Vintage truck birthday card

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband!

My husband, Peter, is passionate about golf, technology and food. So, of course, the themes of the birthday and Father’s Day cards I have made for him over the years have always been based on one of his passions. But, there’s a limit to how many golf cards one can make. I just had to come up with a new theme for this year’s birthday card, so after much thought, I decided to go with a vintage theme. Peter would take a country cottage or a log cabin over a modern house, any day. Here’s what I came up with…


I coloured this vintage truck with my Copic markers and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I did a “fussy cut” on it and used pop-ups to give the cards some depth and to put more focus on the truck. I created the background in soft, muted pastels to ensure the spotlight stayed on the truck. To the right, I added a post with directions signs on it and superimposed the words, love, happiness, joy, devotion and companionship. A touch of my brown ink pad further enhanced the vintage-distressed look I was going for.

After the whole background was coloured, I ran it through my Cuttlebug, using the Sizzix embossing folder, “Square Lattice.” It such a neat effect!



Here is a close-up of the little cottage.





And, here is a closer look at the direction sign, with its special messages.

So, that’s it for now. I have lots more cards to post…as soon as I send them to the recipients. LOL!

I hope I have inspired you to make a card for someone special in your life.

Thank you for visiting Globug Ideas. I hope you will drop in again soon.

Happy crafting…and, remember to let your imagination run wild.



A birthday card for Peter…


My husband, Peter, and I celebrate our birthdays in the beautiful month of September. We love to celebrate together and, with everyone’s busy schedules,  it’s a lot easier to pin the whole family down for one big celebration.

Here’s the birthday card I made for Peter. It just so happened that I was working full-time (which, as of two days ago, I am no longer doing) and I had orders for three cards all due at the same time. So, this one was quick and easy, but I think it’s really cute.

I used my Copic markers to colour the cats and, as with all my cards, I finished all four sides to be as pretty as the front!

Frame_Frame_Peter's 51st Birtday 2013 (13)

Frame_Peter's 51st Birtday 2013 (8)

Once again, I forgot to take the photos before  I signed it, so my love note to my husband is on display for everyone to see. LOL! But, it’s okay with me if the world knows how much I love him!!

If you would like this or any other Globug Ideas card for someone special, just leave a comment at the end of this post and I will get in touch with you by e-mail to discuss details. Every Globug Ideas card is handmade with care and high quality materials, and customized exactly as you would like it.

Rock and Roll 65th Birthday Card

What would you call a bona fide, card-carrying senior citizen, who still loves good old rock and roll and a day on the golf course?

I’d call him a cool dude!

Well, this cool senior citizen’s best friends (a lovely couple from Ontario) wanted to give him a special card for his 65th birthday. They wanted the card to be reflective of his love of rock and roll and his passion for golf. When I was offered the challenge, I accepted, gladly!

Album front-framed


I decided to create  a card in that looked like a record album–you can see it in this photo. The birthday boy’s name is Damian, so that’s what I named the record label. Check out the close-up, below. It’s not the greatest photo, but you’ll get the idea.



Record Label Close Up


After completing my design in CorelDraw, I exported the image to .jpg format and then imported into my Silhouette Studio library and cut it out on my Cameo,

On the flip side of the record, I wrote a birthday verse:

Happy 65th Birthday
to our good friend, Damian,
the coolest
golf-club swinging
senior citizen
on the planet.

Flip Side with Verse

I was happy with the record, but I really wanted it to look like vinyl. So, off I went to Staples to have it laminated. For the small cost of $3, I got the record laminated in 10 mil vinyl–that’s strong enough so that it doesn’t flop around, and feels about as sturdy as a real record.

I had to trim around the outside of the record, because laminating sheets are square. But, I think it turned out pretty good.

Frame_laminated record

Here is the laminated record. I took this photo right on the counter at Staples and then headed off to the post office.

In the background, you can see the album cover. I designed it entirely on my computer using CorelDraw. I did a search on “album covers” and then sized them to 2.5″ each.

Frame-1_Frame_Album Cover--Frontx

Right in the middle, I added a photo of the album so that Damian would see right away that this was a special creation, just for him.

Album Cover--Back

Here’s a better photo of the front of the album cover.

On the back of the album cover, I created a collage of vintage concert tickets and, in keeping with Damian’s passion for golf, I included tags from the four big golf tournaments–the U.S. Open, the PGA, the Masters and the British Open. I used the tags for 2013 to mark the year of Damian’s 65th birthday.

Damian’s big celebration is next week, and I really hope he loves his unique hand-crafted card.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you have any creative card ideas that you would like to share with other card-makers, let me know and I will feature you and your card in an upcoming post.

Cards for guys

Let’s face it, most guys like grilling, eating what they grill and stretching out in their La-Z-Boy after they eat what they have grilled. So, finding a theme for a “guy” card isn’t too difficult, is it?

I made these three cards for Father’s Day, but they would also be great for birthdays and other occasions. If you like them, you can check out some of my other cards on my Pinterest site and in my Gallery.

The first one was for my husband, Peter. The only thing missing in the picture is his laptop, which has become an appendage (his iPhone is another appendage). However, the rest of the illustration is quite accurate–a can of pop in one hand, feet up, grabbing a quick cat nap in his well-worn La-Z-Boy. He’s just the greatest step-dad on the planet and really deserved some Father’s Day TLC!

This card is a double gate-fold.




The quality of this photo isn’t great, but I think you can see how the double gate-fold works.




This second card is the one I made for my son, Neil. He’s a wonderful person and a terrific dad. On his Top Ten list are grilling (anything) and eating grilled burgers. So the theme for his card was a no-brainer.

This card is my favourite of the three, because it was so much fun making the hamburgers (no grill required).

To make the sesame seeds pop, I put a dab of Glossy Accents on each one. It gave them a shine and created a 3-D effect.


I really wanted an overall 3-D effect for this card, so I popped up the plate, popped up the first burger and double-popped the second burger. I took advantage of the white space on the plate to write “Happy Father’s Day.”





Here is the inside of Neil’s card. As always, I finished all four sides of the card in designer paper. Once again, the lighting is awful, but I think you can see the image well enough to get the idea.



The third card is the one I made for my son-in-law, John. He, too, loves his grill and I have eaten many of his delicious burgers, chicken and grilled veggies! I forgot to take photos of the inside–too many things on the go, at once.

Anyway, I hope these cards inspire you when you need a card idea for one of the special guys in your life!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends!!