Chapter Seven: It’s a dog’s life…and I want it!

Cookie, age eight. Just as pretty as when she was a puppy!

Don’t hate me because I am beautiful!

In dog years, Cookie is middle-aged, somewhere around 50 in human years. But, she is still as beautiful as when she was just a puppy.

Now, if you and I lived life the way Cookie does, we would look mah-vellous, too! You’ve already heard about Cookie’s monthly visits to the puppy spa, now here is a typical day in the life of our canine princess. . .her Royal Furiness, as my mother calls her.

Cookie’s day starts with…well, sleeping in. Her first real activity is coming

Who could say NO to a face like that? …not ME!

downstairs to the living room where she snuggles up on my lap while I read my e-mail and drink my morning cup of tea.

Cookie’s next activity is, lying on her big soft bed in front of the fireplace with her head resting on her big stuffed dog.  With that activity out of the way, (and before she begins to turn into a “hot dog”) Cookie then relocates herself to the front hall, a perfect place to cool off after all the resting in front of the fire.

Round about 11 a.m., Cookie steps outside to “take care of business.”

Top of the stairs, looking down on creation…one of Cookie’s favourite resting/spying spots.

After a busy morning, Cookie lunches on the finest canine, veterinarian-approved prescription diet food available to puppykind. Cookie prefers to dine rather than eat.  She demonstrates this fact by routinely pick up her food dish and carrying it from the kitchen into the dining room, where she sets it down and proceeds to “dine.”

When the weather isn’t too cold or windy, a health walk is a daily after-lunch activity.

Cookie on my shoulder…she seems to think this is perfectly normal behaviour. I think she’s part Bichon and part Parrot!

And then, it’s time for another nap. If I am working in my studio, she might curl up in the wicker chair near my desk…or, she might whimper at me to let her sit on my knee or, preferably, on my shoulder so she can see what’s going on outside. (I have now got one shoulder about six inches lower than the other).

At about 3 p.m., it’s off to Timmies with her Daddy (with a stop on the way for a pee-break–for Cookie, that is).

Back home, again, it’s time to curl up on Daddy’s lap while he has his afternoon

Imagine looking  this good, first thing in the morning!

coffee break.

One more delicious meal around 6 p.m. and then…sigh…another nap…maybe on the sofa in the family room.

At 8 p.m., it’s off to Timmies, again, with her Daddy…with another pee-break on the way. And then, back home, again, just in time to have a nap in front of the fire before bedtime!

Cookie is a creature of habit and tells me when it’s time for her to go to bed. At around 10 p.m., every night, Cookie looks me in the eye and whimpers. I tell her to

We do it all, whatever it takes,  for the love of Cookie!

go upstairs to bed and she shoots up the stairs like she had just won the lottery. She curls up on the bed and waits patiently for me to join her. But, if it takes me more than 30 minutes to head up the stairs, she comes part-way down, sticks her head through the railing and whimpers at me.

She IS a special girl! All she wants is to be loved, fed, taken out for pee-breaks and to play the odd game of fetch (although, as my husband says, “she’s no retriever). But, she is our Cookie and we LOVE her to the moon and back!!

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