Silhouette Cameo…the cutting edge…or is it?

Blade problems? New information!

Dear Lord, please make my Silhouette work!

Hello, Silhouette Cameo owners. Welcome back to the ongoing saga of “My Silhouette Cameo Won’t Cut.”

As those of you who have visited Globug Ideas previously know, I have been tracking the Cameo blade issues and trying to find some solutions–before we all go completely mad! I spoke with a member of the Silhouette America Support Team recently and here is what she said:

1) Yes, the blades that were shipped with the Silhouette Cameos were defective. The were installed at the wrong angle and, consequently, could not perform a clean cut. Hence, all the wasted designer paper and frustrated crafters.

2) The defective blades are no longer being shipped and new blades were due to arrive at Silhouette America on Monday, February 27, at which time they would begin shipping them out to customers who had requested new blades.

If you are having trouble with your Silhouette Cameo blade,

please, please, please, call Silhouette America and

ask them for a new blade.

Thanks, for stopping by. I hope you will drop in again and let us know how you’re doing with your Silhouette Cameo.



3 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo…the cutting edge…or is it?

  1. I am also having a problem with the cameo not cutting to the edge of the mat -just on one side and the top though. I have clicked the setting so that it shows the cut border, made sure my design didn’t go past this. Made sure that the right size paper and right size mat was chosen. My vinyl was lined up perfectly on the mat and the mat was centered exactly on the rollers. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Upgraded to the new version but cutting with version 1.10. Therefore, it will only make incomplete cuts. Silhouette America has been notified five days ago and keep getting emails. I forgot to include my phone number, they were late in reading the email. What time zone am I in….Well this is getting old. I need a solution to resolve this issue. Has anyone had a problem with the version of the cutting machine not being detected? I know its on because I can hear it starting up. I have changed the USB port, connected it directly to the computer, unplugged, reset modem. I am running windows 7…Any suggestions?

  2. I am having trouble with my Cameo not cutting to the edge of a
    12″ x 12″ mat. It is only cutting 11″ of my paper and leaving a 1″
    border uncut.

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