Witch? Which witch?

Here is my fourth Artist Trading Card (ATC).

October, being the month of ghosts and goblins, the theme is–no big surprise–¬†witches.

It’s been so insanely busy around my house lately, that I didn’t have time to make anything elaborate. I do, however, like that crazy potion background! Well, I like the happy witch I cut out on my Silhouette Cameo, too! ūüôā

So, to go off topic for a minute, do you remember when you were in grade school and you learned about¬†synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms?¬†I especially liked homonyms–for example:¬†sew, so,

and¬†sow;¬†or¬†hair¬†and¬†hare; or,¬†laze¬†and¬†lays;¬†or, as in this case,¬†which witch¬†is¬†which! ¬†Homonyms is a great game to play in the card with the kids, when your tire of looking for “punch buggies” and counting red cars.

So, back to the ATC…if you would like to take part in the The Crafter’s Cafe ATC Swap Club, drop in a check it out. It’s really fun to see what others do with the monthly theme. There are never two alike, and it’s a sweet creative challenge!


In case you’re not familiar with ATCs,¬†they are tiny works of art, 2.5‚Ä≥x3.5‚Ä≥ in size. They can be anything you want‚Äďpaintings, drawings, 3-D, paper-piecing, digital or stamped images, plain, fancy, wacky or elegant. ATCs are never sold, but rather they are trading between artists or, in our case, paper crafters.

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