Hey, St. Nick!

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You’ve heard of “Christmas in July,” right?
Well, I like to call this “St. Nick in the Summer!”

I just completed a two-day workshop with the award-winning artist, Maria Saracino. Our project was this beautiful St. Nick figure. It was a lot of work and oh, so many details. I’m really proud of this character.

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My Little Elf

Polymer clay…yes, please!

As I’ve wandered through the craft stores over the years, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work with polymer clay. Recently, thanks to Facebook, I discovered a local artist, Maria Saracino, who conducts workshops in polymer clay and so, of course, I signed up.

The workshop was called, “My Little Elf.” In this one-day session, we actually sculpted the head, hands/arms and feet/legs; we made the wire/padded body; assembled the entire elf and dressed him in a handmade elf costume. I never would have believed I could do this, but it’s amazing what you can learn to do when you have a great teacher.

Here is my little elf that I have named, Eddie. I think he’s adorable. What do you think?

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