Box of Daisies–Birthday Card in a Box

Birthday Flowers!

Here are some photos of a card-in-a-box that I made recently for my mom to send to her sister in the hospital. I hope it made her smile! And, the best part is that these flowers will last forever!

Birthday card for Gerri Lafortune July 12, 2015 (8)

When you first open the envelope, you see a flat card (it fits in a standard greeting card envelope)…

Birthday card for Gerri Lafortune July 12, 2015 (5)

…but, just let it pop open and see the pretty bouquet!

Birthday card for Gerri Lafortune July 12, 2015 (7)

On the back panel there’s a special greeting and room underneath to write a personal message.

Birthday card for Gerri Lafortune July 12, 2015 (1)

I hope this pretty box of daisies inspires you to make a card-in-a-box for someone special in your life.

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you will stop by again, soon. Now, go get creative!


Card-in-a-box: butterflies!

A pretty box full of butterflies!

There’s an adorable little girl named Grace who just turned two. Grace loves butterflies and so her mommy planned a birthday party with a butterfly theme. Her grandma asked me to make a special butterfly birthday card for her. I thought it would be so much fun for little Grace to open her card and see a bunch of pretty butterflies pop up. So, here’s the butterfly card-in-a-box Ii made for this little cutie. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the butterflies. (I know the photos are that great, but my next project is a to set up a proper place to take good quality photos. It’s on my To Do list!!)

This is the front of the card, before it’s opened to reveal all the pretty butterflies.


 Here is the back of the card, with a nice big panel for a hand-written birthday message from Grandma and Grandpa.

Card back

 And now, for let’s open that box right up. Will you just look at all those butterflies!


 No Globug Ideas card is complete without a matching envelope.


  I hope my little box of butterflies inspires  you to make a card-in-a-box for someone special in your life.

Cute little card purse for Ashleigh

So easy to make!

This really cute purse card was so easy to make it’s almost embarrassing!

Purse Card Front

I found the purse shape in the Silhouette online catalogue. You can probably get something very similar for your Cricut. The design is so simple, you could also just make it yourself.

I love the bright floral designer paper I used on this one. I had been hoping to find somewhere to use this gorgeous paper for a long time and it was just perfect for the purse. A little bling and a pearl closure finished it off nicely. I tucked a cash gift inside for my granddaughter, Ashleigh. She loved the purse and the cash! LOL!

Ashleigh always carries a large and heavy purse with a ton of stuff inside. To eliminate the need to dig to the bottom of her bag to find her key chain, she hangs it from the handle. Smart cookie. Well, I just had to hang a key from this little purse, too.

Purse Card CU of Key

Maybe you could make one the next time you give a gift of cash or a gift card. You can get creative, too, and make it look like a wallet or a tool box or the pocket on a pair of jeans. Go crazy and have fun!

Thanks, so much, for stopping by!


A Circus Card for Jack’s 5th Birthday

One of my favourite customers has a grandson named Jack. I’ve been making cards for Jack’s birthdays for three years, now, each one with a different theme. This year it was a circus theme. With the help of my Silhouette Cameo, I created a circus tent card, measuring 8″ x 8″ when closed up and 24″ when opened up all the way–yep, a card that measures two feet across! Who said, “big isn’t better?”

Circus tent card front

On the inside, there are michievous monkeys, a lion, a tiger and a great big elephant!

circus tent card inside message

I added the stitching with my  trusty white gel pen–it’s those little details that can add impact. The funny clown on the front has a big, shiny, red nose!

circus tent card clown cu

Here’s closer look at the elephant with a real feather decorating her head dress and lots of sparkles on her fringed blanket. As always, I coloured everything with my Copic markers and used my dollar store sparkle glue to add some circus bling.

circus tent card elephant

This circus card was really fun to make and to give. I really hope little Jack liked it!!

A 40th birthday card and a special gift for Jenn

I’m back with another birthday story. My sweet daughter-in-law, Jenn, celebrated her 40th birthday last week. I call her “my little garden girl,” because her passion is gardening or, as she calls it, “playing in the dirt.” Here is the easel card I made for her, all in her favourite colour, purple. I used my Copic markers to colour the pretty gardening image. (I love my Copics). The photo below it is the envelope.

Jenn's 40th birthday card-Open


Jenn birthday envelope for her birthday cardI wanted to give Jenn a gift that she would be able to enjoy for years to come–and, after all, 40 is a BIG life event that merits a special gift. I decided that a scrapbook of her life, from birth to 40, would be the best present I could give her!

Jenn 40th Birthday-with scrapbook

With the help of Jenn’s wonderful husband, Neil (my son) and her awesome sister, Lesley, I gathered photos of the birthday girl from birth to the present day. I started in January and completed the album in May, just a week or so before her birthday!

The whole time I was creating the album, I did it with fingers crossed that Jenn would really love my special gift to her. I was not, however, prepared for her very emotional reaction. From the moment she opened the cover, to the very last page, my sweet birthday girl cried, with emotion and happiness. That one book held so many memories of her childhood and her late parents. She laughed and she cried. We all did.

Here’s a photo of my granddaughter, Ashleigh (Jenn and Neil’s daughter), with Jenn, her sister, Lesley, my mom and me. Thanks to my amazing husband for taking lots of photos, including this one.

Ash Jenn Lesley Nan Gloria looking at Jenn's scrapbook

Here’s my wonderful son,  Neil. In his words, he was “so happy just watching everyone loving his girls!”


I hope you have an opportunity to make a scrapbook for someone special. The time, money and effort you put into it will come back to you ten-fold in love and appreciation!