CDACDC#3 — AND, my 50th post!

The Oak Fairy is my 50th post!

Yayy!! Fifty posts! I’m having a moment, as Oprah would say.

Oak fairy

Okay, so on with the show. This pretty fairy, dressed in oak leaves (I guess you can get away with that if you live in a faraway forest) was provided to us for the CDACDC #3 by Gurukitty Designs. Thanks, Jen!

The bling is (in my mind) symbolic of the rich, jewel-toned oak leaves that cover the ground in the park next to my house. I trimmed the oval frame with a lovely crocheted silk edging. Topped off with a glittery bow, this is my fifth and last image for CDACDC #3. I hope you like it! Thanks, so much for dropping by. Please leave me a comment so I will know you were here.

CDACDC#3–Apples and pine needles

Autumn means crisp juicy apples and crunching pine needles underfoot

Crisp, juicy green apples!

On one side of my house there is a clump of huge pine trees. They are lovely to look at and provide wonderful shade on hot summer days. That said, they drop their needles by the thousands onto our lawns and porches. I picked up a handful the other day and thought surely I could find a place for them on my apple card…and, as you can see, I did. I guess apples and pine needs just say, “fall,” to me.

This is my fourth card for CDACDC #3. It was generously provided to us for this challenge by Glitter Babes.Thanks, Glitter Babes! I decided to get a bit silly with this card and use two floral papers just because I love them! It’s busy, to say the least, but I really like the combination of pinks and greens. I hope you like it, too!

Autumn Harvest

Pumpkins and sunflowers

Pumpkins and postcards!

I fell in love with this beautiful image from Designed2Delight, the minute I saw it. And, yet, I really struggled to make it work. Finally, I started to visualize where I might have seen a cart like this. And then it came to me…in front of an old general store, in a small town or village. You know, the kind of store that sells everything from canned peas to postcards and always has a cart of fresh vegetables sitting on the front porch. In this case, it’s pumpkins and sunflowers. I quickly hunted through my embossing folders for the one called, Postcard.”  Then I ran a yellow ink pad over it to bring the words to life. I used a die cutter to create the scalloped circle and gave it a vintage look with distress ink. A few embellishments and there she be!

Thanks, so much, for stopping by. Please leave a comment so I will know you were here!



Abundance...yet another reason to be thankful.

Let not a day pass that we don’t give thanks for our blessings, big and small.

All over the world, people are recounting the stories of where they were when the twin towers in New York City went crashing down. Who could ever forget?

For those who lost family, friends, co-workers or neighbours, I hope you have rediscovered happiness. I hope that you are living rich and fulfilling lives.I pray that you have been able to forgive our enemies and to trust that God has His reasons for everything. Reasons that are beyond our comprehension. But, because we trust in Him, we know that our lives are now, what they were meant to be.

Keep your beautiful memories of those who went before you. Love, with all your heart, your family and friends. Spread joy. Be at peace. Give thanks today and everyday.

God bless,