Birthday candles card


Card-makers and other paper-crafters have a philosophy known as “CASE,” which stands for Copy And Share Everything! We are honoured when another crafter is inspired by one of our creations. That’s exactly what happened when I was browsing Pinterest one day–I came across an adorable birthday card that featured three big candles and a funny message on the inside. Below is my take on it. By the way, this is one of the cards from my¬†Polka Dot Parade series (more to come). If you would like to buy this card, please leave a comment at the end of the post. I have 10 available, at $4 each, including postage.


Sorry about the background! I was in a hurry to take the photos so I could get them posted before I go back to painting (walls–nothing artistic!!).


Here is the message on the inside…I just love it!


I always finish all four sides of my cards. It gives them a really polished look.


And, the back, with my Globug Ideas tag…


One thought on “Birthday candles card

  1. Hi Gloria,

    I would love to get the top birthday card here – before Tuesday. Is it possible to pick it up from your place? We are celebrating Dan’s girlfriend’s birthday Tuesday at supper.


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