Cozy up!

I’ve done a lot of crocheting this past year. It’s so enjoyable to curl up on the sofa with my crochet hook and yarn and make something beautiful and useful. I’ve made a few afghans and I’m in love with them all! I’ve been “hooked” on the woven stitch, which creates a tight and thick afghan. This one is about 7′ long by about 50″ wide, just perfect to cozy up with on a cool evening. Here it is…

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A crocheted blanket for my sweet hubby

It never even occurred to me that my husband would like a crocheted blanket. So, when he commented on how cozy this one would be when he grabs a quick nap on the sofa, I was thrilled.

I make all my blankets with Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton, using a 5.5 mm hook. This one is 140 stitches across and I made it about seven feet long so it would cover my hubby’s 6-foot-tall frame. This is my favourite stitch, called the Woven Stitch, but is also known as the Granite Stitch and the Moss Stitch. To finish it off, nicely, I crocheted a border that is several rows deep.

I love working on these blankets–or, afghans–when I’m watching television because it’s so relaxing and doesn’t require any counting or real concentration. By the way, these Bernat colours I used in this one are Country Red, Sage Green, Jute and Overcast. Here are some close-ups.

The Stitch

The border…first two rows: dc, ch1, across. Next three rows, woven stitch. Last row scallops made in your favourite way.

That’s it for now. I hope this inspires you to make a cozy blanket for someone special in your life. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll drop in again, soon.

Gloria (a.k.a. Globug)

Turn your leftover yarn into something special.

Make a beautiful and unique blanket from leftover yarn.

Whether you crochet or knit, you probably have a stash of leftover yarn, right? Well, it’s time to turn those bits and bobs into something beautiful and useful. Here’s a photo of a blanket I made from my bag of leftover cotton yarn. If nothing else, it is unique!

Crocheted blanket made with leftover cotton yarn. For this one I used the “woven stitch.”

I crocheted this using the “woven stitch,” sometimes called the “moss stitch,” or the “granite stitch.” It works up fairly tight to make a nice thick and sturdy blanket. I started with three colours, crocheting one row of each and carrying each colour up as I went along. Rather than try to explain it, here’s a great video that will show you how to do this easy and interesting stitch.

A few more photos to show off all the pretty colours.

I hope this inspires you to make something beautiful and useful from your leftover yarn. Thanks, so much for dropping in. I hope you’ll come back again, soon.