Merry Christmas to my canine cousins!

Pets are family, too!

Frame_Christmas card from Cookie to Dexter and Theo 2013-front (2)

In our family, even our pets get Christmas cards.

My son, Neil, has a beautiful, black, medium-sized, mixed-breed dog, named Dexter. His daughter, Ashleigh, (a college student who still lives at home) has very large, black, mixed-breed dog, named Theo. Together, they are hilarious, mischievous, entertaining and entirely lovable!

Our little munchkin, Cookie, is an adorable almost 10-year-old Bichon Frise, who still looks like a puppy and acts like a princess. Anyway, I just had to send a Christmas card from Cookie to her two canine cousins and this is what I came up with. The puppy on the front looks just like Cookie.

I decided to make it an easel card but, before I show you the next photo, I need to explain something… My son has a wonderful way with dogs. He has taught them to be well-mannered and well enjoyable companions. When he wants them both to sit for a treat (or when they’re getting over-excited) he says, “Gentlemen!” and gives them the hand signal to sit. It’s so cute! And, now, on to the next photo of Cookie’s card…

Frame_Christmas card from Cookie to Dexter and Theo 2013-Standing (3)


This is the card in its “easel” position. By the way, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the puppy. It’s such a time-saver, and does such a precise job. The image is a jpeg that I brought into Silhouette Studio.

Here it is on my table–what a great cutting job, huh?






Frame_Christmas card from Cookie to Dexter and Theo 2013-inside (8)




When the card is open all the way, it reveals Cookie’s messages to Dexter and Theo…



And, finally, below is a photo showing a side view of the card in the easel position.







Frame_Christmas card from Cookie to Dexter and Theo 2013-side view (5)


I love making easel cards because they offer so much opportunity to be creative. This one is quite simple but, after all, Cookie, Dexter and Theo are still only reading at a grade three level!

Merry Christmas, Dexter and Theodore!

Love, Cookie xoxo