Mini-album for the bride and groom

If ever there was a “forever couple,” it’s my nephew, Eric

and his new bride, AnnMarie!

In my opinion, they did everything “right.” They both have good careers; they have a gorgeous home; and, most important of all,  they both have the same goals and dreams for the future. Great start, don’t you think?

I decided to make them a mini-album to include with the wedding gift. I found tons of great “couple” shots on their Facebook page. Thank you, modern technology!

To complement the photos, I found several awesome quotes about love and marriage. Add a few charms, ribbons and bit of bling and, voila, Bob’s your uncle…well, actually, Bob’s my brother…but, as I always say, THAT is another story! ;o)

Here is the mini-album, beginning with the front cover and some randomly selected pages (there are simply too many too post…and still have you interested). I hope it inspires you to create one for someone you love. Enjoy!

Click on the images to enlarge them.

As I write this post, AnnMarie and Eric are on their honeymoon. They are spending three weeks in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Yesterday, they spent the day learning how to care for elephants–they even rode them through the jungle to the water for a big ole’ elephant bath. No westernized resorts for these two, they’re right in there, living in the little towns, learning the culture and doing like the locals. Last week they drank Cobra Venom Wine and at roasted crickets. Hmmm…give me a Diet Coke, any day!! I wish this beautiful young couple a life of love, happiness, good health and continued adventure!

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