the Cameo? If the answer is, “yes,” to even ONE of these questions, then I am a happy, albeit lonely, little Globug!

I’ve learned so much from the questions that I have received over the past eight months, since I took delivery of my own Cameo. I have read every blog, viewed every tutorial and sought out every bit of information available on the care and feeding of the Silhouette Cameo. And, it was all worth it! Besides the fact that my Cameo has become my most precious crafting tool, I have met (through Globug Ideas) dozens and dozens of passionate crafters. We have worked through so many problems and issues, such as defective blades, broken blades and debris-covered blades; mats that are too sticky, mats that are not sticky at all, and ones that keep slip-sliding around. We’ve figured out settings for blades, thickness and speed; we’ve dealt with print-and-cut, trace-and-detach and cardstock issues. ┬áVeni! Vidi! Vici! Or, as we North Americans say, “We came! We saw! We conquered!”

So, now, after a week with no questions to answer, no problems to solve (I mean absolutely none), I feel a bit like the Maytag man. I’m ready, willing and able to help Cameo owners go from, “I hate this @#$@$@% Cameo,” to

“Sigh…I LOVE my Cameo!”

Stop by anytime, and let me know how you’re doing. Or, if you have any more questions, are feeling confused or frustrated, remember, there are solutions to EVERY problem! And, if you have some tips or projects you’d like to share, we would all love to hear them.

Thanks, Cameo-owners! Have a wonderful weekend, and keep crafting!