The Crafter’s Cafe ATC Swap Club–September is Java Month!

Well, it MUST be fall because here I am writing two posts in one evening. If this was a warm summer’s eve, I would be out walking, hand-in-hand, with my husband, Peter, and our little Bichon Frise, Cookie. But, it is quite cool this week, which is great for sleeping, crafting and blogging!

Here is my third Artist Trading Card (ATC). September’s theme is “Java Good Time.” The mission, for those of us who chose to accept it, was to create an ATC about coffee–coffee cups, people drinking coffee or whatever sparked our fancy.

Mine started off with a tiny coffee menu, the kind you see on the wall behind the counter at a coffee shop. Then, I added the little “coffee lovers”–aren’t they cute? I used some pop dots under the coffee lovers to add dimension. As a finishing touch, I decided to stick on a “Free Coffee” ticket. Oh, how my husband would love that! He’s a Tim Horton’s coffee-lover and goes there four times a day, every day, to order a “Large, Two Milks, Two Sweeteners.”

ATCs are always numbered on the back: 1 of 12; 2 of 12, and so on. I took this photo before I had numbered them, which is why you don’t see any numbers. (Also, there were 12 of us who took part this time; last month, there were 14, so our cards would have been number 1 of 14; 2 of 14, and son on).

The back of the card must also contain the name of the swap (in this, case, it’s The Crafter’s Cafe, “Java Good Time”); the date; the artist (me :); and, the artists website and/or e-mail. I also leave a spot for my signature, as you can see in the bottom right corner.

I love doing these ATCs, because the whole experience is fast-paced–we have a new theme every month, and just about two-and-a-half weeks to create our tiny masterpieces and have them in the hands of the swap leader. So, with mailing time, we have to turn these around pretty darn fast. And, that’s what I love about it, along with receiving my envelope once a month with the ATCs created by the others in our group. You should try it, it’s really fun!!

Thanks, so much, for stopping by. I just love having visitors.