50th Anniversary Card for Sharon and Ed

golden-small-16-1We live in a neighbourhood where the folks around us are more than just neighbours, they’re friends. One lovely couple, Sharon and Ed, who live just down the street from us are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. They are both truly sweet and always have a smile and some friendly conversation to welcome us as we take our evening stroll.

As Sharon and Ed were married in December, I wanted to make them a card that incorporated winter into the theme. I found this beautiful digital image called Chickadee in Barberry by Marcella Hawley of Power Poppy.

card-front-newI usd two copies of the image and cut them out on my Silhouette Cameo. Then, I coloured them with my Copic markers and added some sparkle glue to highlight the snow on the branches. To give a 3-D quality to the berries, I used 3-D Liquid Crystal (I also used a tiny drop of it on each bird’s eye). I popped one image up to add dimension. I used this pretty die cut shape on all four panels and I ran the front panel through my Cuttebug with an embossing folder to add the effect of falling snow.

In the photo below, you can see that the chickadee bride  is wearing a “diamond necklace and ring.”  The chickadee groom is wearing a black bow tie. Aren’t they just adorable?


Last, but so important, are the inside messages. On the right I included a traditional happy anniversary message and on the left, I added a special note about chickadees. I will be giving the card to Sharon and Ed later today and I really hope they like it. They are such a special couple and they deserve a very special celebration.

inside-verses-cuI hope my little chickadee anniversary card has inspired you to make a card for someone special in your life.

Thanks, so much, for dropping in. I hope you will visit, again, soon. Until next time, happy crafting, happy everything!


Happy 40th Birthday, Kelly!

Damn! I look GOOD for 40!

My wonderful neighbour asked me to make a card for her daughter, Kelly, who turned 40, today. She told me that Kelly was a teacher and very active in sports. I played around with sports themes and teacher themes, but just couldn’t pin it down. And then it occurred to me that any forty-year-old who can work all day (with a whole room full of kids, no less), look after her own children at night, cook, clean, shop and still find the time and energy to play a number of sports…well, she must be in good shape!! This is my “easel card” creation for Kelly…I hope she liked it!!


I used Mo Manning’s Little Smooch because she just makes me smile. I coloured her with my Prismacolor pencils and I really like the way shading and highlights turned out (I usually use my Copic Markers). I cut her the old-fashioned way–out by hand, because I was too lazy to run her through my Silhouette Cameo. She’s popped up with pop dots on an oval background that I cut out on my Cuttlebug using my Sizzix oval die set. Her glittery earrings were created with sparkle glue. I used a matching pearl to create her over-sized pendant necklace.

I created the Happy Birthday background with a Cuttlebug embossing folder. I think it added interest and depth without taking away from Little Smooch. I also antiqued the edges of the oval using a lime green ink pad.


…and another shot of the easel card…


The next photo shows the inside message. . .


And, here’s a photo showing the card opened up all the way. I like to finish the inside and back of my cards so they look just as pretty as the front (well, almost as pretty). There’s lots of room to write personal messages on the empty panels (yep, right over the flowers).


…and, finally,  here is the back…


More cards to come!!!

Embossing folders: let’s get organized!

My mission, this week, was to organize my out-of-control collection of embossing folders. Mission accomplished! See how happy I am?Yay!

Rooting through 99 embossing folders to find the one I needed was so darn frustrating. (Yep, I have 99 and two more on order…but, I don’t smoke, drink or spend money on shoes, and a girl has to have some fun!)

Anyway, after months of searching Pinterest and craft blogs, I finally picked a bit of this and a bit of that and came up with my own hybrid system. Here’s how it works:

I began by making a little orange name tag for each embossing folder. I created a table in MS Word and typed in the names of the folders, but you could just as easily write them by hand. I then affixed the labels to the folders using Scotch tape.





With the folders all labelled, then came the best part: I tossed out the bulky packaging! (Well, I really just packed them up and put them into storage). Just getting that packaging out of my tiny 8′ x 8′ studio was a big accomplishment. Wow, was it ever taking up a lot of valuable storage space. I felt better, already!

Next, I made index cards from some heavy cardstock and added tabs that I cut out on my Silhouette Cameo. I found these cute peel-and-stick alphabet letters in a book of scrapbooking stickers–how’s that for quick-and-dirty?

My “filing cabinet” is just a simple photo box (a shoe box would do just as well, and you could have fun altering it with designer paper).

And finally, in keeping with my quick-and-dirty plan, I created a catalogue for quick and easy reference.


A quick search of my studio and I found a nice hard cover notebook that been sitting on a shelf for years. Perfect! And, one less thing to buy. Also, I just didn’t see the point to a big heavy binder. I really wanted something easy to store and easy to carry with me on shopping trips.

Next, I pulled out a bunch of left-over cardstock from my scrap box and created sample cards measuring 2.5″ x 2.5″. I ran each card through my Cuttlebug, using a different embossing folder for each. I then glued them into my notebook, wrote the folder’s name underneath and, presto, Bob’s your uncle. Well, as I always say, Bob’s my brother, but that’s a whole other story.

It is so quick to just flip through the pages now to see what I have–and it’s much better than just looking at the embossing folders. (For example, if I want to use the folder called, “Leafy Branches,” I just look under the letter L in my file box.

The last thing I should mention is how I catalogue and store those skinny border folders. I labelled them and created a sample card for each one in my catalogue, just as I did for the regular size folders. But, rather than storing them loose in my file box, I bundled them in sets and wrapped each set with a rubber band. This way, the sets will stay together and it’s way easier to locate a bundle rather than one little folder.

My next mission is to catalogue all my stamps. I will also insert my Copic Marker colour sheet into my master catalogue, so when I go shopping, there will be no more guessing about which stamp sets I have or which markers I need.

So, that’s pretty much it. I hope this helps you get the organizing bug, too. I will be back with more photos as soon as I finish cataloging my stamps. Don’t hold you’re breath on this one, though…I think this is going to take a while…a long while! 😉