Birthday card for my son, Neil

Neil is 41…holy cow, that makes me almost… 50!

This is my son, Neil. He is every mother’s dream! He is a wonderful son, who calls me several times a week just to chat. We have long and fascinating conversations about everything under the sun, from philosophy to quantum physics to dog-training and everything in between.

He is a great husband to Jenn and a fantastic dad to Ashleigh.

In the cold weather, he wears long underwear,  an extra sweater, a warm hat, scarf, gloves and boots (he did that even as a kid and, more surprisingly, as a teenager!).

He does all the cooking at his house; bakes and decorates cakes; knows everything about cars and astronomy. He loves nature and will pull over to the side of the road to admire a particularly beautiful tree.

He once called me on my birthday to wish me a happy day and said he would be over as soon as he had finished servicing the brakes on his car and had showered. The next thing I knew, he was at my front door, all clean and shiny, holding a family-sized Aero Bar with a lighted candle in it. (The party and cake came on the weekend). Now, isn’t that just the sweetest thing, ever?

To top it off, he loves children, elderly folks and animals. He always holds the door for people (of every age), looks them in the eye and gives them a big smile.

He plays the guitar and is such a comedian that he can keep us in stitches for hours.

He’s a guys’ guy and a renaissance man, all rolled into one.

And last, but not least, he gives the best hugs–when Neil hugs me, I know I’ve been hugged! Happy Birthday, my wonderful son!

Here is the card I made him. I should have photographed it on a dark background, rather than on a white envelope…but, you get the idea.








To embellish the inside, I repeated the white stitching that I did on the front. What would I do without my gel pen! I also used my white gel pen to write my personal birthday message to Neil on inside of the card (but I kept that part between me and Neil). The pocked on this style of card can also be used to hold a gift card-holder. Sweet idea! You can view more of my hand-crafted cards and other projects on Pinterest.

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