A new baby!

My granddaughter, Ashleigh, and her partner, Malika, had their first baby on February 29, 2020. A leap-year baby, how cool is that? I wanted to give them something special, so I created this little video to celebrate Ethan’s first six months.

With love from Grammie.

Hey, St. Nick!

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You’ve heard of “Christmas in July,” right?
Well, I like to call this “St. Nick in the Summer!”

I just completed a two-day workshop with the award-winning artist, Maria Saracino. Our project was this beautiful St. Nick figure. It was a lot of work and oh, so many details. I’m really proud of this character.

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I love colour!

I’ve sure been slacking off when it comes to writing in my blogs. But, then, that’s just the way I am. I go on binges of this, that and the other thing. So, lately I’ve been deeply immersed in colouring with my Copic markers. I’ve discovered a few artists whose work has captured my interest: Christine Karron, Dinny Sidik and Mariola Budek. Here are some of the Dinny Sidik images that I’ve coloured so far. I need so much practice on skin, especially the cheeks and shadows and these images are perfect for that.

Here are a couple I coloured by Mariola Budek:

That’s it for now, but I will be back with some of my Christine Karron images. She draws amazing fairies and her special little guy, Benny Blue. See you next time!

Fairies, fairies, fairies!

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted an article, but I’m back with some gorgeous fairies. I discovered artist, Christine Karron, and now I just can’t get enough of her gorgeous drawings. In this post, I am publishing the a few of the images I’ve coloured from her Fairies 2 collection. If you love to colour, be sure to check her out.

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Angel love!

I just spent a day-and-a-half at a workshop to make this beautiful angel. What a wonderful experience! The teacher, Maria Saracino, is an award-winning artist whose work is beyond amazing.

Maria works with Super Sculpey to sculpt her characters. I had never worked with it until I took my first class with Maria.

Everything about the angel is handmade. We sculpted the face and hands (with delicate little fingers); applied make-up to enhance her pretty face; made the wings, the dress and the delicate underskirt. It is such a fascinating journey to see a block of clay and some bits of fabric turn into a beautiful angel that, I hope, will become a family heirloom.

Maria has turned Sculpey into a medium for fine art. Visit Maria’s site to see her unforgettable hand-sculpted characters. 

P.S. Here’s me, with my completed angel. Do I look happy? Oh, yah!