A mini-album birthday card? Yep!

My granddaughter, Lindsay, just celebrated her 21st birthday. I wanted to make her a special card, one that she would keep for a long time, and decided on a mini-album, the kind made from toilet tissues tubes. I have posted a short video to my YouTube channel, Globug2005, if you would like a quick flip-through of the pages.

The mini-album is an altered-media project, meaning that I turned toilet tissue rolls into a little album. I flattened the tubes by running them through my Cuttlebug. I then painted them with some gold acrylic craft paint. Next, I covered each side of the flattened tubes with designer paper. Then, came the fun part–adding the images, flowers and, of course, lots of bling! I coloured all of the images with my Copic markers and made heavy use of my sparkle gel pens to add even more bling. A few fluffy feathers, some special photos and, voila, a hand-crafted-with-love mini-album for my very precious granddaughter, Lindsay!

Here are some photos of each page and the tag inserts. If you like my creation, please leave me a comment. It would truly make my day!

Thanks, so much, for stopping by.

I created my granddaughter's name--Lindsay--on my Silhouette. The key is a symbol of the freedom that comes with being 21.

Page one continues with the freedom theme. Here I show a bird cage with the sentiment, "be free."


It’s all about love!

Pretty lady with a looking glass...makes me think of my lovely Lindsay.

A reminder never to lose her inner-child.

Can a woman ever have too many shoes?

Lindsay LOVES perfume, all kinds of perfume! So, it seemed appropriate to include this cute image. The soft white feathers pick up on the feathers in the image.

Lacey and feminine undergarments...ooh, la, la, for sure!

And the last page...before the back cover...and the tags...LOL!

And here are the tags–three of them, one for each tube…

Such a beautiful family. My daughter, Angie (in the middle), with my grandson, Austin, and granddaughter, Lindsay.

"Baking is good for the soul." Lindsay enjoys baking...and, she is a princess!

You can be all grown up and "shake what your momma gave you!" But...

...but, never lose touch with your inner child!

Lindsay is 21? OMG, how time flies! (And in my case, apparently, it flies upside down). Take a close look at the word "time" under the clock...I just noticed that it's upside-down! LOL!

And last, but most important, Grammie will always love you more than chocolate!

And, finally, the back cover!

Two pretty birds...free 21-year-old birds!

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14 thoughts on “A mini-album birthday card? Yep!

  1. Beautiful….! My granddaughter is turning Four this March…! Not sure what I can make for kid that small…! But loved your ideas…! So creative and loving…!”

  2. It’s beautiful! I love the sentiments and pictures. My granddaughter, Ella, is 18 in July and I have left it too late to do the big album I was going to. We’ve had a lot on, and her auntie Nancy is going to be moving over to Austin Texas from the UK with her family for about five years, so we have been a bit preoccupied! Do you have any ideas I could do for her in the short time left? I thought of some tags with photos etc. on?

    • Hi, Anne,

      Thanks, so much! It was first mini-album and it really didn’t take long. Because you need to get yours done very quickly, I think your idea of tags with photos could work well. It would be nice to add some sentiments that have a special meaning for Ella. You could do a or 6″x6″mini-album, which is quick and easy. You can use 12″x12″ designer scrapbooking paper. Just cut each sheet in half and then fold each half to make a two-sided page. Add photos, sentiments and a few embellishments and you’re don. You could easily do this in a couple of hours. Here is a fun book I made for my granddaughter, Ashleigh, who just turned 20. https://www.globugideas.com/?p=1927

      Check out Pinterest for lots more great ideas for quick and easy mini-albums. You can make them out of so many things, from cardstock and designer scrapbooking paper, to envelopes and cereal boxes. Whatever you decide to do, have fun!

      Thanks, for dropping in, Anne. Good luck with your project!!


    • Hello Gloria,
      I have been trawling the Internet for days for ideas for a birthday card/keepsake for my very special daughter Amber’s 21st which is on the 21st of July. I know I’ve perhaps left it a bit late but I just love your mini Album birthday card.
      Would you be able to do something similar for me please
      Best Regards Hayley

  3. OMG..is this for real? loved the concept, the craft and the care. may you granddaughter continue to enjoy your affection for years to come. lots of love, anika.

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  6. Gloria,

    I really enjoyed scrolling through this lovely work of art. Your granddaughter is indeed lucky to have such a lovely, talented grandmother. She will treasure this album forever. I still have all my 21st birthday memorabilia. It’s fun to look back on it now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dear Globug! Your grandaughther is very lucky to have such a thoughtful, creative, person in her life. I just love the mini-album you created for her! She will treasure it forever, I am sure. MJ xx

    • Thanks, MJ! I just love working with paper. My granddaughter loved her mini-album! Now I’m working on an altered media for my grandson’s 18th birthday, which is coming up on January 28! Sure does keep me busy and happy! Thanks, again, for stopping by and taking time to leave me a lovely comment! xo

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