Chapter Three: Holly’s First Spa Day

Puppies grow like bad weeds, and so does their fur. 

Holly, before her make-over.

Our little Holly was looking pretty scruffy and so, on the day before she turned 16 weeks old, she went to her first grooming session.

I prayed every night for a week that her amazing groomer, Breanna, would be able to wrestle this little holy terror to the ground long enough to give her a make-over.

“She was great,” Breanna reported when I chatted with her after the grooming session. Wow! Every puppy needs a groomer like Breanna.

In one month, we’ll be heading back to see Breanna for another puppy make over. All 2.64 pounds of puppy will get the full meal deal and come home looking like a furry white angel, once again.

Here’s Holly with her loving daddy, my amazing husband, Peter.