It’s a mandala morning

CDACDC#4-Card 1-Mandala

What is a mandala, you’ve always wondered?

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit, which is the primary liturgical language of Hinduism and Buddhism. There are mandalas all around us! For example, a spider web is a mandala and so is the image you see when you look through a kaleidoscope. Or, take a look a some of your intricate china patterns and even some tie-dyed fabrics. Colouring a mandala is peaceful and relaxing–in fact, it’s somewhat like meditation because it clears your mind of everything, except for the beautiful colours and patterns of your mandala. Try it–if you have the patience…if not, it may help  you develop some!
In Part 4 of the Crafter’s Digital Art Centre Free Digi Challenge (CDACPC#4), we were given a simple mandala by Daisy Doodles to use in a card or other paper craft project. I’m a card-maker, through and through, so here is my take on it. Unfortunately, although I tried several times, the photo is just not showing it off to it’s best advantage. :o(
It’s really fun to start with a black and white image and turn it into something colourful and useful.
Stay tuned for more…and please leave me a comment if  you have a minute. It really makes my day!!

7 thoughts on “It’s a mandala morning

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    • Hi, Donna,
      Thanks, so much, for your complimentary feedback on my card. This was quite different from what we usually do, isn’t it? It was fun!!

      I just realized now that I hadn’t replied to your comment, but I had read it…I must have gotten side-tracked!! LOL!
      Hugs back,

  2. Fun info on the mandala. And your right coloring it was relaxing. Yours is beautiful, did you use copics? Very pretty.

    • Hi, Val,
      Thanks for leaving me such a nice compliment. Yes, I used Copics because they are so easy to work with. Occasionally, I use Prismacolor pencils, but my hand gets tired LOL!
      I’m going to stop by your blog, too.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

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