More Benny Blue!

I’m back with a few more Benny Blue images that I coloured this week. By the way, you can buy the Benny Blue colouring book (paper version) or the downloadable PDF version by Googling Christine Karron. She is a brilliant artist, so check out all of her images and I know you’ll fall in love with then. P.S. I’m not getting paid to say this I just love Christine Karron’s work. I colour all of my images with my Copic markers and add highlights with a white gel pen.

I forgot to draw in his whiskers before I photographed him…ooops!

Details, details, details!

When I’m in my studio, Copic markers in hand, favourite tunes playing, I’m at my most relaxed. I don’t think about anything other than my colour and my music. We all need times like that. I’m retired, now, and I’ve finally gotten the hang of that thing called, “relaxation.”

Here is a gray scale image that I coloured, yesterday with my Copic markers and a dash of white gel pen. It’s loaded with tiny little bits and pieces of things that need colour. The colours are bit crazy, and it’s certainly not my best work but, oh well! It was fun and relaxing. You should try one, I bet you’ll like it!

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I love gray scale!

I recently discovered gray scale digital images. Wow, are they ever cool! I’ve coloured several over the past week and I just can’t get enough of them!

This image is called “Shot of Magic,” by Christine Karron. Her work is absolutely amazing. Don’t you just love the details in this image? It was challenging, but such a satisfying colouring experience. I will be post more of her images as I colour them.

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I buy my digital images!

I need to start by say that I always buy my digital images. I see digis by the thousands on Pinterest that are being “shared” when they were meant to be sold by the artist. That is theft! The same thing goes with my digital books, I do not use those “free books” sites; I buy my digital books.

I’m not trying to sound like an almighty do-gooder!

I don’t think it is fair or right to take an artist’s work and spread it around the Internet, free for all who have no conscience. Okay, that said, I sometimes find an image that has no artist’s name attached, no company name, no publisher’s name, no copyright, nothing at all to identify it. In such a case, I believe it is a free-for-all image and I have no qualms about using it.

The following gray scale  images, which I coloured with my Copic markers, are two that I came across on the Internet. If anyone knows the name of the artist or has any information as to their origin, I would be most appreciative if you could pass it on to me. I will take them down, immediately, if need be.

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