Birthday candles card


Card-makers and other paper-crafters have a philosophy known as “CASE,” which stands for Copy And Share Everything! We are honoured when another crafter is inspired by one of our creations. That’s exactly what happened when I was browsing Pinterest one day–I came across an adorable birthday card that featured three big candles and a funny message on the inside. Below is my take on it. By the way, this is one of the cards from my Polka Dot Parade series (more to come). If you would like to buy this card, please leave a comment at the end of the post. I have 10 available, at $4 each, including postage.


Sorry about the background! I was in a hurry to take the photos so I could get them posted before I go back to painting (walls–nothing artistic!!).


Here is the message on the inside…I just love it!


I always finish all four sides of my cards. It gives them a really polished look.


And, the back, with my Globug Ideas tag…


Birthday card for my son, Neil

Neil is 41…holy cow, that makes me almost… 50!

This is my son, Neil. He is every mother’s dream! He is a wonderful son, who calls me several times a week just to chat. We have long and fascinating conversations about everything under the sun, from philosophy to quantum physics to dog-training and everything in between.

He is a great husband to Jenn and a fantastic dad to Ashleigh.

In the cold weather, he wears long underwear,  an extra sweater, a warm hat, scarf, gloves and boots (he did that even as a kid and, more surprisingly, as a teenager!).

He does all the cooking at his house; bakes and decorates cakes; knows everything about cars and astronomy. He loves nature and will pull over to the side of the road to admire a particularly beautiful tree.

He once called me on my birthday to wish me a happy day and said he would be over as soon as he had finished servicing the brakes on his car and had showered. The next thing I knew, he was at my front door, all clean and shiny, holding a family-sized Aero Bar with a lighted candle in it. (The party and cake came on the weekend). Now, isn’t that just the sweetest thing, ever?

To top it off, he loves children, elderly folks and animals. He always holds the door for people (of every age), looks them in the eye and gives them a big smile.

He plays the guitar and is such a comedian that he can keep us in stitches for hours.

He’s a guys’ guy and a renaissance man, all rolled into one.

And last, but not least, he gives the best hugs–when Neil hugs me, I know I’ve been hugged! Happy Birthday, my wonderful son!

Here is the card I made him. I should have photographed it on a dark background, rather than on a white envelope…but, you get the idea.








To embellish the inside, I repeated the white stitching that I did on the front. What would I do without my gel pen! I also used my white gel pen to write my personal birthday message to Neil on inside of the card (but I kept that part between me and Neil). The pocked on this style of card can also be used to hold a gift card-holder. Sweet idea! You can view more of my hand-crafted cards and other projects on Pinterest.

ATC #5-Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkin!

Okay, so it’s November and someone says, “pumpkin.” What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If you are one of my American neighbours, you probably think, pumpkin pie or Thanksgiving…right? Yummy!! Ah, but look up…look waaaaay up…north of the 49th parallel–we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving long ago, in early October. So, the next feast of pumpkin pie is still a long way off for us. Frown.

When Kristy, leader of the Artist Trading Card Swap Club (ATC) at The Crafter’s Cafe (TCC) told us we had to put a pumpkin somewhere on our November ATC, I was still in Halloween mode. Hence, my scary (albeit sparkly) pumpkin card. Pretty cute, dontcha’ think?

Come join us for the December ATC Swap. The theme will be announced on December 1st. The more the merrier…and after all, December is the merriest month of all!

You can see my ATCs, greeting cards, mini-albums and more on my Globug Ideas fan page and on Pinterest. Stop by for lots of ideas to get your creative juices bubbling over!

Cards for guys

Let’s face it, most guys like grilling, eating what they grill and stretching out in their La-Z-Boy after they eat what they have grilled. So, finding a theme for a “guy” card isn’t too difficult, is it?

I made these three cards for Father’s Day, but they would also be great for birthdays and other occasions. If you like them, you can check out some of my other cards on my Pinterest site and in my Gallery.

The first one was for my husband, Peter. The only thing missing in the picture is his laptop, which has become an appendage (his iPhone is another appendage). However, the rest of the illustration is quite accurate–a can of pop in one hand, feet up, grabbing a quick cat nap in his well-worn La-Z-Boy. He’s just the greatest step-dad on the planet and really deserved some Father’s Day TLC!

This card is a double gate-fold.




The quality of this photo isn’t great, but I think you can see how the double gate-fold works.




This second card is the one I made for my son, Neil. He’s a wonderful person and a terrific dad. On his Top Ten list are grilling (anything) and eating grilled burgers. So the theme for his card was a no-brainer.

This card is my favourite of the three, because it was so much fun making the hamburgers (no grill required).

To make the sesame seeds pop, I put a dab of Glossy Accents on each one. It gave them a shine and created a 3-D effect.


I really wanted an overall 3-D effect for this card, so I popped up the plate, popped up the first burger and double-popped the second burger. I took advantage of the white space on the plate to write “Happy Father’s Day.”





Here is the inside of Neil’s card. As always, I finished all four sides of the card in designer paper. Once again, the lighting is awful, but I think you can see the image well enough to get the idea.



The third card is the one I made for my son-in-law, John. He, too, loves his grill and I have eaten many of his delicious burgers, chicken and grilled veggies! I forgot to take photos of the inside–too many things on the go, at once.

Anyway, I hope these cards inspire you when you need a card idea for one of the special guys in your life!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends!!


CDACPC13-Round Two is off to a great start!

Welcome to Round Two of the Crafter’s Digital Art Center Progressive Challenge #13.

The new round has just begun, and it has started off with five great digis. Here is my first card, which I call, “Happy Burfday, Grandpa!”

Thank you to Lia Stampz for providing this sweet image for us to play with.

I had been wanting to use this softly coloured button paper for a while and it seem to be just right for this project. By coincidence, I had a piece of ribbon with the same colours in it and some matching buttons and paper flowers. I coloured the little girl with my Copic markers, of course! Funny how it all comes together, when you start play and dig through your stash.

Oh, yeah, and I got to think like a kid again when I wrote the inside verse for this card. Such fun!

Okay, so enough about my card. Now it’s time for you to hop on over to the CDAC and join the fun!

Crafter’s Digital Art Center Progressive Challenge #13 is open to everyone!

Thanks, for stopping by and happy crafting!