Silhouette Cameo: problems and solutions

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your Silhouette Cameo?

If  you answered, “yes,” then you are amongst the majority. I have received so many comments and e-mails from crafters who love what their Cameo is capable of doing, but hate the fact that it just doesn’t do it all the time!

But, alas, between blade problems and cutting mat problems, the Silhouette Cameo is making many of us wonder if we will ever see the full potential of this, otherwise, amazing cutting machine. So, after much research, I have compiled a list of the common Silhouette problems and potential solutions.

By the way, if you find this article helpful, or if you have other problems, solutions, experiences with your Silhouette Cameo (both good and bad), or crafting ideas that you would like to share, please leave me a comment and I will respond to you promptly. And now, here we go…

Silhouette Cameo: the most common problems and potential solutions

The Cutting Blade

PROBLEM: The blade works fine for a few days and then it just tears up the paper. Just about everyone who has written to me is having this problem. In addition to several days of on-line research, I have spoken, at length, with the tech support folks at Silhouette America and here are some potential solutions.

1.  Clean the blade housing. Tiny bits of paper debris gets stuck around the blade, making it impossible to perform a clean cut. Use a sewing needle, piercing tool or a straight pin to clean any bits of paper from around the blade. Note: The blade is located inside the little hole in the white part of the blade housing (see photo above). Doing this regularly should keep the blade housing clear of any paper debris.

2. Defective blade? Silhouette America has had many, many issues with defective blades. If  you have tried cleaning the blade housing and you are still not getting clean cuts, it is very possible that you have a defective blade. Call the Silhouette America support line, explain the problem and they will send you a new blade. (They have sent me two within the first month). The contact information follows at the end of this article. Important note: When replacing the blade in the Silhouette Cameo, just drop the whole new cartridge right in the machine and throw away the old one. That’s it, and Bob’s your uncle (actually, Bob’s my brother, but whatever)!

3. Your blade is worn out.  If you had lots of great cuts with your blade and it starts tearing your paper or making sloppy cuts AND you have tried cleaning it, it could be that it’s just worn out and it’s time to buy a new blade. You can buy a new blade from Silhouette America for $12.95 USD or from for $16.95.

The Cutting Mat

12" REPLACEMENT CUTTING MAT New Silhouette Cameo Digital Design Cutter Machine

PROBLEM: The cutting mat is too sticky.

Don’t worry, this problem won’t last long. Most of us find the mat is too sticky the first couple of times we use it, and then, before you know it, the darn thing is not sticky enough!

PROBLEM: The cutting mat is not sticky enough.  This is a really common problem, but luckily, there are a number of good solutions for it.

1. Wipe your cutting mat regularly with baby wipes. For a quick cleaning method, many crafters are recommend using baby wipes to clean your cutting mat regularly.

2. Wash your cutting mat with warm water and dish soap. This is a more thorough cleaning method that gives your cutting mat a good, deep cleaning. Once you’ve washed it, rinse off any soap and dry it well. You should see a noticeable improvement in it’s sticking ability.

3. Spray your cutting mat with re-positionable glue. If washing your cutting mat doesn’t completely solve your problem, try spraying it with a re-positionable glue. The most popular brand among crafters seems to be  KRYLON Easy-Tack repositionable adhesive. Note: The majority of articles, reviews and posts that I have read recommend NOT using Elmer’s Fast Tack Re-positionable glue.

You will probably be able to buy Krylon Easy-Tack at your favourite craft store or on-line scrapbooking store. You can also buy it at for $6.85.

Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive

PROBLEM: The cutting mat is slipping around during the cutting process.

1. Check the blue lever.  On the right hand side, just in front of the roller bar, you will see a blue lever. Make sure this lever is in the “up” position and the rollers are making contact with the mat. If the lever is in the down position, it will not be able to hold  your mat in place and guide it through the machine during the cutting process.

2. Are the rollers on your cutting mat spaced properly? The rollers on the roller bar must be spaced properly to grip the edges of your cutting mat or other media. You can easily adjust the rollers by moving them along the roller bar.

3. Centre your cutting mat or other media directly under the rollers. Make sure your cutting mat or other media is position so that the rollers are directly over each edge.

CUTTING MAT TIP: To get more wear out of your cutting mat, turn it around and use the bottom half, too. So, instead of always putting the end with the arrow into the machine, turn it around and put the opposite end in (that means the arrow will be pointing toward you). This can really prolong the life of your cutting mat!

If, after trying these solutions, you are still having problems, it’s time to contact Silhouette America Support. I’ve talked with several of them and found them quite helpful.

Other Silhouette America Resources

Silhouette Studio User’s Manual

Silhouette Downloads, latest software and drivers.

Silhouette Tutorials

Silhouette Blog

Once again, if you found this article helpful, or if you have other problems, solutions, experiences with your Silhouette Cameo (both good and bad), or crafting ideas that you would like to share, please leave me a comment and I will respond to you promptly.

Thanks, crafters and good luck!

567 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo: problems and solutions

  1. I am getting an error that says “Could not save. “Please ensure you have write access” when I try to save files to my hard drive. I can save them in my library but I don’t want them saved there. Any advise as to how to fix this? or why it is randomly doing this now? Thanks!

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  3. I have the current designer edition (4.0 2017 edition) and the knife tool will not cut correctly using the solid setting. I need to cut little bridges in letters for mylar stencils. HELP! I’m losing sells due to this.

    • The software is fundamentally flawed and very slow for anything other than ‘Hello World’ text. The developers don’t understand that free open-source graphic software is better. I like the software’s attempted functionality but it is flawed by shoddy programming. After two nights of trying to print some labels out I managed to get a test triangle; great for my business. The cameo is not fit for purpose so I will be returning it.

  4. Just updated to the new Silhouette Studio 4.0 and the visible quality looks blurry to me. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so did you have any luck repairing it? Thanks.

  5. Has anyone experience a poor quality blurry like screen with the new Silhouette Studio 4.0 update? It is so frustrating seeing your work clearly. 🙁 HELP ANYONE?

        • Hi Brandi,

          Were you able to get your problem solved? I just got a new laptop and having the exact same issue, the program looks super blurry! I emailed support and Silhouette America but no one responded to my email all week. If you got it solved, I would love to know how you did. Thanks!

  6. I am having SERIOUS problems with my Silhouette Cameo 2. It just doesn’t seem to cut what I can see on screen! Like it squishes everything together and cuts all in the same place. I’m trying on plain a4 paper, I have it set to A4 with a cutting mat. I’ve tried using an Autocad file, failed. I tried using normal text, failed. I’ve tried creating a simple square, circle and triangle – all failed. Am I making some kind of absolute basic error here?!

  7. I’ve had issue with the eraser and knife tool leaving track/lines where it has been which is wasn’t doing for a while, but now is doing all the time. It cuts the lines too.

  8. Hello,

    I was really happy to get this great plug-in, silhouette connect, that allows me to cut out my shapes designed in my illustrator CS5 software. But then I encounter this problem: it doesn’t cut completly!
    For exactly the same blade settings, I don’t have any problems cutting out shapes with the silhouette studio coming with the machine AND my test cutting with the silhouette connect software is also OK. So why, if the test cutting is ok, it doesn’t cut out completly my shapes?? Do I have to do a calibration?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    • Manuela, I have been experiencing the exact same problem. Installing the latest version of Silhouette Connect does not fix it. As of January 8, 2017 it is on version 1.3.039.

      Running the test print properly cuts through the paper. Immediately after doing the test print I run the design through the Silhouette Cameo 3 and it just scores the paper. I ran into this issue with my Silhouette SD (old Silhouette product) and figured it was just getting old and worn out. I bought the Cameo 3 and the exact same thing happens. Fancy new machine, but same lousy results.

      I tried using the Silhouette Studio software with the same cut settings and same paper. It successfully cuts through the paper. Designing in Silhouette Studio is not a realistic option for the files I’m building. Adobe Illustrator is a far superior tool for my work. Importing and converting tifs, jpgs or any raster-based imagery into Silhouette results in improper interpretation of details. That part is understandable. Pixel to vector conversion always results in a great deal of interpretation from the software. However, what’s not acceptable is how Silhouette Connect is not applying the requested cut settings. It is quite welcome if anyone has a solution.

      • I had this problem for a few weeks. Check your blade for residue and errant bits of material. Ensure the cap is completely screwed on, it can come loose. If that doesn’t help, replace the blade completely. The Cameo has a bunch of little quirks like this that it’s big brothers do not, support is generally helpful though. It turns out it for me I just needed to tighten the blade and remove some residue and it went back to normal. The junk on it was preventing the blade from rotating in the housing properly.

      • In response to the Connect issue, I’ve run into that problem as well. Use the carrier mat and adjust your blade manually. Run tests. I’ve made custom settings for Connect specifically to work with my materials. Something is screwy with the way Connect interprets blade pressure. I’m working on a few tests to see why. There’s something in the interpretation with the Connect settings specifically. I’m a designer working out of Adobe Illustrator CC as well. I know that all might not be helpful but it’s a decent bandaid. These machines were not created for professionals, they’re hobby machines made for people doing this at their kitchen table. If you want to do real work, consider investing in a real production model machine, in the design and print world you get what you pay for 🙂

  9. I am ready to return my cameo 3. The right wheel continually slides off the mat even when locked in place. Yes, I release it to adjust it and lock the lever back after readjusting. It test cuts in the far left upper corner of the mat. All my cutting mats have a square hole in the corner. The auto blade quit adjusting and was cutting holes in the mat. Silhouette replaced the mat and I had to replace the autoblade with a ratchet blade. I didn’t purchase the newest model to have to hand adjust the blade for every change of material. Auto blades are out of stock everywhere including the Silhouette store. If I resize a file, it adds perforations, makes weird cuts or leaves cuts out completely. Today, I opened a cut file, resized it and replicated it to make two smaller ones and it cut two extra rows of perforations that did not appear on the screen. I am so furious at how much material I have thrown away because the machine messed up project after project, that I just want my money back!

  10. I have a cameo silhouette 3 and it is cutting completely through and I don’t think it’s suppose to be like that. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Hi!:) I know this is an older post, but I’m beyond desperate for help and you’re the only one I’ve found after hours & hours of searching for someone with a similar issue.

    Here’s my story, I finally put my new blade in after a year.. I cut 40 sheets of sticker paper PERFECTLY… Cuts were amazing for the kiss cut sticker and to cut the sheet out. But suddenly out of nowhere! My cuts stopped working for me!:( I am soo confused! The kiss cut stickers wouldn’t peel anymore and the sheet won’t cut out.. I turned up the settings and still nothing! After wasting a few sheets I realized something was way off.. Especially with double cuts not cutting through completely.. I’m so stumped. How can my blade just suddenly stop working after so many perfect sheets? I have no idea why this happened. I was on a roll and then bam, my Cameo just turned on me apparently! Lol! I’m trying to laugh it off but really I’m furious inside because I just got a huge order of near $200 and naturally this just had to happen.

    And the even crazier part.. I put in my old blade and it won’t work for me either! I’m doing the same settings I used with it a day ago and it’s not doing good cuts either?! This has to be the most frustrating thing ever.

    Any help would be beyond appreciated! Thanks for you time!:)

    • Just an update ^^^ I returned the blade and got a new one and it’s working!!! I’m back to perfect cuts!! Must have been a defective blade because the top was loose and it was spinning too easy.. So who knows what happened! Back to new yay:)

  12. my silhouette suddenly won’t come on again, and i have no idea what to do. Should I contact a technician.

  13. I have the designer edition of silhouette ..well it quite working and I kept getting error occurred so I unistalled it and reinstalled it .Library wont load cant click out ofsilhoutte it keeps saying error occurred send report well try n sent report it comes back error occurred..what am I doing wrong pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehelp

    • I’m having the same issue!!! My library was rather large and after updating I lost everything ! So I try to upload my backup and I get an error message and it won’t do anything, not even send error report.

      • Got the same story. I went to every place the program loads items. Some in the APPSDATA and other places. After lmost 3 hours, it is letting the program come up correctly. I get an error at start but I do NOT have the machine hooked up. I was being told it WAS attached when it clearly wasn’t. Too many way for program to go bad and I am an IT Professional so I do feel bad for the average perso. If it took me that long, good luck. Just read EVERYTHING on the FAQ page and try EVERYTHING. I reinstall graphics drivers and other software as suggested but the key was removing leftover garbage that does NOT get removed when you uninstall the normal control panel way. APPSDATA need to be erased where it has ANYTHING to do with program before you reinstall. ope this helps or points you in the right direction. Huggies, Dan

    • I am having the same issue and cannot get a hold of silhouette support. I have emailed and heard nothing back. I have called and cannot get anyone. I have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times. I have unplugged the portrait and plugged back in. Has anyone found a solution?

        • Did any one get a solution. Mine worked fine last night. I logged out and then went to run the designs this morning and I can’t access anything in my library. It keeps generating an error report that is unable to send and the only thing I can do is exit the program. Help!

    • Hi!

      I am also having the same issue. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the software different times, emailed Silhouette and followed the instructions in their reply, and even tried a previous version of the software with no success. Any help on how to fix this issue would be hugely appreciated.


      • Same issue here! And this is the second computer it’s happened on..I have had to purchase a new laptop and start over from scratch on all of my designs! 🙁 Looks like I’ll be doing it again..what in the world! It’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one this is happening to but still so very frustrating and overwhelming when I have orders to fill and all of the layouts are in the program! :-(((( If anyone comes up with any ideas, please share! Thanks!

  14. Hi guys

    I have an issue with the cut lines not being registered properly.. it works perfectly the first night i do the design and cut then if i save it and try to cut it on another night it cuts slightly to the right.. its not centered and the only way to fix it is to do the offset all over again which is really time consuming especially if its a detailed piece.. anyone else having this problem if so how are u fixing it?

  15. I just got my Silhouette Cameo. I have only played with cutting vinyl. When i cut the vinyl my cameo starts in the center even though my image is placed on the left side of my screen. Is it suppose to do that or is there a way to fix it?

  16. I have more problems than you can probably fix. I have cut maybe one thing with this machine. Probably had it 4 years. Been sitting on a shelf because it makes me feel stupid and brings me to tears. I just now tried to draw a circle. Let go of it and the screen is blank. When every one else clicks on something you get at least 2 lines around it. I get none. I do get the inches. I wan’t to be able to make those cute things on ebay and titles. My little granddaughter is more than halfway though kindergarten and the only way to scrap it is to by kits or premade pages. When she asks if I did the pages I want to be able to say yes. Thanks for the help! Kathleen

  17. I bought some new designs during the LeapDay sale. One of the designs gives me an error message when I try to use it–it says “file not supported”. I don’t understand this as I bought it through the Silhouette design store. Can anyone help me figure this out? It was one of my favorite designs.

    thanks in advance!

  18. I have been using my silhouette cameo for a little over a month now.. and love it, but today when I went to cut something its not connecting. Everything is plugged in correctly. what do i need to do?

      • Holy cow! I thought I was the only one! I have a Portrait. I used it today to make 2 projects. I then started a 3rd project, and the ONLY thing that works on the Portrait now is that the On/Off light will turn on and off when I press the button. Other than that, the machine’s dead. In the Silhouette software, if I select “Send to Silhouette”, it says “Portrait Status… syncing” with a bar that keeps moving, but obviously nothing is happening. I e-mailed Silhouette’s tech support this morning, but so far no reply. One time today after having it unplugged from my computer (USB cord not plugged in) when I plugged it back in to the computer, I got the Windows message that an unrecognized device had been connected.

        • Ok, I figured out my problem! Thought I’d post it here in hopes that it may help someone else. I e-mailed back and forth with Silhouette’s tech support. Those people are angels! So kind and helpful. Unfortunately none of the extensive list of things they suggested (or fixes that they gave me links to) did anything to make my Silhouette Portrait do any more than simply allow the on/off light to go on and off. Here’s what I did that finally – and unexpectedly – fixed my problem:

          I turned the Silhouette off. It is plugged into a power strip. Prior to this I had unplugged the cord from the Silhouette AND from the wall. But I had not unplugged it from the power strip. I had figured that as long as the On/Off light came on, it was getting power. Finally as a last resort I unplugged the Silhouette from the power strip. Telling myself this is silly, I’ve already previously unplugged from the machine and from the wall, this can’t POSSIBLY do anything………..I rolled my eyes and simply plugged the SIlhouette back into the very same outlet I took it out of on the power strip. When I turned the machine on, not only did the On/Off light come on, but the knife housing moved back and forth and made that “fingernails on the blackboard” noise we’ve all grown to love. That was the first time in 4 days that the blade had moved. Holding my breath, I put cardstock on a mat and pressed the “Load Mat” button. It worked!!!! So I cut a few simple shapes. Everything worked perfectly! So I’m back to being a Happy Camper. I don’t know if my experience will help anybody, but I thought I’d share.

          • I used my portrait for 6 hours straight today between PTA and a party. Shut down my computer, powered down my portrait went to dinner, came back to work, nothing….I had power but nothing would move, and the computer said “syncing” for ever… searched online, found this post, unplugged the power cord from the portrait, plugged it back in and YAY!! works fine! THANK YOU!!!

          • Last Friday I was using my cameo. Took a phone call and when I came back my cameo wasn’t working. tried everything. Even reset my computer from the day before. Took 45 mins to do so. Still nothing. Saw this post about unplugging it from the power strip. Bamo. It worked. Thankks for sharing.

          • OMG. I thought this was silly but it surely worked for me! Thank you! You just saved me. I was having a mini heart attack cuz I just borrowed the Cameo from a friend! LOL.

  19. I just got my Silhouette Cameo. I have an Acer Chromebook. The Silhouette Studio Software is not available for the Chromebook OS. I did not know that when I bought either my Cameo or the Chromebook. PLEASE HELP! I know there is a way to use an outside design program and get the images to cut on the Cameo. I just cant get the Cameo to recognize the SVG files on the memory stick I have. I am in desecrate need of help. I really don’t want to buy another computer to just be able to use the Cameo.

    • try saving them as a PDF or JPEG. I believe JPEG works better at importing them into silhouette studio. I use Illustrator and Photoshop to make designs as well and just save them in a format that is compatible

    • Chromebooks don’t run anything other than Chrome/Google software. you should have known that. Its a “Chromebook”. Don’t mean to be snarky but there aren’t any software programs that run on a Chromebook. It’ll do Chrome, video, google maps, google docs, hangouts,etc. It doesn’t do anything else. That’s why it’s $179

  20. I have a silhouette cameo for about 2 years now. When i print and cut the same image that has been duplicated across and down the page as the it cuts and moves down the page it slowly becomes misaligned. Any suggestions.

    • Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I am having the exact same issue and I have watched 10 videos and read every blog I can find…nothing has corrected it.


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  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I FINALLY got the Silhouette Cameo to cut the letters I need for the first time…..NOT the best installation and start-up instructions for the machine purchase.

    • Hi, Linda,
      Yay!! I’m so glad it’s working. I know how frustrating it is when you just can’t get things to do what they are supposed to do. Have fun with you Cameo…I love mine!!


  23. im having an issue with my sil Studio when i press the cut tab the software brings up an exception . to send an error report and when i press dont send it shuts down please help Asap

  24. Hi, I encountered another cuttingproblem. With finding the problem I directly found the solution. When u use a design (downloader or made myself) it is possible there are two paths on the same position. If you send this file to your Cameo, it wil cut the same path twice and therefor screw up the Vinyl (eg it wil tear off parts). Remove doubles or fix it in Illustrator (for exameple) and you will be good to go.

    Hope this is some help for you, I nearly destroyed my cutter with a sledgehammer 😉

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  26. Hi I have recently purchased the cameo 2 and having trouble using it. I want to be able to use it to cut out work that I have on disc that are mostly adobe pdf files. I have watched tutorials on changing from pdf to jpeg but cant seem to work out how to get the cut lines. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  30. I have a Silhouette Portrait and I was trying to cut and I got a massage that said. The selected cutting mat is too wide to be used with the specified Silhouette device select a compatible cutting mat and retry. I am using the Silhouette cutting mat that came with it. Help I have some shirts that I need to get done

      • I am getting the same error message: “The selected cutting mat is too wide to be used with the specified Silhouette device. Select a compatible cutting mat and retry.”

        How do I change the cutting mat size in the software? Or is it auto-detecting my cutting mat, which then it is not detecting the correct size. I purchased the cutting mat with the silhouette, which is about 8.5*12. I have the Silhouette SD. The software I’m using is Silhouette Studio v3 (3.3.39ss)

          • Hi guys,

            Found the issue for anyone else with this problem. Go to View > Show Design Print Page. The section with the Cutting Mat dropdown will show. This is where you select the mat size. Mine defaulted to Cameo but I have portrait. All fixed now.

    • I just updated my software. I had to go to View- Show Design Page Settings and then change cutting mat back to portrait (8×12) instead of the cameo size. It must’ve changed during the update! This fixed it for me!

    • I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet or not, but I had the same problem. For some reason, my software had selected a 12 x 12 mat. I searched Help for “Changing Mat Size” and selected the smaller size mat and the error message went away.

  31. Hi. I’m trying to print my own labels. Most people that ask questions are having difficulty with cutting. I can’t even get that far. I send my images to my printer, but the pages keep printing blank. What am i not doing?
    Thank you in advance for help. I’m going nuts here.

  32. Hi there I have been trying to do some welding and I am struggling with this I have watched loads of tutorials and followed step by step instructions but it is not working properly..although its welding it is taking the insides of letters away such as on a,e,d,g, and so on all the middle parts of these letters disappear, what am I doing wrong? Please help

    Many Thanks Sharon

    • Hi, Sharon,

      I’m not sure why you are having trouble welding. I just did it and it worked just fine. Here’s how I did it…

      I typed my name and then overlapped each letter slightly. Next, I “selected” the whole name and clicked on the “weld” icon…and that was it. The letters retained all of their openings and didn’t turn into blobs.

      I hope this helps, Sharon.

      Good luck,

  33. I know exactly what Silhouette is doing. They are saving money by not doing the necessary testing before released. They are producing a lousy user manual because they use people very familiar with the product to write the instructions. They have not tested the manual on ‘virgin’ users who have never seen or touched the product. They are also releasing software and updates with inadequate or, I suspect, no testing. They care nothing for real customer support.

  34. PLEASE HELP!! My silhouette cameo is not cutting all the way through my cardstock. In the past I have been able to do a double cut when I send it to the silhouette to cut and then it is fine, but now when I try to do a double cut the second cut doesn’t line up with the first cut….. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone please help me 🙂 Thanks!!!

    • thats my issue as well have had the machine for 4 yrs and only now is it starting to go wrong mind you i have worked it hard for those 4 yrs but am ready to cry as dont have over £200 to buy a new one

  35. Help! I’ve been using my Silhouette for a couple of years but in January, all at once I can’t use my 12 x 24 mat. It tells me its cutting but nothing happens. I don’t know what to do.

  36. Hi, I got my cameo last Christmas.I have made a few of my own cut files on it and so far only saved them in the silhouette library. It was working good until a few days ago I created a cut file and tried to save it to the library again. A box showed up saying “Generating Cut Job”. The Cameo was not connected because I wanted to cut at some other time.
    I left it alone for a few hours and when I came back it was still the same. So I shut the computer off and all the work was lost.
    Today the same thing happened again. Why does this keep happening?

    • Software is processing too much unnecessary information. Go to Edit> Preferences>Advanced, uncheck box marked “Include Cut Data” and click Apply. This setting is only needed for when saving a file to a USB memory stick when performing a cut on a touchscreen Cameo from the stick directly rather than through a USB cord connected to Cameo.

  37. I recently purchased the silhouette cameo and it was working great with the basic studio but I do a lot of things in Illustrator so I purchased the Connect software. This is where the problem happened. When I send the image over to the Connect software it looks perfect but when I send to the unit to cut it ends up cutting two random lines that I do not see on the computer. The same file if saved as a png and sent to the basic studio cuts fine. Help

    • I have a Silhouette Cameo for a long time and Silhouette Connect software since it has been released. But since december/2014 it is not doing so that good and since march/2015 I am having same problem. Everything works fine when I use the default Silhouette Studio, but when I do print and cut using Silhouette Connect, the machine cuts are not well aligned and sometimes, when the blade is exactly on the middle, it goes crazy and the machine cuts some of the designs correctly and some others totally out of place.

      • Hi, I called the support and they told me it could be the strip. It was demanged, with a deep cut and I haven’t noticed before because it was right below the blade cart. I changed it and the cuts came back to the right place. It worked for some time but now the blade cart is choking on some points.

  38. Does anybody had problems with the Sketch Pen that can help me, It seems like I can’t get it to work properly, every time I try to write a sentiment the machine goes just fine and at some point in some phrase decides to go back to the left corner on top drawing a line all the way back and ruin my work, it doesn’t matter the font, the seize, if by the time I write what I want I do it all at once or if I do every phrase separately. I’m beyond frustrating and get the work , I really really need help 🙁 please someone :/ I got pics if what I explain doesnt make sense , my English is not too good tho

    • I have exactly the same issue with the sketch pens! It worked fine earlier today but since then every time the machine tries to write a sentiment, as you say, the pen starts writing then careens off to the top left corner, immediately returning to the message leaving two hefty lines behind. I have closed the program and restarted it, turned off the Slihouette machine and then turned it back on, butnothing helps. I have ruined two beautiful projects today and spent several hours trying out different fonts in case that is the cause. I asked my husband (a seasoned computer programmer) for help and he said it was obviously a bug in the software. So, Silhouette — where is the patch? This is a new machine (just 2 months old) and I am NOT impressed!

      • Hi there! Have you updated to the V3? Before I did, when I used the pens, they just randomly drew lines through my work. Just a thought.

        • Hi, Erin,

          Yes, I updated to v3 when it first came out and it was awful…just full of bugs. So many crafters have tried it and found many problems with it. I quickly went back to the Legacy version (which you can download from the Silhouette site) and I have hand absolutely no problems.

          I don’t plan to try the v3 until I hear lots of great user reviews and I’m certain that it is solid and ready for public consumption.

          I hope this helps, Erin. Thanks, so much for stopping by Globug Ideas!

          Happy crafting,

          Globug Ideas

          • Hi everyone! I’m italian… sorry for my english…. I have the same problem with sketches! I draw a grid on my silhouette studio and when I send it to cameo with sketch pen …the pen draws what I design but also random lines over them… and works are ruined! I have software version V3… can you help me? I’m very very sad because of this problem!

  39. I am not really familiar with all that the Cameo can do. But, I created a drawing of something, and then traced around it. I had a couple of unattached lines, so I grouped them all together. But now when I try to fill the object, it will not work. I can change the color of the outline, but cannot fill it. Any suggestions?

  40. I use my Cameo every day (production designer of SVGs). My machine is the generation with buttons (before the touch screen version). It has been getting noisier for a while now. Yesterday I had a cut job do ok for part of the extensive cut, then start to cut only in the same place – carriage stuck. Turned on, off, restarted software, blew out the cutting area, reinstalled the blade, etc. Seemed ok for another cut, but before long it absolutely bogged down and only cut in place. On deadline, hoarding the paper I was using for a large project, so I purchased a new machine to complete my work and meet the deadline. Now I’m not sure what to do with old machine. Can they be repaired (professionally or by owner like me)? Hard to trust the cutter not to ruin precious can’t-be-replaced paper, so I’m not sure I could go back to the older machine. Any suggestions?

    • I am having the EXACT same problem. The machine engages like it is going to cut then it moves to the area & just hovers. It screeches like something is causing it to be stuck but I can see no obstructions. It is very strange. If you found an answer to this I would appreciate if you could share the info.


  41. hi I have just brought a new cameo and have watched many tutorials but still can not seem to work out why it cuts twice around a picture leaving about a 1mm gap, can anyone help me please
    cheers maree

  42. Hi I just recently purchased my silhouette cameo and got it install on my hp laptop which is windows 8 and u know how the 12×12 blank screen is suppost to show up it doesn’t show up on Mine it’s just a big blank screen with the icons and how u can change your setting I have tried to get a design in the big blank screen but it will not let me can u help me out?

  43. i think you have very kindly answered my query, but not sure how to find answers! I followed the arrow down but couldn’t find. sorry to be feeble.carolyn

  44. I’m having an issue when I do file open.. it is not showing me my whole folder and it is doing a flip action and showing me the folder only not all of the program.. but not showing me all of the folder either. Any ideas?

    • I just started having the same issue on February 20, 2015. When I click on File Open, the page comes us but it doesn’t populate so I can’t choose a file to open. This also happens when I try to Import a File to My Library. The screen pops up but, again, does not populate. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Hi. I just did an online chat with a Silhouette Support Representative and she gave me instructions on how to fix this in one easy step. Worked like a charm. Highly recommend you go to Silhouette America site and initiate a chat!!

      • This is probably a stupid question, but where is the online chat at the Silhouette America site? I don’t see it… I know on other websites with live chat, if they’re not live at the moment, it isn’t always visible–so maybe that’s why I don’t see the option?

        Could you share what the one easy step to fix it was?

    • I’m having the same problem. When I try to open (or import) anything, the program seems to shoot up to the top menu bar and only the bottom of the folder is visible…can’t scroll up to anything, can’t see any files to select, the folder can’t be moved down…I found your post from googling the problem. Did you find a solution yet? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that hasn’t worked. I contacted Silhouette and they suggested getting the latest version (which I already have) so they weren’t any help. I’m on a Mac so I don’t know if there’s some preference file lingering that isn’t removed when I delete the program and that’s causing the issue to stay or what’s going on. It’s really frustrating though not being able to open or import anything because it does this!

  45. I have recently purchased two new blades. While trying to take the white cap off the top to clean the blade – the entire housing became unattached. I was holding two black pieces. One in each hand. Has anyone had this happen to them? It will screw back together, but I’ve never had that happen before.

  46. Hi I need help with my cameo I can’t get it to print to my regular printer. The printer is fine and prints to everything but not from Silhouette software. Any help out there. Thanks Dawn

  47. DONE, DONE, DONE – this is the last straw. I have adjusted the settings over and over again. Read countless blogs and watched YouTube videos. Also purchased SEVERAL brand new blades and mats to make sure everything was clean and in excellent working conditions. I have had this machine for two years and have had so much trouble with it. DON’T BUY THIS MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Hi, im doing PNC, but even though on the screen the cut lines look like they will cut on the edge of the print, i’m getting the cuts outside the print, therefore leaving the background paper showing through. Is there a simple solution to having the print area larger than the cut ares please, many thanks

    • If you have not already tried this solution, then I would suggest you click on the Calibration button. Then print the sheet that comes up automatically and follow the instructions to calibrate the machine so that it lines up properly with the image that you are trying to cut. Hope this helps you, No doubt you can guess how I know this button exists!

  49. HELP! I have used my Silhouette Cameo a few times and have successful cut out a monogram. However, I’m trying to cut out something out now that has floral, monogram, & lettering. And it will not cut! The machine/blade is moving. It’s “cutting” out everything but nothing is actually getting cut on the vinyl. I’ve got it set to vinyl & my blade is on 3. I had this problem before with it not wanting to cut clip art. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

    • I have found on a couple of occasions that the blade has become “unscrewed” from the housing. Try tightening the white part. You may find the blade was not exposed.

      • Same here, my blade unscrews the white cap itself, if I do a lot of circles and says its cutting but really isn’t.

  50. I’ve had my Cameo for one week. I’m excited about the things it can do, and horribly frustrated with the software. I even upgraded to the designer studio addition hoping it would be better, but I was wrong.
    I was hoping to try printing font, each time I select the “A” for font and click the spot on the page there is NO CURSOR. I tried zooming in, thinking maybe is too small to see and still no cursor. No mechanical issues with the machine itself, but the software needs a lot of work!

    • Hi, Shelley,

      You hit the nail on the head! The new software (v.3) needs a ton of work. I would strongly recommend that you go to the Silhouette America site and download the Legacy version–it is bug-free and will let you enjoy your Cameo to the max. The new software is simply not ready for use and I, for one, will not try it again until I am sure it has been fixed.

      By the way, you will have to delete your current version of the software before you install the Legacy version. However, don’t worry about any designs you may have purchase, they will all be in your library when you start up the Legacy version.

      I hope this helps. Have fun!!!

      Globug Ideas

      • Wow! I wonder if that’s the source of all my issues! For someone used to the Adobe programs, this program is SO frustrating!
        When you say Legacy, is that the very oldest? 2.9.45?


  51. Hello PLEASE HELP!
    I received my silhouette cameo for Christmas this year and it have worked perfectly for about 2 weeks. All of the sudden last night I was trying to cut 2 monograms side by side on the silhouette transfer tape which I cut to an appropriate size and put on my mat (I was cutting the tape because i wanted to stick it to something and then paint where the letters were cut out). During the cut my motor started going back to the top left WHILE CUTTING! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with my blade or the way it was in the housing. After it did this to the transfer tape, I tried the same tow monograms on cardstock because I suspected that maybe that transfer tape was too thick. Well guess what, it did the same thing to the cardstock!!! I think there is something wrong with my motor!!!!! I cn still return it but I really just want my machine to work! Please help me!

    • I’ve got the same problem… it cuts (or draws) all the way to the top left corner and then it cuts all the way back to where it was and continues for a while. My machine (a portrait) is new.
      Found any solutions?


  52. Hi, I hope you can help. My cameo is wonderful when it works and incredibly frustrating when it doesn’t. I am trying to cut a vinyl image. When cutting, it almost appears as if someone took an eraser and erased a line going straight down the image and that part doesn’t cut. I’ve double checked the image, tried cutting twice, pasting in place so that it automatically cuts twice.. etc. And, it only seems to do this on some of the images (I have 4 of the same place on the mat in the software [v3]) and not on all. What should have been a very simple cut (it’s really not that complicated) has turned into a nightmare. I have also tried powering down the cameo and unplugging it with no luck.

    Thanks in advance.

  53. Hi there! Thank you so much for creating this great q/a!

    I recently bought a Silhouette Cameo and wanted to use the vinyl that came with the starter pack. When it started cutting, it was going well until toward the end of the image. It looks like it forgot to cut the top half of the bottom row of words. It’s like it got lazy and didn’t have the same amount of pressure. I tried a different image from the preloaded library and the same thing happened. It didn’t cut some of the right side of the image.

    I’ve messed around with settings…any chance you have experience with this? I would love any help you can offer!

    Thanks so much!

  54. I was having random connection issues with my silhouette cameo, I’m on windows 8 with a new laptop and studio design v3. Sometimes my cameo would connect and a lot of times it wouldn’t but once it was connected everything worked great. I searched here and read someone downloaded the legacy version of the software but the link they provided didn’t lead to anything. So I searched silhouette’s site and found this helpful : Found out my problem was my laptop’s wifi.. Weird right, well as soon as I turned my wifi off, turned the cameo off and on again POOF! Magically it connected!!! I turned my wifi back on and it’s still connected. I’m so glad I found this and it worked. I hope this helps someone else with this issue.

    • Oh, I love you!!!! You helped me solve my problem with my new laptop. As soon as I turned off my WiFi. My downloads began. Thank you! Thank you!

  55. Last night I was cutting christmas sentiments out of my cameo. I was using welded words for this. I had made sure the words where not at the very edge of the paper. I was using landscape orientation as the sentiments were a bit long. The software didn’t show anything that was wrong with my welded letter. The text box though was extended outside the paper area a bit at the bottom end. When cutting, I had the weirdest experience. I was cunting the word “Santa”. Cameo was cutting fine till it reached the letter ‘n’ and then suddenly cameo went out of track and went outside the paper and started cutting my cutting mat. I had locked down the rollers. Had my paper size set to A4 landscape. It was good quality cardstock.. blades are new. I tried again and again ended up having my cutting mat cut into pieces. So now I have a broken mat which I cannot use again. So I tried again with moving the word a little lower than before and cameo cut it great. What happened? Why did it cut my mat and totally damage it? Will Silhoutte America replace my cutting mat?

  56. HELP!!!!!!! I’ve been trying for two days to install a new Cameo, Windows 7. I build computers, have been working with them since before there were Windows (DOS Days). I really thought I knew what I was doing, but this thing is testing me.

    I installed the software that came with the machine (version 2 something) and was almost immediately prompted to upgrade, so I did. I didn’t understand why after finishing and plugging in the USB cable from the Silhouette, I didn’t get the new hardware found screen. I read in the paperwork somewhere that the machine didn’t have to be connected to work. I understand that statement for the software, but not for the software to send to the hardware. I later read (after downloading manual from Silhouette’s site) because help button does not bring up the manual they say is there, they are apparently referring to the card reader approach. That sounds a lot like saying you can start your car with the battery not connected.

    I read somewhere on here that maybe I should download and try the legacy version of the software. Will this let me push the software button to send to cutter? Make the hardware show up as a printer or whatever?
    I have installed, un-installed, re-installed, tried installing drivers, even restored my PC to remove every possible trace, and started again. I’m pulling out what’s left of my old grey hair!

    I downloaded the software and tried it before I bought this machine, and I really like what I can do with it. Having said that, it is all worthless if I can’t make my design cut!

    At this point in time, I am ready to box everything up and send it back. I will hopefully hear from you before I have to do that. I don’t need to print (at the moment anyway) only cut my designs on Vinyl. I build RC cars and plastic reproduction models, and want to letter and design for masking.

    SIGN ME, CONFUSED AND BEWILDERED!!!!! & Thanking you in advance for your help,


    • Greg, can you install the software that came with the box and try without upgrading it even if it prompts you to? I read somewhere that the latest version is having problems although I do not know if the problem has been fixed.

  57. Occasionally My Cameo has a hissy-fit, and I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience. I have the layout on the screen, card and blade settings all correct. Click send to Silhouette, and it is as if it is connected to a different computer, and it cuts something different. Halfway through a project it is very frustrating. I am even leaning back towards my Cuttlebug instead.

    • This sounds similar to my problem. The screen has something and the machine cuts something different sometimes. I ended up damaging two cutting mats because cameo chose to go outside the paper and cut the mat. This happened although I had the blade and roller bar locked down. 🙁

  58. I have issues with my silhouette cameo not Printing the registration marks fully… meaning it is just drawing the outline of the registration marks very very fine lines. I wasted 3 ink cartridges thinking it was my printer & it is not the printer. it has to be the way the cameo is sending the message to the printer????

  59. Leaving this info here, I emailed Silhouette as nobody picks up the phone and I don’t anticipate hearing back via email too soon, which is unfortunate as I am working on some time-sensitive projects! Maybe someone here can help me …

    My Cameo is having issues detecting registration marks on a very inconsistent basis. I have been unable to find the cause/solution, which is unfortunate as I am working on time-sensitive projects and need this resolved right away.

    My documents are all set up correctly and have worked flawlessly in the past, only recently have I started to have an issue with the cutter not finding the marks. It will often skim down the page, PAST the bottom corner mark, and register the corner of my 8.5 x 11 printout as the lower registration mark, throwing everything off. Other times it flounders at the top corner of the page, scanning much too high to find the first registration mark. Occasionally, it does work as intended, but no variables change that would set it off. I have tried to resolve this by adding a slip of paper to the bottom of my printout to coax the cutter to scan back up to find the registration mark rather than down to the corner of the page, but this caused it to roll endlessly; I had to turn the cutter off as the rollers wouldn’t stop moving, it kept searching for the bottom edge of the page rather than the mark above it.

    -My paper settings and printer match my settings in the Studio software.
    -My prints and cuts do not fall into the shaded areas around the registration marks.
    -I am providing ample light to the cutter, and cutting with the lid open.
    -My registration marks are fully visible, they are not cut off.
    -I am using white printer paper and white sticker paper.
    -I checked the bottom of the cutting motor to the best of my ability and do not see any obstructions.
    -I am loading the media correctly onto the mat.
    -I had this issue with the newest version of Studio. I rolled back to the Legacy version and the issue persists.

    Anyone have any ideas? 🙁

    • did you ever get this issue resolve. I have been experiencing the same problem. I am wishing I had not purchased this item.

    • Hi! Greetings from Mexico, first of all, forgive my english, I now that is bad.
      I had the same registration problem, when i was tryingo to cut a printed image whit registration marks, the Cameo start reading the little black square on the right side, then, continue down and pass the mark till the material whas out. To solve this, first check in the page configuration that is not using a cutting mat, this option must be on “none” (I’m not sure if the works are the same, because my version is on spanish). For me works perfectly, hoe for you the same.

  60. Please Help!
    I just purchased my Silhouette Cameo(SC) with great expectations, so far all I have is a headache. Every time I connect my computer (running Windows 7) to my SC the LCD screen on the SC says “working”. It moves the blade a few times and then nothing! After I send my project to my SC it says “ready”. When I click start it says “cutting” but NOTHING happens. The screen constantly reads “working”. If I unplug the USB from my computer the SC will go back to its home screen! UGH! TIA for any help.

  61. Does anyone have problems when trying to edit points, where you select the line/image to work on, select the “points editor”, and then you don’t see the points? This usually happens to me after I’ve been doing other stuff. Sometimes I can get the points to come back by messing with some other settings or tools & sometimes I can’t, but I don’t know what cures it when I do. I can’t find any consistency. Any suggestions?

    I’m using Designer V3, if that helps anyone with details.

    • Found the answer: I needed to create a compound path for multiple segments in the image I was working on. Once I did that, I could get the edit points to show up regularly.

  62. I am having a problem. When I double click on the image in my library it just gives me the traced outline, and not the color image it shows in the library. I am trying to do a print and cut and without the color image I cant! Help!

    • I’m guessing you’re using the latest “version” of the Silhouette software. It’s a problem and hopefully they’ll fix it soon. Download a legacy version from their website, KEEP A COPY OF THE SOFTWARE, and try it with the older software.

  63. Hi Gloria I was wondering if you could help me I am so ready to give up with my cameo. I have the legacy version and found a tutorial on how to install v3 and have both on the same computer, it involved moving 2 folders from the programme files to a different location then re-installing then coping the folders back. My problem is when moved the folders I never noted where they belonged, so now I have lost my DE version which is not so bad, still havexx downloads, the main issue is I have lost over 4000 designs, I have added the folder names and really hope you can help. thanks for any advice.
    com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.8 com.aspexsoftware.Silhouette_Studio.license.

  64. After I group my project I can’t tell what font I have used. Is there anyway to see this? Even if I try to ungroup it I can get the font to pull back up. It is so frustrating! Surely there is a way and I am missing it??


  65. Hello! Gosh, thank goodness for people like you who help people like me!

    I just got my Silhouette Cameo three days ago, and started cutting this simple pattern for rolled paper roses. I wish I had read your blog post sooner regarding the blade setting. Mine is set at 4.

    I’ve cut maybe nearly a hundred sheets, when my mat started to lose its tackiness. As a result, the cardstock, especially the middle part of it, started moving around. To add to the problem, my mat is now frayed all over, probably because of my blade setting.

    I tried the warm water method to make it sticky again, but oh my goodness, it took all the stickiness away!! 🙁 🙁

    Will my mat still be salvageable, given that its top layer is all frayed?

    • I use EKTools Zig 2 Way Glue in a huge, wide chisel tip and rub that all over the mat. Let it dry a few minutes, tap it with my hand and *POOF* new mat!

  66. I have a problem with the bar on the left side of my Silhouette not raising when the lever is raised. The right side raises, but not the left and it makes cutting a nightmare. Also, recently, my vinyl shifts all over the place because of the left side and totally ruins my project. I have had the raising problem since the beginning, but the vinyl moving just started and I have wasted a TON of vinyl because it does not do it until at least halfway through the project. I have had my Silhouette Cameo for about a year and the bar has been stuck since the beginning. I have only been able to complete about 6 projects since I have had the machine. Customer service is absolutely useless and I am about to trash the machine!

    • I have this problem as well, since the beginning too. Did you find out how to solve it? My lever only releases the right side. Also, when the blue lever is up, the bar is down and in contact with the paper, not the opposite as stated in this article.

      • I think the lever is supposed to release only one side. So the left side is not stuck, its just how its supposed to be. The moving problem happens when the right side is not put down after raising it up. The bars have to be locked down completely before cutting can begin. Otherwise the mat moves around. Also, the blade should be pushed down completely so that it comes in full contact with the medium for an even cut.

    • When cutting, your blue lever should be UP, & the bar should be down & tight on both sides. If you lower the blue lever, it will raise the right side only. There are only a few times you will need to lower this, one is to access any stuck material a little easier. I think what is written above should be checked, as I think is is accidentally wrote backward. 🙂 Good Luck, you will love your SIL when you get it figured out. I think (for me) there will always be a learning curve.

  67. I was wondering if anyone can help. When I first got my Cameo, it cut with impeccable precision and now the cuts are not straight anymore. They are shaky looking. With a new blade, with a new matt and the correct setting it is still shaky. It’s my only complaint with the machine. I was so impressed with the sharpness of the cuts but now it’s like using my old Cricut and that’s why I got the Cameo, better cuts. Help please 🙂

    • I wish someone helps. I have had wonderful work coming out of this machine, and when using the silhouette studio it still gives me great results. Problems arise when I try to use the Silhouette Connect. All edges come out rounded, I have tried like three or four fixes but can’t get it right still and haven’t got any better either.

      • Being a CAD person, that’s a problem with the way the software is resolving the points between your “design” on the PC and the cutter. Sounds to me like a software bug or a cutter bug; either way, you need technical support.

  68. I sure hope you can help us — I bought my daughter a Silhouette Cameo a month ago; she has been doing great with it — has several outstanding orders and all of a sudden she cannot get her Cameo to cut. It all started Sunday night when she was trying to cut some Oracle 651 — it would do a slight trace and then do random cuts on the vinyl. We haven’t seen any random cuts today, but it still will not cut through the vinyl. We have put a new blade in; we have called and emailed Silhouette support and they have not helped us with the problem. Any advice?

  69. Hi,
    First let me say that your blog is so very helpful! My mom just bought the Silhouette Cameo and we decided to try it out this evening. We followed all the instructions and removed all of the tape (it is bright blue and pretty hard to miss!) We were all set and created a basic design to cut but then the motor was not moving left at all. It was stuck to the right (by the lever to lower the rollers) We looked for all blogs/posts online but they mostly just said to remove all tape, which we did prior to doing anything! The Silhouette America said to manually move the motor but it is not budging at all. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We were very sad we didn’t even get to make one cut.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Hi, Annie,

      Oh, goodness, how disappointing for you and your mom. If you’re sure that all the packing and tape have been removed and you still cannot move the motor carriage by hand, then your motor is obviously seized. My guess is that your Cameo is defective. I would recommend you call Silhouette America support and they will send you a new Cameo.

      I hope you’re up-and-running very soon, so you can start loving your Cameo!!

      Good luck,


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  70. Hi Lesley,

    Thanks a lot for all the tips…I really need your advice on something – I’m using Silhouette Connect to send data from Illustrator to Cameo. I haven’t got any issue until recently when I send a drawing I made in Illustrator to Cameo. When Silhouette Connect page appeared, a prompt appeared stating “cpif_too_big.message”. Got two options; Cancel or OK. If I click Cancel, the page closes and back to Illustrator. If I click OK, the page tries to load the sent file.

    What does that mean?

    Thanks again for your help!


    • Hi, Baju,

      Is it just this particular file that you are having trouble with? If so, it may be that that particular file is corrupt. Trying working with another file and if you don’t have any problems, then you know it’s just that one file. If you have trouble with files that were previously okay, then you should contact Silhouette America for assistance.

      I hope this helps!!


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  71. Hi There! And thank you in advance for offering help to those of us who are woefully confused and inexperienced!
    I just got my Silhouette yesterday. At first it pulled the mat in properly to cut, but after it jammed and I had to pull the mat out manually it no longer starts it’s cuts in the exact left corner. I can see when I load the mat that it is not in far enough and have tried to bump it in a little more with the arrow keys. The arrow keys do not respond. How can I get this thing re calibrated to its original starting point? Hoping you know the answer…

    • Hi, Stacey,

      Congratulations on your new Cameo. Once you get comfortable with it you will love it! But, first, let’s see if we can get you going.

      You will, from time to time, run into little glitches like the one you are experiencing now. There are some basic troubleshooting steps to take:
      1) turn off your Cameo
      2) turn off your computer–this will clear the memory and give you’re a nice clean slate
      3) turn your computer back on
      4) turn on your Cameo and everything should be reset.

      This has happened to me, too, Stacey, and following these simple troubleshooting steps does the trick.

      I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun with your Cameo!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

      • hi, i have this exact problem, i switched off my cameo and laptop but still the problem persists, when i unload the mat does not get unloaded exactly, all settings are displaced. i haven’t been able to print and cut since then. i have to load the mat once then turn off the machine, restart and reload again.this takes it to normal setting but can be very frustrating to do it all the time. any suggestion would be helpful..


  72. I am so frustrated I just got a Silhouette and I can get on internet store but when I upgraded to designer i can’t. I have opened up everything I can on computer so I think and I have no firewall running or virus protection to make sure. If anyone has any more suggestions please help

    • Hi, Lisa,

      If you are using the new version 3, then I won’t be of much help. I had switched from the old version to the new v3 and there were so many problems that I uninstalled it and installed the Legacy version, which works like a charm! My advice would be to go back to the Legacy version, which you can download here You will find the Legacy version at the very bottom of the Silhouette America download page.
      In the release notes.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I hope you get everything straightened out, quickly. If it turns out that your problem is related to v3, would you please let me know so I can share it with my readers?

      Thanks, and good luck, Lisa!!


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  73. Im happy Silhuette Cameo owner for 1year.
    I use Windows 7 operation system. It is possible to see “.studio” files in Windows normaly maps? I see only Silhuette logo by each “.studio file”

      • I use the snipping tool (windows tools) to get a JPEG image of the file. Or if I remember, I actually right click on the image on the site you got it from & save the image, & renaming it. I hope this helps. 🙂
        On a side note- I have a horrible time trying to post to this site due to the captcha!!

    • I use the snipping tool (windows tools) to get a JPEG image of the file. Or if I remember, I actually right click on the image on the site you got it from & save the image, & renaming it. I hope this helps. 🙂

    • I use the snipping tool (windows tools) to get a JPEG image of the file. Or if I remember, I actually right click on the image on the site you got it from & save the image, & renaming it. I hope this helps. 🙂
      On a side note- I have a horrible time trying to post to this site due to the captcha!!

  74. I got this website from my buddy who shared with me concerning this web page and
    now this time I am visiting this site and reading very informative
    articles or reviews at this time.

  75. Hi Silhouette Angel I was beginning to think I had to send the item back through frustration but I’m only at the early stages of trying to peel the darn paper from the sticky cutting mat – i will try baby wipes as you suggested in the hopes that I can get a good clean cut again without the paper tearing or curling xx

  76. I love my Cameo and am still working out some kinks…. One of my main frustrations is when cutting without a matt (vinyl or stencils) the material bunches under the blade and causes the cut to be inaccurate or for the whole thing to just jam up. Any suggestions?

    • Hi,

      For my part, I noticed that the placing of the white rolls is really important ! The have to be placed in order that the inside part (so the thinner “roll”) of the roll has to be at least 5mm inside your “glidy” material.

      Also, double-check that the blue “bar” on the right is UP (for the cameo at least !) UP, the bar and the rolls are all in contact of your cutting material, DOWN is to change the positioning of the white rolls.

      Hope it helps 🙂

  77. I have been “building” baby shower invitations using several paper types with large and small elements = completely dependent on the Silhouette Cameo. I was getting SO frustrated with good cuts and then (lots of) bad cuts, double cuts, cuts all over the place, etc etc.
    THANK YOU for the tip on the software issue… I replaced the most recent software with the Legacy version and it’s all been working like a dream… WOW – thanks again and again because the Silhouette site has no hint of this option in it’s troubleshooting nonsense.

    • Hi, Pat,

      Yay!! I’m so glad you’re back in business. I’m sticking with the Legacy version until I know for sure that the 3.0 version is functioning perfectly.

      Enjoy your crafting and have a happy weekend!!


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  78. Hi, I am fairly new to my Silhouette Cameo. I have the designer Studio Software (version 3.0). I have a jpeg image that I am trying to print. I traced the image and created the registration marks (view-able on my computer). I get an error saying that the registration failed. Please help! I see your answer below, telling a person to click “Print registration marks”, but on the new menu-it does not say that? I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out and you seem really knowledgeable. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!! Lindsay

  79. Hello all,
    I’m not a silhouette owner but I have a customer that is and is having issues opening my patterns in the program and it cutting the correct size. She has the designer edition and when through preferences and set up the import option for “as is”. But her SVG file is still importing smaller than the original. I have other customers that use silhouette and I haven’t had any one complain to me before that they couldn’t get the file to work right. I’d like to give more guidance but I’m at a loss with the preferences set already. Any advice would be great. Maybe I can send the file to one of you guys and see if you are also having the same issue.

    Thanks for any assistance.

    • Hi, Krissie,

      Do you know what version Silhouette Studio you customer is using? If it is the new version 3.0, her best solution is to delete it and download the Legacy version. When she gets to the download page, she will need to scroll to the bottom for the Legacy version.

      Unfortunately, the new version 3.0 is still full of bugs. I had installed it on my computer and was virtually unable to create anything. So, I contacted Silhouette America and they advised me to remove the 3.0 version and download the Legacy version. I would advise her to stick with the Legacy version until we know for sure that 3.0 is functioning without problems.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

    • Did she modify the file with photoshop ? That kind of sh.t happens when changing the resolution, from 72dpi to something higher, for instance.

  80. Hi – I don’t know if this is where I should post this, but I am pleading for help! I am trying to use the pen adapter with a Sakura Gelly Roll. For some reason at the top of my script font letters my Silhouette drags the pen back to the top left corner and then drags it back down to continue the letter. So I end up with “rays” going from the home position of my pen to the tops of all of my tall script letters. I have tried everything I can think of to get it not to do that – please, can you help me? These signs are for my wedding in 8 days! I can post images if that’s helpful, or send them . . . Thank you so much for any help!

    • Did you ever get a solution for this, I am trying to create my wedding invites and getting the same problem. I can do 6 pages fine, and then all of a sudden this problem with the same design, same pen, ect.. so frusterating!!

  81. Hi. I just recently bought a cameo silhouette machine and I want to save a image online to make a centerpiece and my dell laptop will not let me copy image to cameo silhouette. Plz plz help thks.

    • Hi, Mayra,

      If I understand you correctly, you want to import an image to use in Silhouette Studio, right?

      Here’s what you do:

      First, go to File in the top left corner of Silhouette Studio. When the menu drops down, click on “Import to my library”
      Then, choose the file you wish to import and it will be saved to your Silhouette library in the folder called “My own designs”
      The file must be a transparent .png file for the Silhouette Cameo to cut it out. Otherwise, it will just cut out as a rectangle or a square.

      I hope this helps. If not, come on back and we will work through it together.

      Good luck and thanks for dropping in!


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  82. I am so sad 🙁 when I send my file to the silhouette to cut, I get an error message saying registration failed. I’ve tried everything, or at least it seems so. Can you help?
    I updated my software to the new version; however, I got the same message with the old software too. Do you have to update the machine itself? Like you did with the cricuts?
    Any advice?

    • Hi, Cindy,

      Don’t be sad! We can solve your problem. 

      When you send your file to the Cameo to be cut you need to ensure that you have selected “show registration marks,” before you send it to the printer. That way, your sheet will print the registration marks for the Cameo to detect.
      Then, when you are asked to “detect automatically,” or “detect manually,” select the automatic option.
      Your Cameo will then slide the mat (with your page on it, of course) in and out a few times to find and detect the registration marks.
      Then, you go proceed to the cutting step.

      I hope this helps. Good luck, and thanks for popping in!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

      • I’m a new Silhouette Cameo owner and am having the same issue. I have the registration marks “on” but am not seeing the option to “detect automatically”. It also seems that my mat is not loading as far in as normal. I’ve turned off the Cameo and exited out of the Silhouette program. It’s not making a difference…..could that also be the reason I’m getting the “registration failed” error message? I’m making 60th anniversary invitations for my in-laws’ party. I did a frame for the invite… issues. Now I’m trying to do stickers for the back of the envelopes that I have printed on my printer with the registration marks…..having issues. Boo!!!!!

        • Hi! I just encountered this problem when I wasn’t even printing something from a regular printer first; I only wanted to do a normal cut with my silhouette. Finally I figured out that I had to turn the registration marks OFF. Also, I double checked my cut settings and every time I used the registration marks, the program kept switching it to “No cut.” So I turned it back on cut, and it worked just fine. If you don’t NEED to use the registration marks, I would just turn them off. They’re a nuisance. Good luck!

          • THANK YOU!!!! I spent three hours trying to figure out why I was getting a “registration marks not found” error for a normal, non print-and-cut, cut! After searching youtube, FAQs, etc, I finally found your comment to turn off registration marks. Thank you so much!!

  83. Hi..
    I am so sad of my cameo..i only used one day..then it didnt work at all.the screen become black..the computer said swiched on and off ..i do this dozen time and not work
    What should i do???
    help me

  84. I purchased my Cameo in Feb14 and have used it maybe 5 times. Last time I used the Cameo it worked beautifully. No issues whatsoever. I went to use it over the weekend and as I was about to download new images from the library it prompted me to update to the latest software. Which I then did. Then I tried to cut some images and I get a message when I push Cut that says, “Could not connect to the Silhouette. Ensure the Silhouette is switched on and connected to the computer. If the problems persists, switch off the Silhouette and switch back on again”. It is connected properly to the computer, I have switched it on and off a dozen times, I even resorted to deleting all the software and reloading it from the disc it came with, all to no avail. It is completely unrecognizable for some reason. I have contacted customer support via email and a daily phone call and left messages and have yet to hear a response or get a live person on the line. I am beyond frustrated that I can’t use my machine. Any suggestions as to why the latest update from Silhouette would render my Cameo completely unrecognizable to my computer? At a complete loss here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, Cindy,

      Well, you are among thousands of frustrated Cameo-owners who have upgraded to the new v3 of Silhouette Studio. Silhouette America, unfortunately, released the new version before they had worked out all the bugs. I, too, had installed v3 and ran into all sorts of problems. I spoke to the support folks at Silhouette America they advised me to delete v3 from my computer and install the Legacy version. That’s exactly what I did and I am happy girl, once again. The Legacy version works like a charm. Here is the link to the download.

      Good luck, Cindy!!


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  85. hi i just have a quick question and it actually might be a stupid question. But sometimes my cuts are out of alignment and sometimes there not and the only thing i can think of is that maybe i didn’t let the picture i printed dry long enough. could wet ink affect the cuts? thanks alot.

    • Hi, Ryan,

      There are no stupid questions!! I don’t think wet ink would have anything to do with your problem. I take sheets right out of the printer, stick them onto my mat and run them through the Cameo. I’m wondering if you are lining up the edge of your mat with the short line on the left of the gray bar (the lines are really ridges…). That will make a difference in how accurate the cuts are.

      Also, make sure you are placing your paper correctly on the mat. It should not be outside of the grid lines on the mat.

      The only other thing I can think is that sometimes, when you have a problem like this, you need to turn off the Cameo, close the Silhouette Studio app and turn of your computer. This will clear the memory. Now, turn on your computer, open Silhouette Studio and turn your Cameo on. Everything should work fine. If not, you may have a problem that requires a call to the Silhouette America support team.

      I hope this helps. Good luck, Ryan, and thanks for stopping by Globug Ideas!!


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  86. Hi, I started having trouble with my silhouette. It always worked fine now its cutting all over the place. Sometimes starts cutting fine and then it goes crazy. I try cleaning my mat that was a bit dirty, try putting tape on the places it was a bit ruined, nothing worked. i ve so many projects to deliver and cant do anything right! Please help! Have this happen to anyone?

    • Hi, Christiane,

      Let’s see if we can fix your problem so you can get back to work on your projects. I’m not sure exactly what’s happening, so I’m suggesting a remedy to three possible situations…

      1) if your mat, itself, is sliding around then make sure the edges are under each of the rollers. Also check that the blue lever on the right hand roller is in the lock position (down)
      2) if your paper is sliding around, you can just put some pieces of tape around the edges (which I think you are already doing)
      3) if your Cameo is cutting in the wrong places, turn it off, shut down Silhouette Studio and turn off your computer. This will clear the memory. Now, turn your computer on, open Silhouette Studio and turn on your Cameo. This should fix your problem.

      If you are still having trouble, then your next step would be to call Silhouette America support–their number is on their website.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

      • I think i’ve identify where the problem is. Something is wrong with the head of the silhouette.It’s making a diferente noise, more loud. i think i’m gonna send it back to where i bought it to see if they can see whats wrong with it. If anyone has any tips about this i would apreciate since i ve to send um silhouette overseas .. i’m antecipating a low wait and lot oh headaches!! grrrr 🙁

        • Hi, Christiane,

          I’m sorry to hear that your problem is something more serious than we can solve. I would recommend you contact Silhouette America to find out what they suggest before you pay shipping charges. I hope you get quick action and get back to enjoying your Cameo real soon!!

          All the best,


          ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

        • Not sure if this is the answer to your problem but could be one possibility and may solve a number of other cutting problems. I have not found this on any other blogs so if you find it helps please pass it on.
          I had a similar problem yesterday when the cameo was slightly off on its cuts. It started of OK at the top of the page and then lower down the page it would cut above and sometimes slightly to one side of the intended lines. When I changed media I noticed a difference in the sound it normally makes and found it had failed to penetrate the paper. On inspection of the blade housing I found the white plastic containing the hole in which the blade protrudes from, had started to unscrew, this is the plastic cap that is screwed in to the section that rotates to sets the blade depth. As the cap had starting to unscrew it had increased the overall length of the holder so the blade was no longer protruding as it should be leading to it only scoring the paper and resulting in the plastic cap pressing hard down on the page. As it was pressing down on the page the paper was being pinched so the rollers were not carrying it through at the correct rate, slipping on the underside of the media which left the paper in the wrong place when the blade cut horizontally further down the page
          The problem was fixed by simply tightening the cap back up.

          hope this helps

      • my friend and I have the silhouette cameo mine is working fine hers is not it cuts what it wants where it want she has been trying to call the company and no answer she has left messages no one has returned her call now what should she do we have tried everthing even looked for a reset button someone please help us

  87. Hi.. I stumbled upon your website today, and what a fount of information! You are a Silhouette Angel! I started having an issue in the last few weeks with the eraser tool… I swipe the eraser on a line I want to get rid of and all it does is move it to the left edge of where the eraser traveled… if that makes sense. It’s like it isn’t erasing it at all. Any ideas?
    Thanks much, Deb

    • Hi, Deb,

      The eraser and the knife tool work pretty much the same way. When you click on the eraser tool, look to the right of your screen and you will see two settings–one is closed (which is what you are using; the other is open. The closed setting will create a new line to close off the image–make sure you use one clean sweep. The open setting will remove the part you erase and leave it that way. You can also use the knife to divide an image into two or more parts and then just use your eraser to wipe off what you don’t want.

      Anyway, play around with it and you’ll get the idea. By the way, after you use the eraser tool, if you want to use it again, you have to click on any other tool and then go back and click on the eraser tool to activate it again.

      Hope this helps!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


      • My cameo said could not connect to the didnt work at all..i swiched off and on..the screen is black..what should i do?
        It is new..i do not know what happend

        • m not sure I understand, but I think you are saying that your Cameo is not turning on. If that is the case, first check to see that the cord is plugged fully into the Cameo. Then make sure that the other end of the cord is plugged fully into your computer. Also, make sure the electrical outlet is working–you can test it by plugging a lamp into it.

          If I have not understood your questions, let me know and we’ll take it from there.

          Good luck!!


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  88. I have had my cameo for about 2 months now. I am still only cutting paper, but I love the cameo for that. I believe I am ready to move onto other things – maybe a print and cut. Can you suggest some good videos to get me started? Thanks.

  89. I just got my cameo and I took all the tape off and went to load my mat and it’s like it won’t feed and makes a horrible loud noise. and the blade carriage doesn’t really move. Am I doing something wrong or is it defective?

  90. I love my Silhouette and for the most part have been able to problem solve most of my issues. One thing I’ve never been able to figure out is how to “erase” properly. It seems straightforward enough but it gives me nothing but trouble. A good example is, some fonts have “extra debris” either in or around the font. This may look cute printed but is unnecessary when cutting. If I could go in and erase these little bits, the problem would be solved, but using the eraser tool makes a hole, new edge or worse. Other problems I have with “erase” is sometimes there may be an extra line left over after “welding”, it seems like I should just be able to “erase” this line. Again I get stuck with holes, chunks or weird ends. Can someone please help me?

    • Hi! The eraser can be tricky when you first start to use it, but there are a few tricks that can make it easy to use and will give you great results.

      1. Create your text in a very large point size, such as 144 pt–you reduce it to the size you want after you finish working with it.
      2. Use the ZOOM feature to make your text fill the screen. Now, you will be able to see even the tiniest details and make accurate erasures.
      3. When you use the eraser, make a clean swipe across the area you want to erase. The gaps will close up automatically.
      4. Sometimes, using the little Slice tool can be a good option, too. Just select the part you want to remove and the gap will close itself. Then, you can just delete the part you don’t need.

      There are other features in Silhouette Studio that might also be useful to you, such as the Modify tool and the Trace tool. Check out these videos for some really useful ideas.

      Thanks for dropping by Globug Ideas! I hope this helps.


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  91. Hello!
    I am hoping that someone can help! I just got my new cameo (yay!). I am trying to print, but some of my text/fonts are not showing up. I’ve made sure that they are in the front, but they won’t print. These are fonts that I’ve downloaded from free sites, I don’t know why some are printing and some are not!?

  92. I am so excited that I came upon your site! I’ve just recently started a craft business and got the Cameo to help me out on some projects. I am starting to have a couple issues that I wonder if anyone has dealt with and figured out how to fix. I’m am about sick of wasting my vinyl!

    1. Every since the new update, when I cut anything, it doesn’t ever seem to fully finish the process, like the cutter doesn’t return back to it’s home place, and the program still says it’s cutting. It does give me the option to unload, so I end up doing that then having to restart the cameo. It’s annoying…

    2. This is a new problem for me, I’m cutting out designs on the heat transfer vinyl…well it’s not cutting fully. Like say I am cutting out HOME, it will cut a portion of each letter, not the entire letter. I’ve checked the cut settings and from my screen, it should be cutting everything!

    Please help! I am so beyond frustrated at the moment and have quite a few orders that I need to get done.
    P.S. Thank you for having this page! It’s nice to have other people to talk to about these thing! 🙂

    • Hi, Tamara,

      I feel your frustration!! Most new Cameo-owners go through the “I want to throw this thing out the window” phase. I wish I could help you, but I am not using the new v 3. I had installed it the first day it came out, but it was riddled with problems. I spoke with someone on the support team who advised me to uninstall it and re-install the Legacy version, which is available on their site. I have decided to stay with the Legacy version until Silhouette America comes out with a truly solid v3.

      I know that a newer v3 was released last week so, if you haven’t upgraded to that version, that would be your first potential solution.

      I hope this helps!! Good luck!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

      • Thank you! I will check and see if I missed and update, and if so, see if that works. If not, guess I’ll revert back to the first version I had. I didn’t seem to have any problems before I did the update.
        Also, on the second problem, I did realize it is only seeming to happen with the heat transfer vinyl. I just cut two decals out in the regular vinyl, and they cut perfectly. So, now I’m confused as to why it’s doing that on the heat transfer vinyl?

  93. Thank you for all your trouble shooting tips. Owning a Cameo is really a love hate relationship-different problems occur whether the machine, the blade, or even the software. I’m just curious if WD-40 a will be OK to use for contacts with plastic parts of the Cameo (The carriage bar of the Cameo is in contact with the plastic part where the blade is connected). I’m just thought oil based petroleum products are bad for plastic so I checked HP’s website for lubricants they use for their carriage bar (where their inkjet heads was connected which is very similar to Cameo) and they use a special synthetic oil. I just thought I’d ask before I do anything to my machine.

    • Hi, Joel,

      I have never used WD40 on my Cameo, so I can’t offer you any advice. Your best bet would be to contact Silhouette America’s support team.

      Thanks, so much for visiting my site. I’m glad you find it useful–and I’m really sorry I couldn’t help you with this question. I hope SA is able to give you an answer.

      Have a wonderful day!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

  94. I am wanting to cut vinyl lettering on my Cameo for our boat. How do I expand the workspace in my computer setup to cut 32″? I don’t need a cutting mat when cutting vinyl do I? Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi, Lori,

      No, you don’t need the cutting mat when you are working with vinyl. To create a 32″ long design area, just click on the Page Size icon (4th from the top right), then change the length to 32″ and you’re in business!!

      I hope this helps. Good luck with your project!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

  95. I have upgraded my computer and in so doing the software updated and now I cant find the “test cut” can you point me in the right direction please? PS you should be paid by Silhouette, your site is more useful than theirs !

    • Hi, Chris,

      If you are using the new Silhouette Studio v.3, I can’t help you. This new version is riddled with problems. In fact, Silhouette America is advising people NOT to install it until the bugs are fixed. For anyone who has already installed it, they advise you to uninstall it and to go to their site and install the Legacy version–which works beautifully.

      I had installed the new version and I simply could not work in it because of all the issues. Silhouette America told me that they have their programmers working around the clock to fix the bugs and make the new version usable. Also, they took some of the old features out and replaced them with new features that most of us don’t like. They really made a mess of things!!

      I’m using the Legacy version and will not install the new version again until I know for sure that it is bug-free and in perfect working order.

      I hope this helps. And, by the way, thanks, so much for the nice compliment about my site–I really appreciate getting some positive feedback! I answer as many questions as I can, but with 70-80,000 readers a year, it’s hard to keep up. LOL!!

      Take care, and drop by again, soon.


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

  96. Hi

    I just bought a silhouette cameo. I made a stencil to make a sign out of vinyl. It worked fine the first time. I want to make several stencils to make several signs. The next time I tried it skipped the first 2 letters in the word. Please help!

  97. please help I am ready to throw this thing out the window. I have used my cameo for a few weeks. I got a new computer and then updated to the new software….no problems. Then yesterday I tried to cut a heat transfer and all of a sudden it tells me that the cameo is not connected. USB – check, power on – check, power off – check, reboot computer – check. Still the same error message. could not connect to the cameo – ensure that the cameo is switched on and connected to the computer, if the problem persists switch off the cameo and switch back on. CHECK. Even tried a simple cardstock project and still showing not connected. Please help.

    • Mine is doing the same thing! I am on the verge of tears! I have re installed the program, restarted my computer and software a zillion times and plugged and unplugged even more times than I can count. I have tried everything I could think of plus what I could find on line….. : (

      • Hi, Tony,
        If you are using the newest Silhouette Studio v.3, there are currently no solutions to your problems. I spoke with Silhouette America last week and they told me that v.3 is full of bugs. Their team is working around the clock to fix the bugs and rerelease the product–in working condition. The only solution for now is to uninstall v.3 and then go to the Silhouette America website and download the Legacy version, which will put you back in business. That’s exactly what I did and everything is back to normal.

        They never should have released this bug-filled version!! Hopefully, they will release the new and improved version soon. Before I install it on my computer, I’m going to read the reviews, first!!

        Good luck and I hope this helps,


        ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

    • You may want to check your USB port to see if it’s working. I was having the same issue and come to find out if I don’t eject it from the port properly it disables that USB. Good luck!

  98. Thank you for a wealth of information. I went shopping with intentions of purchasing a Cricuit, but optioned for the Silhouette Cameo in September 2013. I was on a mission, thus I started big, as in skip the small, simple cuts like a beginner should. I spent hours watching tutorials & reading blogs & forums. It goes without saying, I was a bit intimidated with my new toy/equipment! Confident of other’s success, I forged forward with using Contact Paper & no cutting mat, creating a reverse template for a 24 word, 24 fonts, 12″ x 24″ Hunting theme Subway Art sign, designed for wood planks. My CP template successfully cut as if I had been using the SDC for years. I immediately laid out & prepped a 13″ x 37″ piece of CP, then sent to ‘cut’ for a different project, a 36 word, multiple fonts, 12″ x 36″ Racing theme Subway Art sign to be applied to steel. Once again, the SDC cut the CP template flawlessly.

    I custom framed out planks for the Hunting design, painted with multiple colors & project was completed. I assisted my 21 year old daughter on the racing theme steel piece, which presented issues with spray paint(primed & painted silver) adhering due to temperature fluctuation when my husband didn’t advice he didn’t fill the wood burner in the barn, on a cold night. That was a huge variance as the completed piece needed touching up.

    While the first two projects were in stages of painting, I tackled a third, creating an Irish Spring Soap Halloween costume. This required printing separate strips of larger words. The SDC did not fail me!

    Enter Christmas season and thankfully SD Help Desk & Globug were here to help me troubleshoot cutting cardstock. There were multiple issues but I did successfully cut some of the main things I needed. As time was critical, I cheated & used pre-cut scrapbook letters in my stash.

    Fast forward, I NEED to fix that steel sign so my daughter can finally gift it to her boyfriend! My previous three projects were cut using woodgrain Contact Paper. I have attempted to cut the same Racing theme project, using clear Contact Paper so I can match the exact placement over existing painted letters. The SDC has 1)chewed up the CP, 2)pulled the CP into crooked alignment once the cutter starts working, 3)cuts completely through the backing. I once again, spent hours googling suggestions & fixes to no avail. I have purchased a new blade & have tried test cuts & cutting a few letters, all have failed to cut like my first three projects…HELP!

    I have copy & pasted the top 24″ section of Word Art, planning to use my 12″ x 24″ mat, but have not attempted to cut it yet. My biggest dilemma is trying to figure out how to copy the 12″ x 12″ lower section of words(starts at 24″ of a 36″ portrait layout) to a 12″ x 12″ new page. I can copy & paste the 11.500″ H x 11.365″ W section but have not been able to fit it square onto the page. I have attempted several times & it pastes offset. Do you have any hints as to what I am doing incorrectly? My next thought is, will the design cut as the original did with just a copy/paste action? THANK YOU!

    • Hi Gloria,
      Good news…I found part of a solution through the Silhouette Help Desk. I forwarded the page/file I was working on & they confirmed that I could use the GROUP feature. Right click, choose SELECT ALL, right click, choose GROUP, right click, COPY, right click, choose PASTE. go to tool bar at top, click OBJECT, hover over ALIGN, click on CENTER TO PAGE. It worked like a charm!

      My test cut wasn’t true. I did a complete cut but the cutter only created a light emboss. I am adjusting the thickness again, hoping for success.

  99. I am trying to create vinyl monograms for party favors. I tried to do them on my own, but got frustrated trying to get everything the correct size. I went to the online store and saw where I could by monograms, but all the letters are the same? Would I need to buy all the letters I would need and then swap them out?

  100. I just recently got my Cameo and have a question. I have purchased some objects from the online store. When I try to import these items as they are in the store.. i.e. Item 54884 owl with heart. It shows it in color when I buy it. When I import it to my screen to start working with it, it is in pieces and just an outline. I am wanting to use my heat transfer material and print and cut this for a shirt. Why are some items imported in pieces and in outline form not in color and some come over exactly as show in the store?
    How do I change this so that when my item comes over it does so in 1 piece in color?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, Teri,

      I can feel your frustration! But, don’t worry because all of the images you purchased from Silhouette are available to you online (no charge) in case you cannot retrieve yours on your hard drive.

      First, make sure you have the newest version of Silhouette Studio. If not, you can download it from the Silhouette America site.

      Next, shut down Silhouette Studio and turn off your computer.

      Now, turn on your computer and open Silhouette Studio.

      Your images should be there. If not, click on this link…

      Hope this helps!!


      • I have had my silhouette cameo with designer edition for about 6 months now, and have really had no major problems with it. Today I was trying to create a vinyl cut out of a bicycle, its a simple stick design with a line thickness of almost a pencils width. When I press the trace and detatch (from the merged photo), the software freezes immediately and stops responding. Ive tried breaking down the photo into tiny parts, but it keeps happening over and over. Can u help? Thank you in advance!

    • I think the question is why the imported files look different when on the “mat view” in the Silhouette software than how they look in the online store. The store shows how the image would look put together (cut from each piece of the desired color and ironed on the tshrit) – the file that you see when working in the software is the cut files (unless it’s a PC (print/cut) in which case the files would look the same, but you’d have to print it on a color printer before cutting). When working with your cut images, you can fill in the color (with the paint can) to make it easier to work with, but when you run the heat transfer material though the Cameo, it doesn’t matter what “color” you see on the screen, the color is determined by the color of the material on your mat. Does this make sense? Once you create a project or two it’ll make so much more sense.

    • Hi, April,

      Sorry it took me so long to answer, it’s been busy here with Easter holidays and family gatherings.

      When you open a Silhouette image that is in pieces, you first ungroup the pieces. Next, using the coloring and/or pattern fill tools, you colour the pieces as you like. Then, assemble the pieces on the screen, select them all and group them. Now you will have a fully colored image that is ready to cut. When you send it to cut, just remember to select the cutting style that will cut only the outline. I hope this helps. If not, come on back and we’ll go through it together. Gloria 🙂

  101. I love my Cameo. I have had it for about a year.
    Then one day the images in my library
    didn’t show up anymore, the files and names are there
    and will appear if I double click them,but no pictures in the library
    of what they look like. I have a lot of files, so this is frustrating.
    Can you help me?

    • If I have to download the program again will I have to get the designer
      edition, or is it tied to my account ( cant find my download #)

  102. I just received my Silhouette Portrait and the Vinyl Starting Kit, but I can’t get it to find the registration marks. I’ve tried different colors of vinyl and shutting everything off and restarting but I get the error everytime. It tells me to use the arrows on the screen to manually find the marks but that doesn’t seem to even work. I haven’t called tech support yet, though.

    • Why are you using registration marks on your vinyl? Are you printing on it first? If so, attach the vinyl to a piece of white paper, leaving enough margin so that the registration marks appear on the white.

      If you aren’t printing on the vinyl first, you don’t need the registration marks to cut.

  103. I just got my Silhouette Cameo and have made two items. Both times, all of the cuts went through the paper and have marked the mat. I followed the settings suggested when I selected the type of paper I was using, but apparently the blade went through enough to cut the mat. Is the normal? Not too psyched about this…. Suggestions? Thanks!

    • That’s completely normal. That being said, I find it is best to use the lowest blade setting possible to get a cut.

  104. please help… some of my fonts do not show up. for example I type in “symbol font” greek letters and only squares show up.

  105. I have had my Cameo since Feb 2013,have loved it up until about 3 weeks ago.I also had the SD before the Cameo so I’m used to how the software works.This is what is happening when I go to cut it say the Cameo isn’t connected to PC,I have restarted my PC,turned machine off and moved the housing from left to right about 6 times,pulled plug,disconnected USB and reconnected,this is getting to be a real pain in the butt.
    I have called support 3 times in last week with still no reply.Do you have any suggestions.I’m using Windows 8.1.
    PS Do you have email sign up for email updates

  106. i just recently bought a cameo, i haven’t received in though. i want to test out the included software, the silhouette studio, the only thing i can see on my screen was a big white space. you can see all the buttons but nothing seems to be working. so i’m wondering if you need your cameo connected to the computer before you can actually use the included software?

    • Hi, Ray,

      Some software does require that your hardware (in this case, your Cameo) be validated before the software functions. Although the Silhouette Studio software was designed specifically for die-cutting, it has many other uses. Silhouette America is just protecting its software from being used by folks who don’t even own a Cameo.

      For example, with Silhouette Studio you can:
      –import photos, resize them and add frames
      –import your own .jpgs, use fill patterns or solids colour them
      –create text in any size, use fill patterns to solids or colour it; you can then put you text in a box, print it and simply cut out the box by hand
      –create all sorts of basic shapes; weld shapes together and use fill patters or solids to colour them

      This is just a partial list of some of the things you might do, without ever touch you Cameo.

      I’m sure your software will work like a charm, once you plug your Cameo into your computer. Until then, stay calm and make a list of all the projects you’re going to create when you new Cameo arrives!!!


      • I got my Cameo last Friday, it is great, I’m happy I bought one. Now I will have the chance to finish those scrapbook pages I have been wanting to complete. The only problem I have is, the silhouette studio does not work with windows 7. I have to use my laptop which runs on vista and it works like a charm.

        With windows 7 I can’t see the cutting mat on my screen and non of the buttons work. What could be the problem?

        • Hi, Ray,

          I am running Windows 7 and Silhouette Studio works fine. I would suggest you uninstall Studio, reboot your computer and then reinstall Studio. You probably just got a bad install. Let me know how it goes. 🙂


          ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

        • Ray, I got my silhouette on 2/25 and I installed studio (basic, not designer version) on my Windows 7 PC. It works fine. You may want to call support to find out why it doesn’t on yours….good luck.

  107. I bought my Silhouette Cameo a few weeks ago and I have just now started playing with it. I loaded my first design to cut and it went through the motions but didn’t cut anything. Now it won’t load the mat. I goes in about a half an inch and stops. I get E unload on the screen. Can anyone help me?

    • I had this issue earlier this week. When I looked at my display, I had chosen Load Media instead of Load Cutting Mat. That may not be your issue, but once I chose the correct load setting, it worked great!

      The other suggestion I have is to exit your Silhouette program file, turn off your Silhouette, restart your PC and then turn back on your Silhouette and restart your program file. Sometimes, they just get a little brain wonky. Good luck!

      • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. I have been trying to figure this out for months!! And to think it was just a simple setting.

    • I am having the “E” show up every time I load the mat–it tells me to unload again. What does the “E” mean? I have exited, shut off the computer, etc. etc. and nothing works. It’s just wonky!

  108. I have the silhouette quickutz digital craft cutter. I have only had it for a few months. It is making good clean cuts (vinyl is all i use) but it doesn’t seem to cut completely through so i can weed out what i dont need (it doesnt matter what setting i have it on) i have tried them all. It also stops in middle of cycle and says finished when it is not. I have not had a issue with this until this month. Any help ive searched to find answers. I also can not find the blade that i need to replace it.

  109. My Silhouette starts freaking out in the middle of a cut and then ends up on a totally wrong section of the cutting mat. The first part is fine and then lower on the page it goes haywire. Orientation is correct, cutting mat dimensions are correct. It’s awful. I had about 5 good cuts so far and about 65 bad ones. 🙁

    • I found your post because mine is doing the same thing today! I noticed it keeps freaking out at the same place. At first I thought it maybe was getting stuck on something on the mat, but I wonder if it has something to do with the “bars” that the part that holds the blade travels on… I noticed one of mine was sticky around that area (I wonder if that’s from using Elmer’s repositionable adhesive). If it gets stuck, that throws the alignment off… I may try doing a thorough clean of those bars. Let me know if you figure out a solution, and I will update if it goes well! Have you used other adhesives to re-stick the mat (other than those endorsed by Silhouette)?

      • Girls, I have the same problem. I wrote to the support team and what they answered me.
        ‘If the Silhouette is making loud noises and appearing to cut off track, or the motor appears to get stuck during the cutting process and throws off the proper alignment of the cut, this may represent that the motor is off track.

        To correct this, you may attempt to manually move the motor to ensure it is on the track properly. To do this, please turn the Silhouette off and manually push the motor all the way to the left of the machine, and then all the way back to the right. It is possible the motor was slightly off track and was therefore making louder noises. After doing this, please turn the machine back on. Once turned on, the motor will travel back into place and should be ready to cut normally as before. You may also seek to put a small bit of oil (such as WD40) or a graphite lubricant on the metal bar that holds the motor of the Silhouette in order to ensure the motor is able to travel back and forth without further concern.

        Another concern which may display similar results and cause a noise and misalignment during the cutting process is if you have an older cutting mat where the edges are curling upward and thus catching on the motor as it travels along near the edge of the mat. If such is the case, you may simply need to replace your cutting mat as the edges become compacted and warped over time.

        Finally, this issue can also be the result of your blade being overexposed where it is extended too far and catching during the cutting process. If you remove the blade and re-perform the job to have the Silhouette just go through all of the cutting motions without cutting and find that the issue disappears, then this would confirm a blade setting issue. If such is the case, please adjust the blade to a lower setting for your material.’

        Unfortunatelly I didn’t figure out this problem((((

        • I have the same problem, which is extremely annoying and expensive. I am trying to cut boxes for my home made soap business. So far 1 cut and 5 ruined! The registration marks are recognised, and the cut starts. It gets about 2 inches down on the left hand side and continues doing perforations about 40 times in the same spot–motor not moving. Then all the other cuts are wrong! I have oiled the bar, and manually moved the motor up and down it. I have restarted my computer, and the Cameo and restarted the Silhouette Studio software, it did the same again. What do I do now?

          • Hi, Joan,

            You have, obviously, taken all the right trouble-shooting steps, so my suggestion is to call the Silhouette America support team–the number is on the front page of their website.

            It sounds like you have a lovely business and I hope your Cameo is up-and-running again, quickly!

            Good luck,


            ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

    • I very carefully slid a baby wipe under the bar and scrubbed it like crazy. It works like a new machine – perfect cuts now. So for me it was the adhesive gumming up the track and making it jam. Good luck figuring out yours!

      • The adhesive gumming up the rollers was also my problem. In my case though, I found that adhesive had gotten on the edge of the mat, then transferred to the rollers and messed things up. I turned the mat around and started using the bottom half after cleaning the rollers, and that worked fine.

  110. GRRRRR.
    1. From the very beginning my mat has been shifting and ruining my paper. NEVER had this happen with the cruicut because the mat CAN’T move. Silhouette messed up on that. I’ve inserted the mat correctly. It cuts a few seconds then suddenly the mat moves. The blue lever is UP s it’s supposed to be (atleast on mine), the rollers are in the correct position and the levers were never moved (I could never figure out how to move them anyway). So now what do I do???

    2. Whenever I leave my computer for a bit and it goes to sleep the Silhouette design program window goes black and I can’t see my work anymore. I have to close it and reopen it which sucks because sometimes I don’t remember if I made a change and I end up losing my work and having to start over. Another issue I don’t have with my trusty Cricut Expression.

  111. Hi Gloria

    I just wanted to say a Big Thank You. I have just purchased a Cameo, which I’m sure I will love but was having an issue with the paper slipping. Thankfully, I found your blog and my question was answered. I know that I will be referring back to you on a regular basis, until I really get to know the machine.

    Thanks again,


  112. I just started using my Cameo this past Tues. I completed 2 projects with no problems. Last night I started on another project and could not get the software to launch. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software 4 times since last night. I have installed the latest software. I have checked the graphic card drive and it says that I have the best drier software installed. I have called support and of course they are closed. I really want to get this figured out. Due to supports hrs and my work hrs, I will not be able to call them until week after next. Didn’t know if anyone had had this problem or not. thanks!!

    • I had the same problem.
      Try restarting your PC – you may need to “force restart” as the Silhouette software will probably still be running but not opening

  113. Hi happy I came across your blog. I’ve had my cameo two weeks, from the beginniing my mouse hasn’t behaved properly. I click and try to move it, after numerous attempts it moves, but not where I want it. Sometimes off the mat. I try moving it back but am forced to delete the page and start new.Called tech support, they emailed me three options to fix the problem.none worked. I checked my graphic driver, supposidly it’s up to date. I have been successful printing and cutting, only because I downloaded a svg print and cut file ready to go. I can see I could love this machine, but not being able to use the design software because my mouse has a mind of it’s own is rediculous. Will call tech support tomorrow, sure they’ll be busy after the holiday, ask if someone could troubleshoot with me.

    I don’t see anyone having this problem. Do you have any suggestions.Thank you so much for helping us, Gloria! We appreciate it!!!!!

    • Hi, Marion,

      Congratulations on your new Cameo! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some issues with your mouse. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem. Would I be correct in assuming it’s only with Silhouette Studio? Is the mouse acting normally in other programs like e-mail or when you’re on the Internet? If the problem is isolated to just Silhouette Studio, then you might want to try re-installing it.

      The other problem could be not having enough RAM (memory) in your computer. If you have an older computer, it would be a good idea to increase the amount of RAM. Newer software such as Silhouette Studio require a lot of resources, so either upgrade your RAM or, if it’s in your budget, it may be time for a new computer. Definitely thing about 8-12 megs of RAM!!

      I hope this helps. Please let me know how it works out. Good luck!!!


      • are you left handed? I changed my mouse to left handed recently, and I’m wondering if it’s causing issues in the silhouette software. I’ve used software before that didn’t work with a left hand mouse set up.

  114. I just purchased the cameo for a birthday/Christmas present for myself. I’m definitely doing the trial and error thing- as well as watching a lot of youtube tutorials. I have a couple questions that I’m not finding answers to and hoping someone can help.
    1. When it says that the cameo can cut fabric…would that include a thin leather?

    2. I’m a quilter, so I’m new to the paper end of things. I would like to know names of quality paper and where the best place to purchase them would be. I know that this is a personal opinion, but I have loyalty to certain brands/designers of fabric. I’m guessing it must be similar for the paper crafters.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi, Aimee,

      Congratulations on your new Cameo! There is some trial an error involved when learning to use the Cameo or any other machine, but it’s well worth the effort!

      Your Cameo can cut through canvass at a blade setting of 5, so it should be able to cut thin leather at the same or lower blade setting (depending on the thickness). If you have some small scraps of the leather you will be using, it might be a good idea to do a test cut.

      With regard to paper, you’re right, there are some paper brands that work best. But to be clear, paper doesn’t work well on the Cameo–it usually tears. Paper crafters generally use a lightweight card stock. I use Stampin’ Up Whisper White–it cuts like a dream! For some reason, the Whisper White is different and cuts better than the Stampin’ Up coloured stock. There are other brands, of course, but I’ve always gotten such great results with the Stampin’ Up stock that I haven’t had any need or desire to change brands.

      I hope this helps, Aimee. Enjoy your new Cameo!!

      Happy New Year!!

  115. Hi there!
    I am a brand new Cameo owner from Australia and it’s taken me a few days to come to grips with this machine, I’m normally pretty good with figuring things out but this machine got me so frustrated i was beginning to think only of the money I wasted, but I persevered and I’m glad I did.
    My first problem was the mat, I thought I loaded it ok but as I tried to cut, it moved around, so I knew that wasn’t right, so I read & u tubed it and found the solution.
    The left hand roller doesn’t move up like the right hand lever so you just have to line up the edge of the mat with the small line on the front of the machine and make sure the front edge of the mat is just barely resting under the wheel and all will be fine, no more mat movement other than where it should go.
    I am notorious with losing things so I was especially nervous about losing the ratchet thing to change the blade depth, I kept knocking it out of the recessed bit at the front and knew it would get lost sooner rather than later, so I stuck one of those self adhesive hooks onto the side of the machine and now the ratchet thing lives there and I won’t lose it (I hope).
    Hope the above will be of use to someone.

    • Hi, Char,
      Congratulations on 1) becoming a Cameo owner and 2) not giving up on it!! Just about everyone who writes to me says that they were frustrated when they first started using their Cameo. Good for you for sticking with it!!
      I really appreciate the tips you’re sharing. Thanks, so much, for taking time to write to me, I’m sure your tips will help other Cameo owners.
      If you do have questions, come on back anytime and I will do my best to help you out.
      Best wishes and happy crafting!
      Gloria 🙂

    • Hi Char, just FYI the recessed bit at the front of the cameo that you have been using to store the ratchet cap is actually a built in ratchet! I am also new to cameo and just figured this out after reading your comment. So now you don’t have to worry about losing the ratchet! I always lose things too – you’re not alone!

  116. I have been using my cameo just fine for the past year. All of the sudden it is tearing my paper (same paper and settings that I’ve always used) or not cutting all the way through. I have spent the last 1/2 hour reading everyones complaints and I just feel aggravated that you spend $300 on a machine that doesn’t work properly. I don’t feel you should have to use the “trial and error” method. Now when I buy cardstock, I always buy 2 sheets in case the first one messes up. This is crazy. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Hi, Shannon,
      You don’t mention whether or not you have been cleaning out the blade housing. If not, insert a needle into the black casing around the blade and clean out any paper debris. This is one of the major causes of paper tearing.
      Also, it’s possible that your blade is chipped, which would also account for the tearing. It may be time for a new blade.
      I hope this helps!! Good luck!

      • The white cap on the blade housing is removable for proper cleaning. Simply turn counter clockwise. Don’t touch blade! Simply blow out ,replace cap & you’re good to go.

  117. I came across your article because I have recently purchased a Cameo and was super excited to start making things for my wedding! My first cut was with vinyl, which was completely unsuccessful! I inserted just the vinyl to be cut, moved the rollers(in, out, back in and back out), made sure the blue leveler was down… nothing but flying vinyl… I could not get it to cut straight. I then tried it with a mat, still no luck… When looking at my bar and feeling the spacing it appears that the left side of the bar is more snug to the bottom than the right?? should the bar be level or is one side tighter than the other??

    Please HELP!

    • Hi, Noelle,
      You’re not the first one to have trouble cutting vinyl! It can be so frustrating. You did the right thing by using the cutting mat because this often solves the problem. Unfortunately, for you, it didn’t help. Both of the rollers should be at the same tension–one should not be tighter than the other because that would very likely cause the vinyl or cutting mat to slide or run though crooked. You can also try using a slower setting, that usually helps. Make sure you are using the right setting on the machine: Load Media (for vinyl alone) or Load Cutting Mat (if you’re using the vinyl on your cutting mat). Here is a really useful link:
      I hope this helps. If not, please come on back and we’ll try to figure out a solution together!!

      Good luck!

  118. I am SO happy to have found this site! I’m very intimidated by my new Cameo and was so happy to see others’ problems and get a chance to troubleshoot some of my own. Otherwise, I think I would have panicked over not being able to use my (expensive) machine. 🙂

    A couple people mentioned above that the blade housing moves all the way to one end and grinds repeatedly. I had the same problem, and called Silhouette. They advised I manually push the housing from end to end a few times to make sure the belt wasn’t binding. I did that, but it didn’t fix the problem.

    However, I kept playing around and eventually realized that the machine made the noise only when connected via USB to the computer. So…..I switched my cameo to a different USB port and – voila – problem solved! 😀 😀

    Switching USB ports also fixed a problem I was having with “missing drivers” and a couple other issues with interacting with the Studio software itself. Hopefully my misadventure can help someone else down the road!


    • Hi, Jennifer,

      Thanks for sharing your great advice!! I know this will help other Cameo-owners, too.

      I hope you have lots of fun creating projects. Once you become familiar and comfortable with all of the Cameo’s features, your only problem will be finding enough time to create, create, create!!

      Thanks, again, for dropping by. Come on back anytime you have questions or problems. Also, if you have any projects you’d like to share with my readers, I would be delighted to post them on Globug Ideas!!

      Best wishes,

  119. Hi

    Thank you for your website, it has some great tips.

    I received my new Silouhette Cameo last week. Do you have any suggestions for the problem of the blade not cutting right through the card? I have a friend whom cuts most card on 6 so I tried that without success, it only cuts 1/2 way through. I have tried a new blade and the same thing occurs. I have also turned the blade to no. 9 and there is no change.

    Thank you for your time

    • Hi, Maree,

      It could be that the tip of your blade has chipped off, especially if you have set it higher than required. It’s a long shot, but you could have chipped both blades. Turn your blade to the highest number and then take it out of your Cameo and examine the tip. If it’s chipped you should be able to see it. When I first had my Cameo, it came with a defective blade and Silhouette America sent me three new blades before I finally got one that wasn’t defective. I would recommend you call them and let them know that both of your blades are not cutting. I hope you get it working soon so you can start to have fun!! Let me know how it goes!! Good luck!! Gloria 🙂

  120. I just resroted my computer to factory settings and saved all of my designs from silhouette studio on a portable hard drive, i reinstalled silhouette studio and my designs onto my computer but today I realized some of my fonts are missing, not ones I bought from the store but ones that had come on the program when I purchased it specifically the stencil font…what do I do to get it back??

    • Hi, Brandy,
      The Cameo doesn’t ship with any fonts. It uses the fonts that are on your computer. To find out if you have a Windows problem or a Silhouette problem, open another program such as Word and check to see if all your fonts are there. If so, then you have a problem with Silhouette Studio. If not, then your problem is with Windows. Let me know how it goes and we’ll take it from there. Fingers crossed!! Gloria 🙂

  121. Have you tried Silhouette Connect? I am having trouble with print and cut. It keeps saying registration failed after I send it to the cutter.

      • I usually have no difficulty with the Print and Cut designs but when I do, the first thing I check when I’m putting the design on the blank page is that the paper is set to the correct size. If not, your printer does not print the registration marks correctly. Second thing is to place it on the mat correctly..have the arrow at the top and the two registration marks at the top. Thirdly, if it still won’t cut, blow under the blade housing and clear away any cardstock fibres that are preventing the registration marks being read. This last one is usually the problem.

    • I have not found many reviews on the Silhouette Connect. I did download the plugin on Thanksgiving Day but it had too many bugs to use with CorelDRAW X4. (not sure what software you are using) I am awaiting a promised refund. I am browsing the web to see what others’ experience has been because if it would work correctly, it is a GREAT idea!

      • I have the same problem. When I cut it with blade 2 is ok, but when i try the 3 it saying registration failed. Can anyone help please?? :/

        • I had print and cut issues two days ago. The motor seems to have gone off the tracks as I heard funny noise. I was told to put WD40 as mentioned above but here is what I did to fix the issue. I turned off my silhouette portrait, moved the motor manually on the track back and forth 2-3 times. Then turn on the machine. If this doesn’t fix the issue, then turn off the machine again and try using a different USB. After I did these both these steps, I was able to do a successful print and cut by aligning the letter size card stock on the mat (use the printed guides on the mat) and placed the mat such that the left part of the mat aligns with the middle vertical line you see (3 lines, use the middle for aligning). Then it did a perfect cut out of the printed image. Hope this helps.

        • Hey, I was having the exact same problem when I first got Connect, but I’ve fixed it. You see, when you change the cut depth setting in the software, it does not change it on the blade. Even though Silhouette Studio does not seem to mind when the software is on a different setting than the blade, Silhouette Connect does, and you will always get a Registration Failed error message whenever you have the cut settings depth different on the Connect software than on your cutter’s blade. For example, if you have Connect set to 3 and the blade set to 2, eeeh nope registration failed. When you have both Connect and the blade set to 3, it will work. Now I’m just having a bug in connect where it wont save the cut speed settings or the double cut setting in any presets, nor will it transfer those settings to the Portrait. everythings workin fine in Studio though.

    • I went through this not too long ago, my problem ended up being color on the vinyl behind the registration mark. Once I mat the object smaller and the registration marks weren’t on any color, only white, it worked like a charm! Hope that helps! 🙂

  122. Thank you so much for your helpful tips they answered a lot of questions! I do believe the blue lever for the rollers is meant to be down though so the rollers touch the mat. I could be wrong, but thats how it seems on mine 🙂

    • Hi, Jenn,

      Thanks, so much for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you find it helpful–that’s my goal!!! You are quite right about the blue lever!!

      I hope you LOVE your Cameo. I find it so useful and my studio wouldn’t be complete without it .

      Please come back, anytime. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to leave me a comment or send me an e-mail–I really love helping out other crafters. Also, I love learning from others, too, so if you have any ideas you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them!!

      Thanks, again, and happy crafting!!


  123. Hi Gloria! I just found your wonderful website and love it. I just purchased a Cameo in October. So far so good. I will use the above comments as a reference if I have any problems with the Cameo itself. however, I have had one problem with software upgrading. Yesterday, I was at the Silhouette store and proceeded to parade to the latest version. After completion, my Silhouette software refused to open. I clicked, and clicked and even used right click and chose open. NOTHING. I had to delete the software and reinstall using my original disk. I then proceeded to download the Design Edition Software (which was why I was there to begin with.). I haven’t tried working with it yet. I hope it all works,

    Sooooo…. Have you upgrades to the latest version and did you have problems?

    Thanks so much for your help. It is always nice to know a guru, especially when you are so new at it.


    • Hi, Terri,

      Congratulations on becoming a Cameo-owner! I know you will love it as much as I love mine.

      I upgrade to the latest version every time one is available. I haven’t had any problems, so far. But, you did the right thing by installing it, again. Sometimes, you just get a flaky installation–but that’s not uncommon.

      Come on back, if you have any problems. I think I’ve answered just about every possible question relating to the Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Studio. But, if you can’t find answers to your questions on my site, feel free e-mail me directly. Happy crafting!!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

    • Have you used your studio program yet, I am trying to decide if I want to buy it or not. I like so cut outs on websites that says I need that in order to get them . Was just wondering if you liked it or not.
      Kathy Bernard

  124. when I try to import a dxf file on my mac as the same size it becomes a very smal object, I don’t know why or how. And I already check the import settings, does anybody how to solve this?

    BTW. I export from ilustrator the dxf file could that be the problem?

    and thanks for helping me out 🙂

    • Hi, Eric,

      I only work on the PC platform, so I can’t help you with this one. Hopefully, though, some of my readers will have a quick solution for you.

      Good luck!!

    • The no percentage resize guessing method for importing dxf into Silhouette software

      While you are in a drafting or image software program such as Illustrator, Inkscape or Corel Draw
      put a rectangle of a known size enclosing the image you wish to import into Silhouette

      Then when you import the dxf into silhoutte do this
      1. select all
      2. group all
      3. open the resize window and check the box for lock aspect ratio
      4. enter the size of the rectangle you created in the width and height fields and click apply
      5. You can now ungroup the image, delete that rectangle and you will now have a perfectly sized image true to the original

  125. When trying to use zip cutting files downloaded from the net ,when i click on the files to unzip , studio opens and i get a message : the type of file you are trying to open is not supported .Bearing in mind that i am a computer novice , please can anyone help ?

    • Hi, Christine,

      Let’s see if we can remedy this problem! When you download zipped files (files with the a .zip extension) you need to extract the files before you can use them. So here’s what to do:
      –download the .zip files
      –right click on the file and Windows will open a program that lets you zip and unzip files
      –select “Extract to” and choose the folder you would like the unzipped files to be stored in

      Now, your files will be ready for you to use in your next creation!!

      I hope this helps. Good luck!!


      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

  126. Though I’ve had my Cameo for awhile now, I don’t use it often & am a novice at it. We moved so it’s been packed up but the issue I’m having with it now, that I didn’t have before was that I can’t seem to type any text on the screen for it to cut. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong because it used to do it before the move.
    Hope you can help!

    • Hi, Kimberly,

      Well, that’s very strange. If you are clicking on the text icon (the capital A on the left side of the screen), you should see text when you type. My recommendation would be go to the Silhouette America website and download and install the latest version of the Silhouette Studio software. Give that a try and let me know how it works out. Good luck!!

  127. Hi! Ah what a lovely site – so many tips to help us novices! Not quite sure if you can help me but you seem to be the fairy godmother of Silhouette Cameo so maybe you can help me too! I have used the eraser lots of times before to erase items within shapes (remove text, remove certain shapes etc etc) but now when I use the eraser it makes a new pattern instead (it outlines everything I have erased)!!!! What am I doing wrong?!?
    b rgds Lynn

  128. I have been reading everyone comments and questions about the Cameo Machine, I will have to say I am not very happy with mine, the mat slides, it doesn’t cut all the way thru, and it just frustrates me. But after reading everyone’s comments I am going to try it again. I got this last Christmas and it makes me so mad that I stop using it.
    I do have on question, Is everyone’s machine really loud when you are using it. Mine sounds like a tanker it always has. Not sure if this is normal or not?
    I am glad that I have found this site.

    • Hi, Kathy,

      Stick with it, we’re all frustrated with the Cameo for the first while, but it does become easy and fun to use. As for the loudness of the Cameo, that’s normal, so nothing to worry about!! 🙂

      • I was surprised with the noise level too at first. Also, some of the sounds it makes reminds me of old fashioned carousel at the state fair….I hope they are working on a quieter machine design. It’s tolerable though and the end result is worth it.

  129. Leslie,

    Thank you so much for your site. I am a brand new cameo user and have had my deal of frustration. One thing I found that has really helped me is to use good quality cardstock. The cheaper-lighter weight stuff just doesn’t cut well for me. I changed my paper and everything is working great!

    • Hi, Leslie,

      Thanks, so much, for taking time to leave me such a nice message!! Congratulations on your Cameo–I know you will love it!!

      Come on back anytime if you have questions or if you have advice to share.

      Have fun creating!!


      I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you! Gloria

  130. Hi!
    This site is amazing! So helpful and I totally wish I found it sooner! Quick question, whenever I turn my machine off and then restart it my blade never cuts correctly after I turn it back on. Even though all the setting are still correct on the blade and the machine. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

    • Hi, Jenny,
      Thanks for your lovely message. I’m glad that you find my site useful!
      Let’s see if we can sort out your problem. Your Cameo and the Silhouette Studio app should be in sync. So, turn off your Cameo and then close Silhouette Studio app. When you go to use it again, turn on your Cameo first and then open the Silhouette Studio app. That should do it!! Let me know how it works out for you.
      ***Dear Reader: I love receiving postcards from my readers! If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Here is my address: 13 Tripp Crescent, Ottawa, ON, K2J 1C5 Thank you!***

  131. Hi, I was having great success cutting repositional vinyl for my baby’s nursery wall decal. I am really frustrated after wasting almost 30′ of vinyl. The vinyl just moves back and forth (lever is up as it should be) and seems to get off track. Help!

    • Hi, Lina,

      Poor you…30′ of vinyl!!! Are you using a cutting mat or vinyl straight to the Cameo? Are you selecting “Load Media” or “Load Cutting Mat”

      Let’s establish that, first, and then see if we can’t get you going.

      I’m at my computer!!

      • Mine is doing the same! It just slips around. What are you supposed to hit? Load Media or Load cutting mat? I watched the tutorial and they said you could load vinyl without using the mat. Is that right?

        • Also, my blade isn’t even cutting anything but a few dashes. I’m so confused.. I just got it and it isn’t seeming to work..

          • Hi, Sarah,

            Let’s see if we can figure this out…

            First, select the settings recommended in the software for the type of material you are using. For example, if you are cutting cardstock, you would want to set your blade at about five. If it is set too low, the blade won’t be far enough out of the housing to cut your cardstock.

            Once you are sure you have the correct settings, if it still isn’t cutting, then you might have a defective blade. If the blade tip is chipped, you will either get no cuts or really messy cuts.

            If you suspect you do have a defective blade, call Silhouette America and ask for a new one.

            I hope this helps, Sarah. Good luck!!


          • Hi, Sarah,

            Are you sure the edges of your mat or vinyl are directly under the rollers on each side? That should keep everything running straight.
            As your blade is not cutting anything, I suspect it is broken. If you have another blade, it would be a good idea to try it. If not, I would recommend buying a new blade.

            I hope it works out quickly for you so you can get back to your project!!

            Good luck,


  132. My silhouette suddenly is not cutting when I use registration marks. It cut two sheets perfect then everyone is off. It’s not even cutting with in the registration mark lines. It’s like its dropping the design an inch below where it is printed. I tried to do a new setup and reprint and have it detect. It is detecting the registration marks just like normal but when it cuts every single time I’ve tried it is still way off. I have no idea what else could be wrong and I have a party for my niece tomorrow. I’m trying to make some really cute cupcake wrappers but I’m about ready to just ditch the design.
    Any ideas on what could be going on?

  133. My cameo is randomly cutting a line right across my design. I checked all the cut marks and it shows everything exactly how I want it to be. And it isn’t cutting all of the the design I have on the software.

    • Hi, Shelby,
      Sorry it took me so long to answer, it’s been really busy around my house, this past week. If you haven’t already solved the problem of the random cuts through your design, here are my thoughts:
      – are you having random cuts through just one design, or through other designs, as well?
      – have you done the basic trouble-shooting steps, which are 1) turn off your Cameo and shut down your computer. 2) turn your computer back on and then turn on your Cameo. These actions will clear the memory and you should be back in business.
      – check the Silhouette America website to be sure you have the latest version of Silhouette Studio, which may contain some bug fixes.
      I hope your problem is an easy one to solve. I’d love to hear how it works out!!
      Good luck, and thanks for writing to me.

  134. Why does my Silhouette not cut exactly on the lines? It often leaves white on the edges. I’ve gone to a new blade and a new mat. It’s improved but still not perfect. I’ve also used a lower cutting speed.

    • Hi, Candy,

      I’m not sure exactly what’s happening…wish I could see it. It sounds like a mechanical problem, especially if it is happening on every (or most) images.

      You could try using the trace feature and setting the offset to zero. Here’s how you do it:

      “Select” your image using the select arrow in the top left corner.
      Next, click on the trace icon, which is the seventh icon from right at the top.
      Now, slide the offset to zero.

      This is just a workaround–you should be able to cut precisely without having to do this. I would recommend you call the Silhouette America Support number. Hopefully, they will be able to help you out.

      Let me know how it works out!!

      Good luck,


      • I have been on the phone with Silhouette for two days! Not cutting on the lines was getting worse and worse! They are giving me a new machine!! Yippee!

        <<"( );:::::::::::::::::::::::::;~~ Hi, Candy, Yipee is right!!! Good for you for following through!! I hope your new Cameo arrives soon and that you have many years of crafting fun with it!!! Thanks for the update. Cheers!! Gloria

  135. I have been reading here over the last few days of all the frustrations and problems, as well as the more positive comments. I was sooooooooo happy to find this site and to find out that I’m not the only one ready to pull out my hair and pitch the machine off a bridge. Thanks so much for being here and all the help. It’s wonderful!!!!
    While I’m still having problems getting a good cut for my projects I thought I’d just send some easy and simple stuff through to use as card backs for toppers. I made a discovery. The first stuff through was printing crooked, but not so badly that I can’t trim and fix due to the design. I finally found out why some of the crafters are having problems with start and end points not meeting. The machine seems to want it to be very straight, both on the mat and when feeding it into the machine. I had to be very careful that the paper edges were well aligned to the outside edges of the mat and went on to check that it was loaded carefully as well, checking that the top part was perfectly even along the area after the rollers pick it up and settle for the start. The last sheets I’ve been printing have come out straight and start and end points are meeting for a nice continuous cut.
    Thanks so much. I will be visiting this site regularly for any more insights I can glean.
    Again, my appreciation and gratitude for all the help you and all the people posting here have given.
    Great job,

    • Hi, Rosie,

      Thanks for the great tips!!! I’m sure they will help lots of other Cameo-owners!

      I receive hundreds and hundreds of questions every year, and it’s quite a job keeping up with the response, but I do my best to help everyone. I really appreciate your taking time to share your Cameo adventures, tips and advice. I hope you will come back soon!!

      Happy crafting,


  136. My computer recently went crazy and refused to let me log in. I sent it to the repair shop and he said it was full of virus’s. Anyway, he said he saved all of my documents and files, cleaned it, loaded Windows 7 (used to have Vista) and put all of my files back on my computer. I have found all of my documents, but not any of my Silhouette library. I have reloaded Silhouette Studio back on my computer and can even work on files that I had stored on my external drive. I can’t, however find where any of my library cuts are. Can you please help me. I had ALOT of cuts in that library that I had made and were not bought. Thanks


    • Hi, Sacha,

      Poor you! Those darn viruses can really make a mess of your computer. The good news is that your cut files can all be downloaded again through Silhouette Studio. Here’s what to do:
      1. Open Silhouette Studio
      2. Click on the Silhouette Studio icon on the left of your screen–the one you use when you want to browse or buy new cutting files.
      3. Now, look at the very top of your screen and you will see “My Account” — click on it
      4. Click on “Recover all downloaded designs”

      That should do it! If not, I would recommend that you call the Silhouette America support number.

      I hope it works for you!!!


    • For designs that were designed & not bought. The file you are looking for is in a folder that is “hidden” by windows called ProgramData. From you backup files, copy the folder com.asperxsoftware. Silhouette_Studio.8 to the corresponding folder on the restored computer. If you aren’t “computer savvy” you might need help finding the hidden folders, but maybe the guy who backed up your files can help. BTW – these are the names for Windows 7, they might be in a slightly different location for other versions of Windows.

      • Hi, Sacha,

        I’m glad you were able to restore you Silhouette images. As for the ones you created yourself, the company that serviced your computer should have backed up all of your personal files before cleaning to your hard drive. You could contact them to ask if they still have your backed up files. Be forewarned, however, that some service companies take the easy route and just reformat your drive and then restore it to factory defaults–and that would mean that your personal files are gone forever.

        Please let me know what happens. Good luck!!

        P.S. the advice offered by Denise (above) would work, only if the service company has backed up your personal files.

  137. Yeh, I’m just wondering if you’ve ever experienced it when your in the middle of a silhouette project and all of a sudden a window will pop up and say an error has occurred. Then as always happens with me, I haven’t saved my project and silhouette automatically closes down. If you know why this happens I would love to know. Thank you for your blog… Lisa

    • Hi, Lisa,
      It sounds like you have a bug in your software or a bad installation. Try re-installing Silhouette Studio from the Silhouette America site. Sometimes that’s all it takes. This will also ensure that you have the latest version, with any bug fixes and enhancements.
      Good luck!!!

  138. You saved my life! Well, not literally but you sure saved me a lot of hassle! The way I have my setup, I could not see the blue lever and after wasting 3 sheets of 12 x 12 paper (even if it was Walmart’s 12 x 12 brand), I was afraid that my 1-week old Cameo had bitten the dust. Not! Once you mentioned the blue lever position for keeping the paper from slipping around during printing, I was golden! However, the odd thing is that mine seems to work the opposite of what you described. The mat stops sliding around when I have the lever UP and does slide around when it is DOWN. What’s up with that? As long as it works, I’m happy. I’m just wondering why mine seems to work the opposite way. I’m so happy at being able to solve my problem, I’d like to repay the kindness. Do you have a facebook page where I can like you? If you’d like permission to use any part of this post as a recommendation, you’ve got my permission to. Let me know if there’s something else I can do to help you as you’ve helped me!

    • Hi, Fontaine,
      I’m really glad your problem has been solved. As for the blue lever being up or down, I should have said it won’t slip around when the lever is UP instead of the other way around. Sometimes I think and type a different speeds. LOL!!

      I hope you will come back again, soon. I try to post as often as I can. If you have any ideas you’d like me to write about, let me know!!

      Cheers and happy crafting,

  139. I hate this silhouette cameo that I paid a tremendous amount of money for…that being said, once again I am trying to perform a simple task-
    I have my paper loaded on my mat. I go the the library and hilight an image and that is all that happens. The image does not automatically go back to my page for cutting. it does nothing but sit there hilighted. Am I doing something wrong? Have a said this before? I hate this machine that I wasted so much money on!

    • Hi, Hope,

      You didn’t waste your money!! Your Cameo will do amazing die cuts…it just takes a little getting used to!

      When you go to your library, you must double-click on the image and it will appear on your on-screen cutting mat. Then you can go ahead and cut it out.

      Good luck!! Let me know if you have any other questions.


      • It took me over two weeks to somewhat conquer my Silhouette. Go to UTube and start with unloading your machine…lol I did and now I do love it.

  140. When I click on the online store button in the silhouette software the page is blank. Any help on restoring this page would be appreciated.

    Thanks Cherelyn

  141. I am so frustrated. I have made a subway tile graphic for my niece. I have retrieved it from my library, but the outside measurements are so wrong and I do not know how to resize the to conform to the size of the picture which is about 12×12. When I mouse on the outside corner arrows and drag it to the center to make it smaller. My picture becomes so small, I can’t see it. I have deleted it and started over several times, looked in the manual, and online. I came across you. Thanks for any help you can offer. Carol

    • Hi, Carol,

      I would love to help you, but I don’t understand the problem. If you haven’t already found a solution, would you please rephrase the question and send it to me, again?


  142. I was trying to copy and paste a clip art image from google, but once I copy from the search site then try to paste the image to my silhouette page, the paste isn’t showing to where I can click on it, can you tell me if its capable of doing this or am I doing something wrong….thanks

    • I find I have to import the picture first into Photoshop elements and resave it as a png file.

      If you are trying to make your own cutting file from the picture, click on trace. Trace the area, click off the high threshold and take it from there….you may not have to use the low threshold either. You can usually fill in the picture with the third (forget what it is called) slider. Then click on trace outline. I always double check cut lines as well.

  143. Hi,
    I was wondering if you can use the cricut mat, I need a 12×24 mat today, and dont have one for my cameo, do have one for my cricut, can I use that? Hated to without asking. Also, can you cut that sticky backed like craft foam, someone ask me to cut a few pieces for a wedding, I am a little leary, thanks for sharing all these great post. I have learned quite a bit today, havent had time to read them all, but I will.

    Thanks again. hope you can answer my question

  144. Oh please I hope you can help me. All the sudden my cameo blade doesnt seem to lift. Where ever it goes, it cuts, even on the lowest setting. If the blade is set to more then 5 the mat even jams, or it just cuts right through the mat when loading. Its not set on loading media, its set on loading the mat, I restarted everything multiple times. I have tried two different blades and nothing has helped. Please help! I need this for stuff for my sons birthday party crafts in two days!

  145. I’m having difficulty combining & cutting text and an image: lettering on a .jpg. I want to then cut out both the lettering, which is in the middle of the image, and the outline of the image. I have been able to get it to cut just the lettering or just the image outline, but not both at the same time. Any idea what the proper procedure is?

  146. Hello, I’m not sure if anyone has a solution to my problem other than having to replace my mat but I just purchased my cameo and used it for ONE day and my mat has torn through completely in two places!! I called silhouette and they said they will replace it for me but i don’t doubt that this will happen again. Is there a thicker mat to use? I have the Cameo 12″ mat. I’ve been cutting thick cardstock on two separate settings, both 3 and 7. It cuts okay, granted it will sometimes need a double cut but my whole issue is with it cutting through my mat!! Please help!

  147. Thank you so much for all of you helpful tips! I have bookmarked this page and reference it all the time! I also recommend it to my fb sil groupies!! Thanks again for helping me out! 🙂

    • Hi, Candace,
      What a nice message! I am really glad that you find my posts helpful. That is my goal, to help Silhouette users get through the tough spots.
      I try to answer every question as quickly as possible, but with work, household chores and all the other stuff that gets in the way of crafting, it sometimes takes me a bit longer than I would like. When autumn comes and the outdoor chores are over, I have lots more time to spend blogging, and answer questions from all you wonderful Cameo-users. Hope you are enjoying the summer. Thanks, again, for visiting Globug Ideas!!! Gloria xo

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  149. Hello,
    I hope you can help me. I received my Cameo yesterday and got it all set up. I have been trying to upload a picture from a file on my desktop but nothing works. I’ve watched all the youtube videos and done exactly as they have done but still nothing. I only get a tab at the bottom of my Cameo screen that says the name of the uploaded file but the page screen is blank.
    What am I doing wrong?

    thank you

    • Hi, Natalie,

      Sorry for the slow response….I hope it’s not too late to help you.
      First off, when you say “picture” do you mean a digital image or a photo? (Not that it really matters LOL!). Here are the steps to bring in an image–let’s say a .jpeg (also known as a .jpg). Start by selecting “Import to My Library” from your drop-down FILE menu. Next, select the image file that you wish to import. Be sure to select **All File Types at the bottom of the screen. Then, press OK. The image will now be in your Library for you to open on your work page. That’s it!! Let me know if have problems. Good luck!! Gloria 🙂

  150. I just purchased my Cameo Silhouette. My problem is that I cannot get the software to completely upload. It installs the fonts but when it get to initializing the Library it just stops. Any suggestions. I have uninstalled, reinstalled countless times.

    • hi, I also had the same problem, it was all to do with the lap top, I have a Toshiba and found out that I had to uninstall the intel graphics and them update windows, it was a long weekend and loads of phone calls

  151. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He used to be totally right. This publish truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

  152. Hello. I am new with Silhouette Cameo, I am printing and cutting put I have a problem, the first images cut very nice, but the last ones doesnt have an exact cutting, I centered the mat, but I am still having the problem, any idea of what is happening? I really apreciate your support, thank you.

    • Hi, Wendy,
      Sorry for the slow response…it’s been a very busy around here, with work house chores, shopping and keeping up with the grass-cutting a weeding.
      When you put your cutting mat into your Cameo, make sure the left side of the mat is lined up with the short line on the left side of the grid that runs along the front of the Cameo. Try that, and let me know if you still have problems. Good luck!! Gloria 🙂

  153. I have a Cameo. It was working fine last week when I last used it. Last night I went to start on a big project, turned on my Cameo, plugged the USB into my laptop; then it started. My Cameo carriage went all the way to the left and started clicking. Any suggestions?

    • I recognise this problem, my cameo was serviced under warranty because it had a problem. Since it is back it does the same as you describe. When I switch it on it makes a very loud clicking noice for several seconds and then starts as normal. I have no idea how it started doing this and even less idea how to fix it. Very keen to hear suggestions!

  154. Help!
    I have two problems that are driving me crackers. I use my cameo mainly for producing vinyl stickers, but I don’t think that is an issue. When ever I go to cut anything, the very first time only some of the cuts are made. To prevent wasting vinyl I always do a dummy run with a piece of paper first, as every cut sent after the first works fine. I have all the settings correctly and have slowed down the cut speed to give it a chance but it’s always the same. It only happens when the cameo has been off for any period and it’s always only the first cut. What am I doing wrong? I have a work around, but it does drive me mad!
    The second issue is when I use the trace option. I may have an image for example a photo of the dog, that I want to trace to create a sticker. When you trace with the basic settings all is fine, the software copes, although trace lines are not great. If you up any of the settings i.e threashold amount, it traces fine, but when I try to remove any of the unwanted trace, the software hangs. I have tried leaving it to give it a chance to catch up, but to no avail. I have the latest cameo software and my laptop is only 6 months old with a big chunk of processing power. Again, any ideas? Many thanks.
    P.S. apart from these ‘issues’ I do love my cameo really!

    • I am having the same problem! It never completely cuts the first design after turning it on. Then it’s fine, until I shut it off and then turn it on again…first design doesn’t completely cut! It used to cut just fine. I will start using a dummy sheet now.

      • I have the same problem when cutting vinyl. Especially since changing to a new blade. Have tried blowing out the blade area and cutter area. Also adjusted preferences but still a lot of wasted vinyl with first cuts. Have reduced speed and thickness also.

  155. I am having a problem with ungrouping and grouping on my silhouette cameo. Every time I try to use the group and ungroup it does not show to be available I highlight my image then I right click to select ungroup and it does not show to be avalible. So I try to select it at the bottom of the left corner of page and it does not show to be available. I have read the manual and watched hundreds of video tutorials to see what I might be doing wrong. Then I go to try doing step by step what I see them do and it’s the same result. I am very disappointed thus far with my machine. I thought I was going to be able to do so much more but instead. I can’t even get it to do this simple little step. Totally frustrated!!! I came across your website today and thought maybe you could help.Can you Please HELP?!!! Thank You!

    • Don’t despair, yet. I’m sure we can solve your problem!

      When you want to group or ungroup objects, you need to first select all the objects. You can do this by holding down the shift key and clicking on each of the objects you want to group or ungroup. Then right click on your mouse and the drop down menu will show your group or ungroup option. That’s all there is to it. Please let me know how it works out.

      Good luck!

      • I have found that sometimes when I can’t ungroup or group I need to release or make compound path (this is found under the object tab)

  156. Hi,
    I have a problem with my cameo to, the software….
    When i try to use the select tool, it switches, on it´s own, to the edit points tool, I am so frustrated and don´t know what to do. does any body have an idea of what to do, to solve the problem? i tried running the repair option from silhouetts own websit, and it worked for about 2 minutes… and then it was the same again…

    • Hi, Ria-Kirstine,

      It appears you have a flaky software installation. First, check for software updates and be sure you have the latest version of Silhouette Studio. If you already have the latest version, then trying shutting down Silhouette Studio and turning off your computer. Then turn it back on and open Studio. This often is all that’s need to clear the memory. If not, your next step would be to re-install the software. That should fix your problem. And, if that doesn’t do it then call the Silhouette support team.

      Good luck!!!!

  157. Hi There
    I have a problem with the Silhouette Portrait,whatever I do when i want to print &cut something the Silhouette doesn’t follow the cutlines so i dont get a decent cut.
    It cuts the right shape but then an inch from where the cutline on the screen is….sigh.
    I hope someone can help me with this!
    Greetings From the Netherlands

    • Hi, Nessa,

      I don’t have a Silhouette Portrait–I own a Silhouette Cameo. However, the problem you’re having is common to both the Portrait and the Cameo. Here are some trouble-shooting suggestions:

      –are you using the registration marks? This is extremely important if you want to your images to be cut out perfectly.
      –are you lining up the edge of the cutting mat with the ridges on the front of the machine?

      I hope this helps. If not, come on back and we’ll go on to another trouble-shooting step.

      Good luck!!

  158. does anyone know if the usb port can be replaced in my cameo. It’s definitely defective? Would a standard computer repair person know how to do that? Any idea how much it would cost? Thanks for your help?

    • Hi, Nancy,

      If you are certain it is the port that is defective and not the cable, then you will have to send it back to Silhouette America to have the port replaced. While the visible end of the port looks like every other USB port, the back end (the part that plugs into the motherboard) is proprietary and only Silhouette America would have the part.

      I hope it just the cable!!!

      Good luck, and let me know how it works out.

  159. I have installed the camero sihouette software on to my computer but I am not getting the hardware device found on my computer so when I go to my printers to print out something the cameo printer is not there as a choice has anyone had this problem?

      • Hi, Marion,

        Michelle is right. Make sure you select “show registration marks” and then print your image on your printer. Then, take your printed image and feed it into your Silhouette…make sure you select “detect registration marks automatically.” The Cameo will zip back and forth and will “read” the registration marks and then will cut your image out, perfectly!!! Good luck!!

  160. Well, what can i say… My problem started right from the beginning… I rec it on a friday (yesterday 5/24/12) and unboxed it today (5/25/13) and tried to install the software… I get the same pop up window…error… so i click through it and finally after several oks, i opens up the studio, but then as fast as it opens windows says it stopped working and shuts it down… I have tried repairing it with disk, uninstalling reinstalling, installing from Silhouette america, and all the same thing… at this point, I am at a total loss… My laptop is new, so I know it is not that… Its the weekend and no help from the site… Now, I am def not looking forward to having to deal with this… has anyone had this problem, any solutions? and suggestions… and it was purchased for me through amazon .com

      • Hi, Yvonne,

        It’s good that you have tried installing the latest version of Silhouette Studio from the Silhouette America website. Can you tell me exactly what the error message is? Then, we’ll try to get you goin!!



    • I am having this exact same problem. I installed Silhouette Studio and when I went to open it for the first time I got at least 10 different runtime errors. I tried rebooting, same thing. Tried to “repair” from the install file, same thing. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, same thing. If click through all of the runtime errors, then it opens the program up, and then shuts it right back down, with a windows message saying that it has stopped working. Do you want a to see what the runtime errors are? Any idea? I was so excited to be able to use it this weekend, and tech support isn’t open until monday 🙁

      • Hi, Ashley,

        Oh, poor you! I can feel your frustration!! Let’s try to get you up-and-running, quickly.

        A run-time error is telling you that there is missing or corrupt library code in your program.

        The first thing you should do is to go to Silhouette America and download the latest version of Silhouette Studio 2.7.18, which was just released on March 25. It is very possible that your Cameo sat in a warehouse for several months before it was shipped to you and it could contain the older software.

        You don’t have to uninstall the Silhouette Studio that’s currently on your computer.

        Give this a try and please let me know if you are successful.

        Good luck!!!


        • Yes ma’am, I tried that already. When I re-installed, I did it off of the downloaded version to make sure that I had the latest version.

          • Hi, Ashley,

            Yikes! Are you getting the run-time error only with Silhouette? If not, then it’s a system level error–likely defective memory.

            If it’s only happening with Silhouette Studio, then your only option is to contact Silhouette America on Monday and get them to troubleshoot with you.

            Of all of the hundreds and hundreds of issues I’ve helped Cameo-owners solve, I have never heard of anyone else having the run-time error. I sure wish I could be of some help, but it’s just not a Cameo or Silhouette Studio problem, that I can see.

            Good luck, Ashley. Would you please come back and let me know how it works out?


          • Ok, so I got it to work. Basically what I had to do was download the studio1.dll file and copy and paste it to the correct path. For whatever reason, when I installed it (with both copies, which I found very strange, but hey, it’s working now!), it corrupted that file, which messed the whole thing up. It’s working now, YAY! Thanks for all of your help!

          • Ashley, how did you do that and where did you get the studio1.dll file? I’m having the same problem but am totally not savvy enough to know how to fix it.


      • The old 1.6 allows you to save as svgs. If you still have keep it in case you get MTC later to not have to trace files. Can’t run both open at same time but just a tip found on a forum.

    • I just received mine yesterday and I am having the same exact problem. What a bummer when you get a new toy and you can’t play witih it. I sent an email to support last night and received a reply this morning. However, I am still having the same issue just like you. I have installed, uninstalled, installed from the site, uninstalled and installed again. I’ve checked drivers, updated drives and still a no go. This is so frusterating.

  161. Today I moved my cameo from my office to another room and now it no longer powers ON ! 🙁
    I essentially moved it 20 feet away and plugged it in another outlet.
    And yes, I know that this outlet is working. I plugged it back into the outlet I was using previously and it still does not turn ON. Has anyone experienced this?? I`m at a lost of what to do now.

    • Hi, GC,
      I have had a lot of readers writing to me about power cord problems with their Cameos. Silhouette America will send you a new cord…which is better than nothing. I don’t know what’s going on with their cords–maybe a defective batch. When the Cameo first came out in 2011, the blades were defective, but that problem has been rectified. Let me know how it works out. Good luck!

    • I am having the same problem! I have contacted Silhouette and hopefully they will send me a new cord and that will work!

  162. Hi, my cuts are cutting fully on the left but not cutting all the way through the card on the right side of the design. any idea why this is happening ???

    • Hi, Hannah,
      I have never had this problem, and I’m not sure what’s causing it.
      I am hoping that some of my readers will have a solution for us!
      In the meantime, I will keep searching for a solution.

      • I am having this exact same problem. I just cleaned my blade and bought a new one just in case. Let me know if you found a solution to this. Its so frustrating!

        • I had that problem at first–turned out I didn’t have the blade pushed down far enough into the housing. Weird.

  163. Hi there! I have learned so much from your site. Thank you! I finally broke down and bought the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. I’m trying to cut a free SVG that I downloaded and my machine won’t cut it. When I click “cut page” the machine says “working” for about 1 second then it says “Cut was successful.” Any ideas?

    • Hi, Laura,

      Sorry it took me so long to respond. I typically respond the same or next day, but we’ve been super busy around our house these days.

      If you haven’t solved your problem, check cord from your Silhouette to your computer to be sure it is plugged in all the way. If that isn’t the problem, then reboot your computer…in fact, rebooting should always be your first trouble-shooting step–it is often all you need to do to solve a problem.

      I hope you’re up and running!!


  164. My Silhouette Cameo does not read the registration marks. I’ve tried several times on two different projects and no luck. Is there an easy fix?

    Thank you to anyone able to help .


    • Hi, Cindy,

      I have not heard of this problem, before. I will assume that you are using the “Detect registration marks automatically” feature…right? If so, and your Cameo is not reading them, you might want to try the basic trouble-shooting steps before contact Silhouette America support:
      –close Silhouette Studio and turn off your computer–this allows the memory to clear so you can start fresh.
      –now, turn your computer on and open Silhouette Studio
      –and, finally, use the “Detect registration marks automatically” feature, again.
      If this doesn’t fix your problem, then you should call Silhouette America for help.

      I hope you get this worked out, quickly, so you can get back to crafting!! Please let me know how it goes, so I can share this info with other Cameo-owners.


      • I’ll shut everything down. I may need to download Studio Designer again. I also sent a message to Silhouette and hope to hear from them the first of the week.

        Appreciate your help and suggestions.

        • I have this same problem all the time. It sometimes will read my registration marks and other times, it just plain doesn’t feel like it. Even when I have put in another sheet. And I get most of my things printed from outside the home so the printing is darker and more efficient. What did they say when you contacted them?

  165. Problems with Silhouette Designer Studio!

    When I try to import 1 paper to my library it doesn’t show up. You can read the name of the file, but the image doesn’t show up. It was working earlier tonight, but I have had this happen to me before. From day to day, it changes.

    I am also adding .png files (elements) to my folders and they don’t show up. You can read the name of the file but no image.

    This seems to be an ongoing problem.

    What am I doing wrong??

    Thanks for your help.

  166. Help!!!!

    Last week I purchased the designer edition and after downloading the silhouette studio to my laptop I can’t upgrate it.
    I keep getting the same error:

    I contacted silhouette support department and they help me a lot, we try to set library permission under advanced, I try running the program as an administrator but, after trying a couple of time apparently something on my computer is causing this problem.

    At the end they could it help me and told me to take my laptop to a tec
    My lap top have windows 7 can somebody help me? I will really appreciate any suggestions.

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  168. I’ve been using, designing and teaching with these machines since 2005, had three Craft Robots and never had any major problems. I got my Cameo last year and sometimes it can be really temperamental.
    I love the Studio software and use the designer edition but lately there have been more glitches than good things! After one update it stopped recognizing the files so they fixed that – ; now after upgrading to the latest edition every so often it just refuses to open the program so have to reinstall and repair and then it works fine .. for a bit! Doesn’t do this with every update so probably when they put one thing right another goes wrong!
    Mats: I have Cricut and Eclipse mats and I’ve had to cut them to size – if I use them for ordinary cuts where positioning is not important then no problem, if I use them for print and cut even though the machine recognises the registration marks it cuts 5mm out !! Same file, with a Silhouette or third party Silouette compatible mat it recognises the marks and .. cuts perfectly! Go figure. The whole idea of having registration marks is to tell the machine where to cut so if it’s recognised the marks why should it cut as it pleases is beyond me. On my machine at least you definitely have to respect how you feed the mat into the machine – the wider margin ( where the arrow is or opposite side) has to go into the machine first otherwise it won’t cut straight, how it knows I don’t know. Some weird and wonderful reasoning. As an ‘expert’ user I know all/most of the tricks and have no problems making the machine work but realise that for a newbie these things can be extremely frustrating! The latest thing today -as I design my own files I usually have no problems, but for a simple design such as two initials inside a circle it’s suddenly cutting all over the place and even the initials aren’t cutting well. Will have to speak sharply to it again I suppose – I hope it’s not getting ‘ beyond itself’ as up to now it’s worked well 95% of the time and wouldn’t ( couldn’t) be without it for my business.

  169. I am so glad I found this site! So many useful tips! However, I have not found my problem on your site.
    I got my Cameo just after Christmas and it has been working great!
    All of a sudden (before the upgrade and after) I go to my library and double click on an image to put in a 3×4 and it fills with a pattern not the picture. When I try again, I get another pattern fill.
    I am at a loss.

  170. Any solutions to the print & cut option? Printing isnt the problem, its the cut portion, the first few cuts are great then next thing I know, my circles have become ovals and
    completely cut through my images. I also make sure my paper is firmly on the mat
    before I start the cutting. I’m getting so frustrated, thank goodness I’m doing practice runs before I use my the actual card stock I bought for the project! Any advice will
    be greatly appreciated.
    Diep Silas

    • Hi, Diep,

      I haven’t heard of anyone else having this exact problem, so I’m not sure what to tell you. I would recommend you call Silhouette America support to see if they have had any other complaints of this nature. Please let me know how it works out so we can pass it on to other Cameo owners.
      Good luck!

  171. Hello,

    I have been having problems with my Cameo, saying it would not connect, I tried everything from, changing the USB, Checking the power supply, uninstalling, reinstalling software, trying to set it up from another computer.

    It turns out that If you have Windows 7 the driver which is required is not on the all the discs. This problem is very common if you have a UK machine.

    All you need to resolve this problem is to go onto this website

    and download the “driver”.

    The only reason I am leaving this information, is it too me 4 days to make sense out of it. I hope this helps someone : )

    Happy Cutting!!!

  172. I used my Cameo today with no problems. Turned it off. Later I turned it back on and the blade cartridge moved to the left and instead of stopping it just kept hitting the left side(making an awful sound!). I unplugged it -waited, tried again – same thing. I checked to see if anything was stuck, and didn’t see anything. Help, please! Thanking you in advance!

    • Hi, Trish,

      This sure sounds like a mechanical problem. My advice is to call the Silhouette America team. They might even send you a new Cameo.
      Would you please let me know how it works out?
      Good luck,

  173. My silhouette has recently stopped loading my cutting mat correctly. It doesn’t pull it all the way in, so when I go to cut part of the image is off of the top of the mat. I have tried using the arrows to bring the mat up a bit further, but then my machine doesn’t cut the last bit at the bottom. Is there a way I can re-calibrate my machine? It was working for a good while, I wonder if a setting got messed up. I have told the machine I am using a cutting mat and what medium I am cutting on, and my rollers are set to the 12 X 12 mat width. If you could give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi, Kim,

      My first thought was to check that you are selecting “Load cutting mat” and not “Load media,” but you’ve already confirmed that you’re doing this. The basic steps in trouble-shooting are to close Silhouette Studio and turn off your computer. This will clear the memory and allow it to reset. You can go ahead and turn your computer right back on and open Silhouette Studio. You should be back on track and ready to have fun, again.

      Let me know how it works out.


      • Thank you so much for this advice never thought to look on the machine for loading mat or media been pulling my hair our for days and have waisted my cutting mats as the blade is coming off the end. Never mind new one on its way Once again thank you this site is great

      • Thank you SO much to both of you for asking and answering this question. I have also been tearing my hair out for over a week, having to use the arrows to position my mat correctly, and making sure the new invisible parameters were met to avoid having my shape cut off at the bottom or side. Turns out my toddler was pushing buttons and changed the setting from “load cutting mat” to “load media” on my machine. Grrr. Easy fix, though. Whew! Thank you again and again! 🙂

        • Thank you so much for this! I have been so frusturated because the image looked perfect in the studio and then while cutting the tops would get cut off! I thought this machine was done until I found the solution here, somehow I was loading “media”! And it solved my other problem of the images being cut the wrong size! I had a 4″ circle (in Silhuette Studio) that was being cut at 4.75″ every time! I was so mad! I shut my computer down, restarted Silhuette Studio and still nothing! So decided to restore my computer and still nothing and all this time I was “Loading Media”! Thank yoy, thank you for the solution!!!

  174. When I have the image on my screen, sometimes I use the eraser to erase items I don’t want or parts of items I don’t want. It use to be that you had to reclick on it every time you let go of the mouse. Well now when I click on the eraser it won’t turn off to let me do anything else. When I click on other functions it still won’t go away.

    • Hi, Kristene,

      It sounds like you have a software glitch. Here are the troubleshooting steps you could try:

      — close Silhouette Studio, then re-open it and try your eraser tool, again. If it’s still giving you a problem, then…
      — close Silhouette Studio and shut down your computer. Then, turn your computer back on and open Silhouette Studio. Try your eraser tool, again. If it’s still giving you a problem, then…
      — check to see if you have the latest version of Silhouette Studio (2.7.6). You can find this out by click on “Help” in the top left corner of the screen, then click on “About Silhouette Studio.” You will see the version right in the middle of the box.

      If none of these troubleshooting steps solve your problem, then call Silhouette America support and explain the issue to them. They should be able to help you out over the phone.

      Let me know how it goes. Good luck!!


      • Look under the word FILE at the left top of the screen. Look to items down and you will see an arrow. That is your SELECT option . When done erasing click the arrow and then it will stop. Hope this helps.

  175. Hello, I’m a newbie with the Silhouette, and I just bought a Silhouette Portrait. My problem is I can’t figure out how to cut patterned paper, or any other thin paper that’s not cardstock without it sticking completely to the mat? I read in one of the above post about the mat being “too sticky” at first, but how long do I have to wait for it to be just the right amount of “stickyness” for my thin papers not to get stuck. I’ve already wasted so many good patterned papers, and I’m ruining both my papers and the mat, with the papers getting stuck on it.
    I know there must be a way to cut patterned paper, or printer paper without it sticking to the mat, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Also how do I get rid of the paper that is stuck on the mat? This is my second mat I’ve bought only to get more paper stuck on there, just a day after buying a new one.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, Carol,

      There are some easy solutions to your sticky mat problem.

      The mats do lose their stickiness after just a few uses. However, if you want to speed up the process, lay a piece of card stock on your cutting mat (even something like an old piece of cardboard from a cereal box will do), press it down and then pull it off. Do this a few times and your mat should be good to go. I must caution, however, that cutting thinner paper is always more difficult. Try setting your blade at 3, speed 3 and thickness 15. This should work fine.

      To clean paper debris off of your cutting mat, you need a small plastic scraper. You can buy a tool kit that includes a scraper, a pick tool, etc. Mine is a Cricut tool kit that I bought at Walmart–Silhouette probably has one, too (they are both the same). You can also buy it at any craft store, like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

      To keep your cutting mat in good shape and when it loses its stickiness, wash it with soap and water, rinse and let dry. It will be as good as new. Also, don’t worry about cuts and scratches on your cutting mat, it’s normal. Mine looks like it has been through a great war, but still works well.

      I hope this helps. Good luck, Carol!!

  176. i just unboxed my cameo today, tried to cut some text. when i click (cut page) it gives me a message (cut was successful) but actually cutting nothing.
    i tried clicking the test cut, it worked.
    i’m frustrated, cant cut anything and i don’t know y

    • Hi, Mustafa,

      You are the second person in the last two days to tell me about this problem. The other person went through every trouble-shooting step and still couldn’t get her Cameo to cut anything other than the test cut. She spoke with someone on the Silhouette support team and they are sending her a new blade. Personally, I don’t see how it can be a defective blade when it does the test cut with no problem. I’m sorry I don’t have a solution to this problem. I would recommend you call Silhouette America support and ask them to work through their trouble-shooting steps with you. I hope they can help you quickly so you can start having fun with your Cameo. Please let me know how it goes.
      Good luck!!

    • Before you cut, click the scissor and dotted line icon on the top right. Make sure your cutting lines are ‘turned on’. I had this problem before and I don’t know how it happened because I never turned the lines off – didn’t even know it was possible to do so. I think it was an issue with that particular file. This tool is actually really helpful when you learn how to use it – I use it with most projects.

  177. I just got my camero this week and when I try to cut a file the blade starts cutting about 1/2″ above where it is supposed to. I put a file at the top of
    my mat and when the cutting started it was almost 1/2″ above the sticky part of the mat. I also tried to put a paper at 2″ (where the file was located on the screen and when it cut again it was way above where it should have been.
    Is there an adjustment I can make so it cuts accurately?
    Thanks, Donna

    • Hi, Donna,

      Congratulations on getting a Cameo! Let`s see if we can solve your problem, together.

      1) be sure you are selecting “Load Cutting Mat,” and not “Load Media.” You will see this setting when you put your mat into the Cameo.
      2) if #1 doesn’t solve the problem, try closing Silhouette Studio and then open it, again (this is a basic trouble-shooting step).
      3) if neither #1 nor #2 does the trick, the next trouble-shooting step is to close Silhouette Studio and shut down your computer. Then, turn your computer back on and open Silhouette Studio–this will clear the memory.

      Give these a try and let me know how it goes.

      Good luck!!

  178. I just got my cameo this week and it works well except for one thing. It cuts about 3/8 inch too high. I put a paper at the top of the mat two times and the cut was made about 3/8 inch above the sticky mat. Then I placed a paper at the two inch mark down and it cut 3/8 inch above the paper. Is there a way to adjust this? Any help you can give me would be appareciated! I know I would probably have trouble with pring and cut also if I were to try it.

  179. I bought my cameo about 1 week ago. I have noticed that when I cut an image out its not cutting the image all the way. When I go and peel off the access paper around the image, its very difficult. I am so stressed I do not know what to do? This machine is suppose to make my life easier, I need help. Someone please help, thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Desiree,

      There may be a simple solution to your problem. When you are setting up to cut, you can choose what type of medium you are cutting (cardstock, vinyl, etc.)…while you are there select the Double Cut feature. That should solve your problem.
      Also, it is always best to do th Test Cut…it only takes a minute and can save you a lot of frustration and prevent you from wasting good paper. The Test Cut makes a tiny cut in the extreme upper left corner. If it looks good, then proceed to cut your image. If not, adjust your blade or select The Double Cut feature.

      Let me know how it turns out. Good luck!


      • Hey sorry I took so long to reply. I already tired the different types of cardstock weight. I tried the double cut feature, I tried it all and I tried to test cut. When I do the test cut it cuts perfect, when I try to real think it does not cut the image properly or all the way through. I am so frustrated, I call tech support and I explained my frustration, my need blade its on its way. If this occurs again with the new blade do I get a new blade or do I have them look at it. Thanks, Desiree

        • Hi, Desiree,

          Poor you!

          Have you tried cutting different images to see if it’s just that one image that may be flawed? You could try something very simple like a square or a circle.

          If your Cameo is doing the test cuts perfectly, then there’s probably nothing wrong with your blade, so I’m not sure why Silhouette support didn’t dig a little deeper with you to see if there is something more than just a simple blade problem.

          If you are still having the same problem with your new blade, you should call them and let them know that you are having the same problem and that you need them to take you through their trouble-shooting steps. You shouldn’t have to send your Cameo back.

          I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new blade solves your problem.

          Remember, Desiree, I’m here anytime!!


        • Hi Desiree,

          Did you ever find a solution? My Cameo does the same thing. I sell vinyl and I am wasting a ton of vinyl on images not cutting all the way through. I’ve tried a new blade and everything with no luck.

          Thanks, Mallory

  180. I got my machine for Christmas 2012. I was sooo excited to finally be getting a die cut machine as I’ve been drooling over them for more than 2 years! I was utterly disappointed with the reviews for the Cricut along with enormous cost of cartridges. Anyway, when I found the Cameo, I was elated and to see so many positive reviews! I had my machine for less then 6 weeks when it began to have trouble cutting any corners, be they obtuse or acute and any scale. In the beginning, my machine cut like magic. I mean, it was easily handling the most intricate cuts, whether they were on printed lightweight paper or 65# card stock. My machine impressed me daily. After about 4.5 weeks of use, I decided it was best to replace the blade just because I had used it for a while and had read that after a time the blade dulls and gives poor cuts. You know, keeping things working great. So, I replaced the blade and the new one worked as well as the first. I was busy cutting an intricate lace shamrock from the Silhouette store. I didn’t even cut it at the original size, I made the pattern larger. The first cut was spectacular, the die cut was perfect. So, I loaded up the next sheet of 65# card stock and the machine did such a bad job I thought I was hallucinating. I used the same weight and brand of paper. After that, the blade didn’t cut anything right. If my pattern had a corner it was doomed. I changed my 10 day old blade with another new one. Still the same bad results. I even put in the very first blade I had (I only changed it because of age, not because of a poor cut result) and this blade as well was doing the same thing. Silhouette America mailed me a new blade and it too was doing the same thing. The CSR told me it was my paper, etc and this really upset me as I had never ever had an issue before with ANY paper I had used. He then suggested I might have tried to cut a material I shouldn’t have. Oh, this really put me off. To test the new blade, he had me slow my speed to “1”. This did help, but there were still less-than-perfect results, even at that speed. He finally told me to mail my machine back and they’d mail a new one. It cost me $29 with insurance. Irritating. I am hoping and praying this new machine pleases. I just wish I knew what went wrong with my first machine. How could a blade that worked great and wasn’t broken just stop making good corner cuts? None of the blades were broken either and they were all clean with no paper fibers stuck up inside. Oh, frustration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. I needed to vent. 🙂

    • Hi, Jacksonista,

      Wow! Poor you! I can sympathize with your frustration because I’ve been there, too. I bought my Cameo for the same reasons you did. I didn’t want to spend huge amounts on cartridges and I didn’t want to have to store them in my small studio. Also, I love the convenience of just buying what I need directly from Silhouette Studio–and I love the weekly half-price sales and the free image.

      I did have a lot of blade issues when I first got my Cameo. But, I bought mine when they first came out in 2011 and SA was shipping them with defective blades. The blades were set at the wrong angle and were tearing up the paper like crazy. They sent me three new blades before I finally got one that worked! I now use my Cameo regularly and the last time I changed the blade was about a year ago.

      I think it’s good news/bad news that SA is replacing your Cameo…the good news is that they ARE replacing it, but the bad news is they YOU have to pay the shipping cost to send it back.

      I sure hope your new Cameo works like a charm so you can get back to crafting very soon. Please let me know how it goes.

      Good luck!

  181. I hope you can help me. When I first got my cameo a few months back it worked perfectly until christmas…. I cannot seem to get it to align properly. When I put in the image to cut it will start cutting in the middle of the mat instead of on the far left side. I can’t seem to get the blade back to it’s normal position so I cannot cut using the entire mat size. The largest image I can cut right now is 6″ or else it goes off the page.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi, Holly,

      First, try turning your Cameo off and back on to reset the drive belt. Now, do a simple test cut using a basic square or circle image. If you are still having the same problem, go onto the basic basic troubleshooting steps listed below. Quite often, malfunctions such as the one you are describing, can be rectified be quickly rectified by simply clearing the memory. (Hilary has a similar issue…see comment below).

      1) close the Silhouette Studio app
      2) turn off your computer
      3) turn your computer back on and open the Silhouette Studio app

      Now that you have taken the steps to clear the memory, everything should now be back to normal. If it’s not, you should give the Silhouette America support folks a call. They should be able to get you up-and-running in no time. I hope it works out, quickly, so you can get back to some serious crafting!!
      Good luck,

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  183. Thank you so much for your blog. I received my Cameo in December and so far loved it. I have had trouble with my mat not being sticky after cutting with it twice. Your information above answered my question on that problem. Hopefully my paper will stick and not come loose from the mat after I clean it.
    Thank you again.

    • Hi, Diane,

      Thanks, so much, for the update. I find the mats are a bit of a pain–sometimes they are too sticky, sometimes not sticky enough. ARGH! But, the beautiful projects we are able to produce in the end, makes the frustration all worth while!

      Have a wonderful day!!


  184. I bought this machine just last week, because I live in the UK the paper weights etc are different, so are a challenge. I have found your page very helpful. But I would like to ask how to make your own sentiment peel off stickers i.e. Get Well, Happy Birthday, using your own fonts. I have the correct peel of paper, but obviously want them in a size to fit a normal card, would this be too small? I’m not sure where to start, please help. I do know from the manufacture the right blade setting, its just the rest…….

    • Hi, Sally,

      First off, please accept my apology for the late response. I had a technical problem with my comments notification, which has now been rectified. I am back in action. Yay!

      You ask an interesting question about peel-and-stick fonts. You could certainly create your own messages, such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations on a peel-and-stick paper or vinyl and use them on your cards. You should be able to buy these in any craft store or directly from Silhouette America. However, for longer messages requiring tiny sized lettering, my recommendation would be to create them on your computer. For example, when I want to write a longer message, I create it on my computer and cut it out so that it fits nicely inside my card. I use tape rollers or glue sticks to adhere it inside the card. Here is an example. Sometimes I print the message on a paper with a softly patterned background, for extra interest. Sometimes I like to center the message in the middle of a pretty die shape and run it through my Cuttlebug or Big Shot.

      If you need clarification, or have more questions, I am always here! Please come back as often as you like!!

      Good luck,

  185. Hi—–I don’t know where to start with my frustrations. I have had my S since December and have yet to be able to cut something with it. It was ripping up everything, so I got a new blade. The mat was soo sticky and I’ve ruined so many sheets of cardstock! Still can’t cut. I tried using my Cricut mat with it and it worked a bit better.
    Tonight I’ve been trying to cut vinyl and it scores the vinyl but doesn’t cut through it. I cut vinyl when I first got the machine and it worked fine! I follow the setting guidelines to a “T” and NOTHING! After ruining quite a bit of vinyl, I put it away and I’m moving on to sewing!
    I’ve had a Cricut for about 3 years and have never replaced the blade or mat once! It still cuts with no problems and I’m beginning to think this Silhouette Cameo thing was a mistake!!!! Thanks for listening.

    • Hi, Jackie,

      First, please accept my apology for the late response. My comments notification system went awry and I wasn’t receiving any notifications. It has been fixed and I am back in action! Yay!

      Oh, I hear you, and I feel your frustration. I went through the same torment and hair-pulling as you have…and, many of my readers have described exactly the same thing. It’s probably a good thing that you took a break. Sometimes you need a little space from something that’s driving you nuts.

      Let’s try to solve your problems and get you to fall in love with your Cameo…

      1) if your blade is still tearing paper or vinyl, then you have a problem with the blade. I had three defective blades before Silhouette America finally sent me one that wasn’t defective. The first Cameo blades in 2011 were manufactured the in China and they were defective–they were set at the wrong angle and simply tore up everything we tried to cut. Then, in February 2012, Silhouette America had new blades that were manufactured somewhere in Europe. These were fine. However, those defective blades were still floating around for quite a while.

      2) you mention that you got a new blade, but you’re still having problems. So, it could be that your blade was at the wrong setting (i.e., set too high) and the tip broke off. When this happens, the blade will not make clean cuts and, sometimes, it just barely scores the surface of your paper or vinyl. The solution is, once again, a new blade. 🙁

      3) Silhouette America changed all the blade settings when it released its new software last year. Be sure you have the latest version of the software–you can go to the SA site to check it out.

      Don’t give up hope! I promise you will fall in love with this machine as soon as you work through the bugs. I almost threw mine off a bridge, but once I got past all the little (and big) frustrations, I knew I couldn’t live without it !!

      Please let me know how it works out. And, come one back anytime you have more questions, need a shoulder to cry on or would like to share some tips and tricks that you have learned.

      Until next time, Jackie, keep calm and Cameo on!!

      Have a happy day,

  186. Hi there I am slowly learning more and more about my cameo and loving it but I’m still having teething problems and one of them is when I go to cut my design out my roller which feeds the paper in has two little black rubber roller things on and my blade misses part of the pattern when it comes in line with these…do I move them or not? Thanks in advance for any help given

  187. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having this site. I’m not sure if my question will make sense but I want to try :.) I just upgraded to the silhouette designer software so I could cut svg files. However, when I go to cut now, it says it cut successfully but it didn’t even attempt to cut. I clicked “test cut” and it printed the test. Any ideas on this strange one. I really wanted to play today too.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  188. Hi! This is a great blog! Thank you so much for putting this together since the Silhouette website isn’t so helpful :-/
    We just bought the Cameo a few days ago, its been working great, except the past few days, its been cutting the lines twice. I didn’t check the box to have it cut twice. But not only is it cutting things twice, the second pass seems to be off from where the first pass was, like a quarter inch off!!
    Do you know what might be causing this? I was thinking the software update might have something to do with it since that was the only thing that changed.

    • So I took the files and open them in CorelDRAW saved it as an SVG or DXF and it works fine now. I think its a problem with saving SVGs in Illustrator?

      • Hi, Dora,

        First, please accept my apology for the late response. My comments notification system went awry and I wasn’t receiving any notifications. It has been fixed and I am back in action! Yay!

        Unfortunately, I do not use Illustrator, so I can’t help on this one. Hopefully, one of my readers will see this and come to your aid!!


    • Hi, Dora,

      Well, this is a weird one!! My suggestion would be to close Silhouette Studio and shut down your computer. Next, turn your computer back on and open Silhouette Studio. This will clear the memory and reset it so you should get proper cuts. It definitely is a software problem, so this would be your first trouble-shooting step.

      Let me know how it goes!!

      Good luck,

  189. I’m so excited to come across this site! I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and have been dying to do some projects! I really wanted to use the print and cut files and even ran out and bought a new printer. My printer works well with my computer BUT with the Cameo, it just goes through the motions and doesn’t print anything. I’ve seen where some printers have not been compatible with the Cameo. Is there some way of finding out if I bought one of the non-compatible ones? By the way, I bought a Kodak esp 3.2.

    • Response to the lady with the Kodak esp 3.2 . . .

      Here are some trouble-shooting steps to help us identify exactly what’s going on with your printing issue:

      1. Does your Kodak esp 3.2 print from other programs such as Word or e-mail?
      2. In the Silhouette software, have you selected the right printer (for example, I have a label printer and a fax machine and I need to make sure I select the correct printer)
      3. Check the Kodak site to be sure you have the latest printer drivers.
      4. Do you have the latest version of Silhouette Studio? If not, you can download it free from Silhouette America.

      Start with these and then let me know how it goes.

      Fingers crossed!!!


  190. Thank you so much for your advise, I have found a couple things that have really helped me with my Cameo. I really appreciate it.

    • Hi, Janice,

      First, please accept my apology for the late response. My comments notification system went awry and I wasn’t receiving any notifications. It has been fixed and I am back in action! Yay!

      Thanks, so much for your lovely message. I am always delighted when I am able to help someone with their Cameo. Happy crafting!!


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  192. Hi
    I am ready to purchase a machine and am not sure which one to purchase. I am so glad I came across your web page, It has made me think twice about purchasing a cameo, however, if I do you have lots of useful and trouble shooting ideas. Please let me know your thoughts, Cameo. Vs other machines?? Thanks Angela from Australia

    • Hi, Angela,

      I did a great deal of research before buying my Cameo and I am convinced, that despite some of the issues you have read about, it is still the best cutting machine in it’s price range. I have lots of crafting friends who have Cricuts and they all agree that the Cameo provides much cleaner cuts, even on very intricate shapes.

      Then, there’s the fact that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on Cricut cartridges and you don’t have to take up valuable space in your craft room to store them. With the Cameo, you can purchase shapes as you need them and they are all stored at your fingertips in your computer. Also, Silhouette America has a free weekly shape and a weekly (every Tuesday) half-price sale on dozens and dozens of images–that’s how I have built my library.

      I am a regular crafter and I have been using the same blade for the past nine months and it still cuts like a charm. Also, I love the 12″ cutting mat!

      There are die-cutting machines on the market in every price range but, dollar-for-dollar, you won’t find a better machine that the Cameo.

      I don’t work for Silhouette America. I’m totally convinced that the Silhouette Cameo is a great buy.

      You might want to hear what others have to say about it, so go to Google and search on the term, “Reviews: Silhouette Cameo.”

      I hope this helps. Good luck, Angela!!


  193. Hi.. my problem is the cameo is missing the first cut.. Its always or at least for now.
    The blade just doesn’t drop right.. My son ordered new blades and I knew that wasn’t the problem.. Nothing changed.
    I will not pay shipping if this needs returned.
    I hope they stand behind their product.

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    • Hi, Lola,

      Can you give me more information? By “first cut” do you mean that when you want to cut more than one shape on a sheet of paper, the Cameo is skipping over the first one?

      While I await more information from you, have you tried turning off your Cameo and shutting down your computer and then turning them both back on? Sometimes computer memory needs to be cleared. I have many Cameo-owners solve their problems by using this solution. It may or may not be a solution to your problem, but it’s worth a try.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      Good luck!


  194. Hi.. my problem is the cameo is missing the first cut.. Its always or at least for now.
    The blade just doesn’t drop right.. My son ordered new blades and I knew that wasn’t the problem.. Nothing changed.
    I will not pay shipping if this needs returned.
    I hope they stand behind their product.

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  195. so glad to see these posts! i am sooo frustrated with my cameo i just bought a few weeks ago. i’m trying to cut halloween stuff, and part of the cuts are made, some of the areas don’t get cut and some of the areas get “dragged” so i then have to go over the area with a tiny pair of scissors. I am also having trouble with tiny corners getting rippled….meaning, i wouldnt be able to use the outer area as a stencil. I want to start cutting fabric (have a fabric needle) and vinyl, but i gotta get card stock to work first! i thought my needle was worn out, so i tried the fabric needle and the same thing was happening! my mat is completely chewed up with holes in it. i bought a new mat too. i would like to think that i won’t have to be re purchasing new mats and needles….could my machine be lop-sided or something? literally, half of the cut-cuts, and the other side doesn’t. The blue lever thing is down, meaning its on the mat. It i put it up, then its not touching the mat and the mat shifts. i’m ready to toss this thing out too, but what can i do? i’ve cursed at it too, but then i wake up my daughters!

    • Hi, Nancy,

      Oh, I can hear your frustration from here! I’m going to whisper so we don’t wake up your daughters…LOL!

      There are a number of possible reasons why your Cameo is behaving badly. The first one is that you could have a defective blade. Silhouette America’s first blades were defective. These were blades were set at the wrong angle and cannot make clean cuts. As of the end of February of 2012, Silhouette America received new blades that were manufactured correctly. It wasn’t until my fourth blade that I was finally able to make clean cuts.

      Another reason your Cameo could be making messy cuts could be that you have set your blade too high. For example, for the average 80 lb. cardstock, the blade setting should never be set higher than 3. Doing so, can cause the tip of you blade to chip off–and that means no more clean cuts…and time for a new blade!

      If you are using a very soft paper, like construction paper, it simply doesn’t hold together well enough to be cut cleanly. Additionally, bits of paper fiber will bet stuck in the black casing around your blade. When this happens, you need to take a pin or a tiny artist’s paint brush and remove the debris.

      If your mat is completely chewed up, then your blade was definitely set too high. Even when set correctly, the blade will still leave marks on your cutting mat, but won’t cut through it.

      Try the following settings: speed 3; thickness 33; blade 3. Remember that when you set the blade to 3 on your computer screen, you must also be sure to set the blade in your Cameo to 3.

      I think you are wise to become comfortable with cutting cardstock on you Cameo before beginning to work with fabric.

      Good luck, Nancy, and please let me know how it goes!


  196. Gloria, thank you so much for this fabulous troubleshooting page. I am now convinced that you are the fairy godmother of the Cameo. I too thought I had a defective blade, and Silhouette sent me a new one, but here are the problems I’ve had with BOTH blades so far:

    Using the 80 lb cardstock setting on the Cameo, the blade barely scratched the surface of the cardstock and skipped over the cardstock entirely in random areas. This was using a blade setting of 3.

    I figured the blade setting was too low since the thickness setting was already maxed out, so I put it up to 4, then 5, then 6. At a setting of 6, with BOTH blades, it finally cut all the way through the cardstock, but again, there were still some areas where it did not cut all the way through and I had to go back over the whole thing with an exacto knife.

    Now, I’m realizing from my internet research that a blade setting of 6 is a surefire way to chip the blade. However, before I ever put it at that setting, a 3 would not cut cardstock. So, even if the blades are now chipped due to my putting them at a 6, they probably weren’t at a 3. Even this morning, I put some regular scrapbook paper in the machine, and at 3, the blade did not even touch the paper.

    -making sure the blade housing is in the machine properly
    -making sure software settings are correct (e.g. image set to ‘cut’, ‘use cutting mat’ is checked)
    -cleaning bits of paper out of blade with canned air (works so much better than a pin)
    -new blade sent by Silhouette (and trying it at low settings first, so I don’t think a chipped blade could be blamed)

    None of them worked. Could I really have two defective blades? I just got my cameo a couple of weeks ago and the new blade arrived a week ago. Please don’t tell me I have a defective Cameo – just give me the magical answer! 🙂

    • Hi, Mary Anne,

      Thanks for putting a great big smile on my face! I am really happy to hear that you found this article helpful. There are many other Silhouette-related articles on my blog, in case you need more reading material (hee hee).

      Well, you certainly have done all of your troubleshooting and you obviously know the dos and don’ts of the blade settings. Good work!!

      In response to your question, “YES, you could definitely have two defective blades!!!” I had three defective blades, and, finally, the fourth one worked. I was ready to throw my Cameo out the window. So glad I didn’t, though, because the fourth blade was a charm!! It worked like magic.

      I would persist with Silhouette America and let them know that you are fully aware of what settings to use on the Cameo and that your blade is defective.

      Just for your info, the first blades that were shipped with the Cameos were manufactured in Hong Kong and are defective–they are set at the wrong angle and just tear the paper. I heard from hundreds of Cameo-owners with exactly the same problem that I had and that you are now having. The good news is that SA had new blades manufactured in Europe and began shipping them at the end of February of this year. That said, many many crafters were still sent defective blades (obviously, from the original batch). I’ve spoken to many crafters who had to contact SA multiple times for a new blade. Many of us got new cutting mats, too.

      Let me know how it turns out, Mary Anne. I’m rooting for you!!!


      • Can you help, I have a new computer with windows 8. When I ask the cameo to cut, I have a message that says not connected. I have installed all the programmes, have checked the cable are connected, re-booted the computer, tried it on another computer with windows 7 works a treat . Why will it not work with my windows 8?

        • Hi, Sue,

          How frustrating for you! Unfortunately, that’s not a typical Silhouette Cameo question. I would recommend that you call Silhouette America support. They should have their technical staff testing their software with Windows 8 and other operating systems.

          Good luck!!

  197. First of all, thanks for your help! I was about ready to toss my new Cameo in the dumpster when I came across your site. I have now managed to make several successful cuts using cardstock and your suggested cut settings of 3-3-33.
    Again, thank you!
    So for my NEW problem. I want to be able to use a thinner paper similar to copier/printer paper to make some cut-outs to use with my button maker. (2.5inch circles) I have tried several setting combos from the Cameo suggested as well as my own experiments. All I have gotten so far is a bunch of torn paper. (Although I went back and cut more of the cardstock with no problems. so the blade seems to be working for that.)
    Also, any suggestions for settings to cut thin vinyl such as ‘contact paper’? I would also like to use the Cameo to make stencils for fabric painting and glass etching. I have heard other crafters say that they use contact paper frequently, but havent been able to find any setting suggestions from any of them.
    ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi, Glen,

      I’m glad to hear that you are have some success with your Cameo. It’s great, once you get past the initial hurdles.

      As for cutting regular paper, I would start with a . Paper is much thinner and more delicate than cardstock, so I would recommend slowing the Cameo down and change the blade and thickness settings as follows:

      –blade setting 2
      –speed 8
      –thickness 15

      As for cutting vinyl, have a look at the links I put into an article I posted in July–I included links to some really great articles and cutting charts for vinyl.

      I hope this helps, Glen. Let me know how it goes!!! I’m always here!


      • Thanks for your suggestions! I’m having limited success, but I think with a little more tinkering I’ll get a satisfactory result. So far I have been able to cut a 24lb printed paper using Blade set at 1, thickness at 14 and speed at 4. That was a fairly intricate tribal design so I am hopeful I am on the right track.
        I havent had as much success with the contact paper yet, but I havent given up. Thanks again for your help!

        • Hi, Glen,

          Thanks, for the update. I’m glad you’re having some success, if even a little! It seems that there might be more than one combination of settings for each type of paper or vinyl.

          I did some research on what others are doing with contact paper, and I found an article that might be helpful to you. It’s on a blog called Raggedy Creek Creations. It’s well written and illustrated. I hope it helps!!

          Good luck with your contact paper…after all your trials and errors, you will be a pro and will have tons of advice to give to all of us crafters!!


  198. Thank you do much for all your knowledge … You are much more helpful than the folks at the Silhouette support #. I’m in the learning process with my cameo…although I’ve had a few hiccups this one is really puzzling, created my design, set to print on vinyl… And it’s only cutting one little section. ???? Then stops?! Double checked the lines are set to cut lines. I’m so confused. Silhouette support told be to upgrade to the newest version. Currently waiting on that. Not sure why it will help. Any thoughts? Greatly appreciated

    • Hi, Karla,

      I had the same problem one time when I was cutting out a design…my Cameo would cut a bit, then stop and then cut a bit more. This can be because the computer is sending information to the Cameo and it takes a little time for it to receive it all. If your Cameo is cutting a bit, but not starting again, then that’s a different story.

      You can upgrade to the newest version of the software by going to the Silhouette America sight–the new software is free and it’s instant download. So, I would try that first and hope it works. If it doesn’t, you will need to get in touch with the Silhouette America support folks, again. I wish I could tell you more. Please let us know how it works out. We Cameo owners all love to share information that might help each other.

      Good luck, Karla. I hope to hear good news from you, soon!!


    • I contacted the customer support # as well with no help. At the time my cameo was only 1 month old and I had made 3 cuts with it. It now tears up everything, it will not do any clean cuts now. I’ve now been forced to purchase a brand new blade after only 3 cuts from the first one and customer support will not send me a new blade.

      • Hi, Christie,
        How frustrating and disappointing for you. I can relate, because I went through the same thing when I first had my Cameo. It sure sounds like your first blade is defective, and I can’t understand why Silhouette America won’t send you a new one. All we can hope for now, is that the new blade works like a charm. By the way, did you e-mail or talk directly to the Silhouette America support rep? I find it is much better to speak to them directly–e-mails just don’t have the same impact.
        Keeping my fingers crossed that you fall in love with your Cameo sooooooon!!!
        Please let me know what happens.

  199. Greetings,

    I got my Cameo for Xmas 2011. Just started using it this month. I have a Mac and can’t seem to select several cutting options such as fabric with interfacing nor custom media. I suppose I could just create a new preset for fabric cutting but it would be great to use the factory presets. Your thoughts?


    • I don’t have any experience with Macs, so I’m not sure what your next step is. I would contact Silhouette support and ask them to shed some light on working with a Mac and Silhouette. They must have had this question from other Mac users.
      Sorry I couldn’t help, but I hope you will come back and let us all know how it works out. I’m sure there are many crafters who would love to know.
      Good luck! Hope to hear good news from you soon!

      • I had a problem with having very few pre-sets with my windows computer, but upgraded the program through the Silhouette site, and now have all the new pre-sets. Big help! I’m brand new, and still have LOTS to learn! Hopefully this could be an easy fix for your Mac as well.

  200. Hi There!!

    I REALLY tried to read the above comments to make sure you hadn’t already answered my question before! I didn’t see it, so I thought I’d go ahead and ask– my dear, sweet Silhouette is finally giving me problems after 4 months of bliss. It now does not load the cutting mat all the way! It will “suck” it in just a little bit, then begin cutting ABOVE my paper or cardstock, thus making a mess of my whole project! This has never happened before, so I’m wondering what the issue is? I’ve tried turning it off, reloading my Silhouette software, and even manually trying to line up the blade at the beginning of each project with the control panel arrows (what a pain…). Any advice or words of wisdom? I can’t figure out why it is choosing to do this NOW, after I’ve used it so well for a few months. Thanks in advance! 🙂


    • Hi, Jillian,

      Well, you’ve got me on this one. You have gone through all the trouble-shooting steps exactly right. I wish I had a magic bullet, but at this point, I think you need to contact Silhouette America. I hope it’s something they can help you with over the phone. Let me know what happens, so I can share it with other Cameo-owners!!

      Wish I could have helped,


      • hi Jillian and Gloria,
        I had the same problem. In my case I realised I had the machine set to “load media” instead of “load cutting mat”. I wrecked a few projects too before I worked it out!
        hope this helps..
        Cheers, Pam

        • Hi, Pam and Jillian,

          It’s easy to forget one little setting, isn’t it? There are so many things to think of!! Glad you got it sorted out. Thanks for the excellent reminder!!!!!

          Big hugs,

          • Just came across this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My mat wouldn’t load all the way in and I too was wondering why after working perfectly fine for 6 months it decided to do this. After reading the above info I realized it was set to load media.

  201. I have had my Cameo since December and haven’t used it much because there is always a problem of some sort. Many of the ones mentioned here.
    Now-the blade will not contact the paper at all. The blade is all the way in and locked but when I click CUT the thing follows the lines of the design to be cut but the blade never goes up and down at all.
    I called customer service and the lady said to plug the usb cable into another port on my computer. I did so and still the same thing. They are now sending me a new USB cable thinking the original one has failed. Since the machine follows the line for the cut, I don’t believe a new cable will solve the problem.
    Has anyone else had this happen?

    • Hi, Kathy,
      My apologies for the delay in responding to you–I didn’t realize that I hadn’t until just now, when I was going through my e-mail.

      First off, let me sympathize with you. I totally understand your frustration because I went through exactly the same thing. Let’s try to sort out your problem.

      I can’t believe that Silhouette America support is sending you a new USB cable for your cutting problem. The two are not, in any way, related! The USB cable is related to the computer’s software. The blade movement is a physical function of the the machine.

      If you are certain the blade tip is not broken, then you may have a defective machine. However, I would try installing a new blade before doing returning the machine to Silhouette America.

      If you do try a new blade, try it on a piece of regular cardstock, such as Stamping Up Whisper White or any other 80-100 lb cardstock. Set your blade at 3, thickness at 33 and speed at 3. If you get a clean cut, then all is well. However, if you get a mess cut, then you have a defective blade. If you get no cut at all, then you have a defective machine.

      I know you’re frustrated, but don’t give up. I promise you it will all get straightened out and you will be making the most amazing projects with your new Cameo!!!

      Let me know how it goes, Kathy. Good luck!!


      • I’m having the EXACT problem with the blade movement and have had the same response from Silhouette, they’re sending me a new USB cable. I tried our printer cable (since it has the same ports) and had the same problem. I really hope there’s some magic in their USB cable.

        • I will eat my shirt if a new USB cable fixes your problem. I don’t know what to tell you except to hound Silhouette America for a new machine, once you have tried their “magic USB cable.” please, please come back and let us know how this turns out. I can’t wait to hear how the company rectifies your situation.
          I really am sorry that I don’t have a solution your problem.
          Hope to hear from you soon!

          • Well of course the new USB cable didn’t help at all. they had me send my machine back at MY expense ($50 via UPS) and will send me a new Cameo. They got the bad one this past Friday. I’ll let you know when I get the new one.
            I plan to write a letter to the company about the shipping expense since the machine was defective….but I’ll wait til I get my new one. 😉

          • Hi,
            I have the same problem! I just contacted them today and they are sending me a new USB cable as well. They also told me to take the blade out and spray some WD40 on the part where the blade moves up and down. I am so glad found this website. Thanks for all your help.

          • Hi, Kathy,

            You go, girl!! I agree, totally, that you should not have to pay for shipping for THEIR defective machine. I sure hope you get your new one quickly…like YESTERDAY!! lol!
            Can’t wait to hear about your new Cameo!! …and you and I both knew that a new USB cable would do absolutely nothing!!
            Keeping smiling (or as they say in the UK, “Keep Calm and Carry On!!)
            Big hugs,

          • Hi, Kelly,
            I just can’t believe that the Silhouette America support folks are sending out USB cables for a totally unrelated problem. Yikes!!! I hope you get your Cameo working, soon! Will you let us know how the WD40 works out? Other Cameo owners might find this info useful–IF it works!!!
            Chin up, Kelly. Hope to hear good news, SOON!
            Big hugs,

          • Oh, Kelly, Silhouette America needs some new technical support staff! My prediction is that you will be getting a new Cameo…but they are putting your through such torture, first. If the new USB cable works, I will eat my shirt!!!
            Let’s stay in touch!!!

          • I had a problem where there was no “spring” in the blade. I could push it down with my finger but it didn’t spring back up. after numerous emails I was sent a new blade by Tech support which made no difference at all. I knew that wasn’t the problem. My husband took the cover off of the blade carrying unit and sprayed all around it with silicone spray. we tried canned air first but that didn’t help. I was so relieved the silicone worked because I’m in Australia so there was no chance of me returning the machine with the huge postage costs. sorry to hear the WD40 didn’t work though.
            Cheers Pam

          • Hi, Pam,
            Thanks, for the update. So glad you found a solution! Shipping costs from Australia must be just crazy!! I’m sure other Cameo-owners will be happy to hear that the silicon spray works!!

            Thanks, again,

    • Well Silhouette replaced my defective Cameo about 10 days ago. I have been using it the past few days and WOW is it nice to have one that actually works. Having lots of fun.
      I haven’t written the letter yet asking them to reimburse me the $50 it cost me to send the defective one back to them. I will report back after I get the letter out and a reply from SIL.
      Thanks Gloria for all your posts and info.

      • Hi, Kathy,

        Congratulations! You must be having so a ball with your new fully functioning Cameo! I hope they reimburse you the money and then you can spend it on my crafting supplies!! LOL!

        Thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to hearing how SIL responds to your letter.

        Have a very happy weekend!!!!

  202. My machine was purchased in January 2012; it cuts pretty well, but have had problems with the machine making “hammering” noises while cutting and then it forgets what its cutting and cuts lines wherever it wants to.
    I have contacted customer service and am waiting to hear a reply back.

    • Hi, Patti,

      Oh, poor you! That’s awful! It sure sounds like you have a defective machine. I haven’t heard of anyone else having that particular problem. I think all of my readers would love to know how this turns out. So, if you think of it, would you please come back and let us know what the problem is and how Silhouette deals with it?

      Wishing you good luck!!!!

  203. Dear Gloria

    I am so glad to see other users have a problem (or two!) as well. I was so excited to get my Cameo and at first it also cut well and then suddenly started tearing the paper, not making cuts, etc. I shall have a look at all the possibilities to fix it (start with a new blade). I have managed to cut right through my brand new mat and am really angry with myself for doing it! I suppose it is now only good for the bin!

    I have another problem – where can I find out on what settings I should set the cutting so that it can cut THROUGH the paper (but please not through my mat again!). Also, I have loaded a full 12 x 12 sheet so as not to waste paper (bazzill card stock) and some of the images will be cut and then some lines not cut at all. Can you please help?

    Thank you very much for your very informative blog!

    Kind regards

    • Hi, Barbie,
      Let me first apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Somehow, I didn’t see you comment until just now.

      So, let’s see what we can do to get you on the way to Cameo-love! First off, don’t worry about your cutting mat, I did the same thing to mine when I first got it, and I have been using it with no problems, ever since.

      If your blade is cutting parts of you image and missing other parts, you can try two things: use the “double cut” feature. This should solve your problem. You can also slow your cutting speed to give the blade a little more time going around the intricate ares of the design.

      When you are cutting something very thin, such as vinyl or vellum, you will set your blade at 1 or 2 and reduce the thickness setting to about 10–you may have to try a few different thickness settings until you get the right one for your particular vinyl or vellum.

      If you are cutting standard 80 pound cardstock, such as Stamping Up Whisper White or Very Vanilla, you will always set your blade at 3, speed 3, thickness 33. If parts of your design are not being cut, use the double- cut feature. You will rarely need to turn your blade higher than 3 or 4.

      If your blade consistently tears the paper, you may have chipped the end of it–that means time for a new blade. Chipping the end of your blade can happen when you have the blade set too high. So, for example, if you’re cutting cardstock and you have your blade set at 6 or 7, rather than the required setting of 3, the blade will come too far out of the casing and will chip of at the end.

      As you may already know, many of first Cameos were shipped with defective blades that just tore up the paper and vinyl. However, as of the end of February, 2012, Silhouette America began shipping new blades. I received three new blades befor I finally got one that worked.

      I hope you find this information helpful. Please come back anytime and we will work through any and all Cameo issues, together!

      Good luck, Barbie!

  204. Pingback: Cameo help website -

    • Hi, Margaret,
      I’m glad you find my Silhouette Cameo articles helpful. I would love to see your Cup cards…would you please send the link?
      Hope you are having a happy day!

  205. My mom got this machine for her birthday a few weeks ago, the first time she used it, the roller things didnt work and the cutting strip was ruined. The Silhouette people had her send hers back so they could send her a new one, and after taking weeks to recieve it AGAIN, it still isn’t working. The cuts are jagged, and the blade has cut right through the cutting mat. Two different machines she has used and neither of them have worked. This cutting machine simply isn’t very useful. It rarely works right and has done nothing but irritate and dissapoint her.

    • Hi, Kalie,
      Oh, I feel so bad for your mom. I know how disappointing and frustrating it is to have a machine that doesn’t work, because I went through exactly the same thing. Let’s see if we can sort out some of your problems.

      First, if the blade has gone right through the cutting mat, then it sounds like your mom had the blade setting too high.
      The setting for regular card stock such as Stamping Up Whisper White should be as follows: blade–3; thickness 33; speed 3.
      If the Cameo was set higher than that, then it is quite likely that it cut through the paper and the mat.
      We rarely need to set the blade higher than a 3…unless, you are cutting some extra thick cardstock like a cereal box, for example.

      The other problem with setting the blade too high is that the end of the blade chips off and then it just makes jagged cuts and rips the paper.
      The blade, as you know, is extremely tiny, and it is next to impossible to actually see if the tip has been damaged. But, the ripping, rough and jagged cuts are clear indication that the blade has been chipped. The only solution to this problem is to replace the blade.

      If you are certain your mom was using the correct blade setting, then she may have received a defective blade. Many of us who bought Cameos when they first came out last year, received defective blades. I spoke with the Silhouette America support folks on several occasions and they told me that the first blades that were produced in Taiwan were all set at the wrong angle and, consequently, were not able to make clean cuts. As of the end of February 2012, Silhouette America received a new shipment of good blades and began to replace the defective ones, upon request. So, all this to say, that you might want to contact Silhouette America again and ask them to replace your blade and your mat. They sent me a new blade three times and one new cutting mat.

      I hope this works out for your mom. Once she gets the bugs worked out she will absolutely LOVE her Cameo. Let her know that I was so discouraged that I was ready to either send mine back or put it in the nearest trash can! Now, I am making clean cuts on even the most detailed designs and images.

      Let me know how it works out. Good luck to you and your mom, Kalie!!


  206. Hi, I have also just got a silhouette for my birthday! Was so excited. Took a while to unpack and plug in work it all out, but still having issues. So temperamental. If I cut thick heavy card it’s great, but as soon as I cut something a little less thick ( I’m talking normal scrapbooking card) it cuts fine on a straight line but give it a V and tears and drags the card, it doesn’t even score it. I downloaded a scalloped card design, at the bottom of the scallop on the way back to the top it just pulls the card. I’ve checked the blade, cleaned and checked that it’s rotating. What is wrong with this thing?
    Regards jenny

    • Hi, Jenny,

      Oh, I’m feeling your pain! I went through exactly the same thing when first got mine. I’m pretty sure your blade is chipped. This could have happened if you had your blade set too high. For example, the settings for regular cardstock (Stampin Up Whisper White, for example) would be:
      Blade: 3
      Speed: 3
      Thickness 33

      If you are sure you haven’t set your blade too high, then you are probably one of the unfortunate ones who received a defective blade. Many of the Cameos where delivered with blades that had been set at the wrong angle. This produced exactly the problem you have described: great on straight cuts, but impossible on anything beyond that. My advice to you is to contact Silhouette America support and explain the problem. They will send you a new blade. Then sent me a new blade three times before we finally got one that wasn’t defective. But, don’t let this discourage you. As of the end of February, they got in a new shipment of non-defective blades to replace the crappy ones that were sent out in the Cameos. I am certain that you will receive a good blade.

      Now that I have a good blade, I am cutting even the most intricate designs. It is truly a great machine, once you work out the bugs.

      Please drop in and let me know how it all works out for you. I hope this helps. Good luck, Jenny!!


  207. Just got my brand new silhouette. My cutting mat will not load. Everytime I try it gives me an error message and says unload. Anyone have this problem?

    • Hi, congratulations on your Cameo!!

      I haven’t had a problem loading my cutting mat, so the only thing I can think of is to check the blue lever on the right-hand side of the roller bar…it should be UP to hold down the roller bar. If you have already checked that, then perhaps some of my readers can offer some advice. You could also call Silhouette America support and ask them to help you out.

      Please come back and let us all know how it turns out!

      Good luck,

    • I have this exact same problem. Did you ever figure this out? I could really use some help. I have yet to be able to use my machine 🙁

  208. Hi – I’ve just gotten my new Cameo and was very pleased for the first few cuts. However, when I tried to cut a full page of images (card bases), the blade skipped in the same small area all the way down the page. It cut fine in all other areas. I did adjust the blade depth from 3 to 4, but the same thing happened. I also double cut the problem areas – same thing. I was trying to cut Hero Arts layering paper, and used the 80lb cardstock setting. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

    • Hi! I have never had this problem, nor have I heard of anyone else having it. I wish I had an answer for you. If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend you contact the Silhouette America support team.

      Perhaps some of our readers have had this same problem… If anyone has any suggestions or advice, please leave a comment.

      I am really sorry I couldn’t help you. I will do some research and will post whatever information I gather. If you figure out why your Cameo is skipping, would you please, please come back and share the information with us?

      Good luck!

      • I’m having this problem too! Don’t have a solution just yet, but I wanted to let Jeanie she’s not the only one! I’m cleaning my blade now but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

        • If you have cleaned your blade and it is still not cutting or not giving you clean cuts, you probably need a new blade. If this is the blade that came with your Cameo, you may have received one of their defective blades. If you call their support number, they will send you a new blade. Let us know how it works out. Good luck!!!

          • Gloria – I just received my Silhouette for my Birthday yesterday. Loading up the software, everything was a breeze. Then I tried to cut something…. the right side of the cutting area of the project doesn’t cut… not all areas are a clean cut that I can remove… I’ve tried all weights of paper… Don’t want to complain but what the heck! Also, the right roller is not adjustable – is that correct? How big is the blade coming out of the hole? I looked and cleaned with a pin – it’s tiny? Smaller than a tiny hand sewing needle?

          • First things, first…Happy Birthday!! A Silhouette Cameo is a wonderful gift.
            Let’s start with the blade–it is practically microsopic–not bigger than the end of a very fine needle. And, it breaks very easily if you set it too high.
            If you are doing paper crafts, you will rarely need to set the blade higher than 3; thickness 33; speed 3. If you have set it higher than this while using regular crafting paper, such as Stamping Up Whisper White, you may have chipped the end of your blade. If this is the case, your blade is finished and you will need to buy a new one. The blade is so tiny, that you cannot even see if it is chipped–you’ll just know it if it isn’t cutting.

            The right roller is adjustable, although it is extremely difficult to do so. Try putting on rubber gloves so that you get a good grip. First, locate the blue lock lever on the right end, just above the roller bar and then turn it up. Next, turn the white sliding roller toward the back of the machine until the pinchers are not in the notches. Next, slide the white roller to the desired position and twist it until it locks into the grooves.

            You mentioned that the right side of your project didn’t cut–could it be that your roller was not locked down?

            Please come one back and let us know how it works out for you. Most of us have gone through at least one or two blades before getting it right. But, once you get right, it’s really worth it!!

            Good luck,

    • This post is a year old, but I am having this same problem now. An area about 1cm straight down the middle of the page (top to bottom) does not cut all the way through the paper. The cuts to the right, and left are perfect. Has anyone figured this out? I’ve had my cameo a week now, and have successfully cut 20 or so projects. This problem just started today.

  209. Please can you help another frustrated Silhouette Cameo user?
    After using my machine very successfully for about 4 weeks, I returned my first machine to Create and Craft because the cartridge was jumping and the blade was skipping around the mat. They replaced the machine and I had used the new one for a week before it started to do the same thing. Silhouette America say that they have had a lot of problems with blades so they have offered to send a new blade but I am not sure whether this is solely a blade problem. I note that a user on had a similar problem.
    Have you come across this or do you have any ideas?
    I am hoping to make wedding invitations for my niece so I really need to get this sorted out.
    Many thanks

    • Hi, Sandra,
      I haven’t come across this problem with my Cameo, but perhaps some of my readers have. Let’s hope that someone will come to your rescue.
      Have you called the Silhouette America support line? They may be able to give you an answer or walk you through some potential solutions. If you do find a solution, it would be great if you would come back and share it with us.
      Good luck,
      P.S. Check out this link

    • Mine started doing this a few weeks ago! I sent them an email and they wanted me to take a picture and email it to them. I tried to take a picture but it was hard to see the cut/skip lines. When I started using SCAL 3 it worked fine so I thought it was the designer program…well today the problem has begun again. 🙁

      • Hi, Tammy,

        I’m no expert, but it may not be your blade. Let’s try to troubleshoot…

        What are you cutting? Is it a heavy cardstock of a regular weight, like Stampin’ Up Smooth cardstock? What is your blade set at? It should be at a 2 or 3, at the most. Once we establish that you have the right blade setting for the paper thickness, then we can start to look at other potential reasons for the skipping. Are you getting clean cuts–when it does cut? Can you see the long metal belt vibrating when the machine is cutting–it should run smoothly.

        Let me know how it works out. I have hundreds of readers every week with Silhouette questions, and they would all love to hear about your experience.

        Thanks, for stopping by, Tammy. Good luck!

  210. This was so helpful! Now I don’t feel so alone. I too love what my cameo silhouette has the potential to do but I wondered if I was the only one out there having so many problems with the mat and blade. Hopefully I can power through and continue creating things without getting too frustrated, but your article gave me some hope and a little insight. Thank you!


    • Hi, Jessica,

      I just read your comment and wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m still struggling with my Cameo problems, too, but on the bright side, I just installed a new blade and it seems to be cutting beautifully. I’m going to try cutting out some really intricate stuff, like names and perhaps even a doily. I will post the results in the forum.
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!


  211. Thanks for sharing this great information. I am loving the Cameo, made some great cards, but then the blade starting tearing the paper. Put in a new blade and it’s also tearing the paper so it may be defective., I’ll contact Silhouette. I’ll also try cleaning my mat and refurbishing it. They’re a bit pricey to buy, will watch for Silhouette America to have a sale. Should have stocked up at Christmas!

    • Hi, Jan,
      Thanks, for stopping by! Your experience with the Cameo blade is just one more in a long list of frustrated Silhouette Cameo users. We all LOVE our Cameos but wish it would work all the time! Silhouette America will send you a new blade…they have sent me two and a new mat. Let us know how it goes!!

      By the way, I am creating a forum here at Globug Ideas for Silhouette Cameos to share the problems, solutions and …when their Cameos work…their creations! Hope you will join in and keep us up-to-date on how it’s going. The Forum should be live later today.

      Good luck, and thanks again for your stopping by. Gloria

  212. Brilliant article – thanks for summing up all of my experiences so far! That said I do love the machine and most of the time I get stunning results. I was one of the first to purchase in the UK and managed to produce all my Christmas cards and a few hundred nativity scene silhouettes tree decorations to hand out at our Christmas Day service – all with the same blade; however, the blade that came with the machine was useless ( it need to be set on 8/9 to cut light card) and the company I purchased were not willing to replace it and I had to order a new one before I could really get started.

    I teach IT and use all kinds of graphic and drawing programs and have to say that, whilst a little esoteric in some areas. the designer version of the software is excellent and well worth paying the extra for. Any UK cutter addicts out there – perhaps we could organise a cutting meet! contact

    • Hi, Lesley,

      Thanks, so much for commenting. I’m so happy to hear that you have had some excellent results with you Silhouette Cameo–it gives hope to others who are still dealing with those frustrating blade and mat issues.

      I have started a forum here at Globug Ideas for crafters to share their Silhouette Cameo tips and hardships. I hope you will join us and drop by from time to time to and tell us how things are going. There’s also a forum entitled Cameo Creations, and it sounds like you have some great projects to show the world.

      I’m so glad you dropped by! Lots of luck to you in organizing a cutting meet–great idea!!!


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