Frankenstein has a break-through

Frankenstein-Card #2--for CDACDC#4

Frankie, oh, Frankie!

That’s what all the girls used to scream when Frank Sinatra performed on stage. Well, if this guy, Frankie Stein,¬†by Bonibleaux Designs Digital Stamp,¬†showed up, they’d probably all scream even louder.

This is my second entry for the Crafter’s Digital Art Center Progressive Freebie Challenge (CDACDC#4).



4 thoughts on “Frankenstein has a break-through

    • Hi, Ginny,
      Thanks for the great feedback! He was fun to work with. Now, though, I’m really looking forward to winter and Christmas cards!!
      Thanks for taking time to drop by and leave me a comment.

  1. Great job using Frankie Stein! Love the watercolor background. I’ve posted a link to your blog on the Dude Time Doodles Facebook page – be sure to check it out!

    DTD Dudette & Sponsor Coordinator

    • Hi, Cleota,

      Thanks, so much! Yes, I will check out the DTD Facebook page!

      Thanks, again, for stopping by. You made my day!!

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