I’m back…and my Outlook e-mail has been fixed!


I am sending a BIG apology to all of you wonderful readers who have sent me questions over the past month or so about your Silhouette Cameos and other topics. Something weird happened with my e-mail program and I haven’t been receiving notifications of comments. So, all this time I thought you had all forgotten about me (or every Cameo problem in the world had been solved), but you were out there waiting for me to respond.  I feel TERRIBLE about this. I always respond to questions quickly, personally and to the best of my knowledge.

It seems all notifications were going to my JUNK folder! Argh#@$!!  Thanks goodness for my husband, Peter, who is brilliant with technology. As soon as I told him I hadn’t been receiving any questions or comments for the past while, he knew there was a problem. If only I had mentioned it to him, sooner! Anyway, he fixed everything and I am going to respond to each and every one of your questions as quickly as possible.

Ladybug Dec 2011

If you have already found the answer to your questions or solved your problems, that’s great! But, I’m going to respond to every single one of you, anyway, just to be sure.

Again, my apologies. My e-mail is back on track and Globug is back in action! Yay!

Thank you so much for your patience.



One thought on “I’m back…and my Outlook e-mail has been fixed!

  1. Dear Gloria…
    Please help. So I am in love with my Cameo. It’s the best. The one problem I have been having with it for the last few months is when I go to erase or cut something that I don’t want on my project the whole programs shuts down. It’s so frustrating. It worked fine for about the first 5 months and then out of the blue it does this. How do I fix it? Any input would be great! Thank you!

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