ATC #5-Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkin!

Okay, so it’s November and someone says, “pumpkin.” What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If you are one of my American neighbours, you probably think, pumpkin pie or Thanksgiving…right? Yummy!! Ah, but look up…look waaaaay up…north of the 49th parallel–we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving long ago, in early October. So, the next feast of pumpkin pie is still a long way off for us. Frown.

When Kristy, leader of the Artist Trading Card Swap Club (ATC) at The Crafter’s Cafe (TCC) told us we had to put a pumpkin somewhere on our November ATC, I was still in Halloween mode. Hence, my scary (albeit sparkly) pumpkin card. Pretty cute, dontcha’ think?

Come join us for the December ATC Swap. The theme will be announced on December 1st. The more the merrier…and after all, December is the merriest month of all!

You can see my ATCs, greeting cards, mini-albums and more on my Globug Ideas fan page and on Pinterest. Stop by for lots of ideas to get your creative juices bubbling over!


Witch? Which witch?

Here is my fourth Artist Trading Card (ATC).

October, being the month of ghosts and goblins, the theme is–no big surprise– witches.

It’s been so insanely busy around my house lately, that I didn’t have time to make anything elaborate. I do, however, like that crazy potion background! Well, I like the happy witch I cut out on my Silhouette Cameo, too! 🙂

So, to go off topic for a minute, do you remember when you were in grade school and you learned about synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms? I especially liked homonyms–for example: sew, so,

and sow; or hair and hare; or, laze and lays; or, as in this case, which witch is which!  Homonyms is a great game to play in the card with the kids, when your tire of looking for “punch buggies” and counting red cars.

So, back to the ATC…if you would like to take part in the The Crafter’s Cafe ATC Swap Club, drop in a check it out. It’s really fun to see what others do with the monthly theme. There are never two alike, and it’s a sweet creative challenge!


In case you’re not familiar with ATCs, they are tiny works of art, 2.5″x3.5″ in size. They can be anything you want–paintings, drawings, 3-D, paper-piecing, digital or stamped images, plain, fancy, wacky or elegant. ATCs are never sold, but rather they are trading between artists or, in our case, paper crafters.

The Crafter’s Cafe ATC Swap Club–September is Java Month!

Well, it MUST be fall because here I am writing two posts in one evening. If this was a warm summer’s eve, I would be out walking, hand-in-hand, with my husband, Peter, and our little Bichon Frise, Cookie. But, it is quite cool this week, which is great for sleeping, crafting and blogging!

Here is my third Artist Trading Card (ATC). September’s theme is “Java Good Time.” The mission, for those of us who chose to accept it, was to create an ATC about coffee–coffee cups, people drinking coffee or whatever sparked our fancy.

Mine started off with a tiny coffee menu, the kind you see on the wall behind the counter at a coffee shop. Then, I added the little “coffee lovers”–aren’t they cute? I used some pop dots under the coffee lovers to add dimension. As a finishing touch, I decided to stick on a “Free Coffee” ticket. Oh, how my husband would love that! He’s a Tim Horton’s coffee-lover and goes there four times a day, every day, to order a “Large, Two Milks, Two Sweeteners.”

ATCs are always numbered on the back: 1 of 12; 2 of 12, and so on. I took this photo before I had numbered them, which is why you don’t see any numbers. (Also, there were 12 of us who took part this time; last month, there were 14, so our cards would have been number 1 of 14; 2 of 14, and son on).

The back of the card must also contain the name of the swap (in this, case, it’s The Crafter’s Cafe, “Java Good Time”); the date; the artist (me :); and, the artists website and/or e-mail. I also leave a spot for my signature, as you can see in the bottom right corner.

I love doing these ATCs, because the whole experience is fast-paced–we have a new theme every month, and just about two-and-a-half weeks to create our tiny masterpieces and have them in the hands of the swap leader. So, with mailing time, we have to turn these around pretty darn fast. And, that’s what I love about it, along with receiving my envelope once a month with the ATCs created by the others in our group. You should try it, it’s really fun!!

Thanks, so much, for stopping by. I just love having visitors.


I’m back with my second Artist Trading Card (ATC)–Yay!!

I joined the ATC Swap Club over at The Crafter’s Cafe, in July. At the time, I had just learned what ATCs were all about. Basically, they are tiny works of art, 2.5″x3.5″ in size. They can be anything you want–paintings, drawings, 3-D, paper-piecing, digital or stamped images, plain, fancy, wacky or elegant.

The theme for August is mermaids. Here is my take on it, and following below is a brief description, with photos, of how I created my mini-masterpiece.

Every ATC must have certain information on the back. Here is the back of mine:

And, now, here is a really quick look at how I made my ATCs:

I began by printing out the actual 2.5″x3.5″ cards, with my information about this particular ATC swap on the back. Notice, at the bottom there is a space to number the ATC (1 of 12, 2 of 12, etc.) and a place for me to sign my name.

Next, I created the background out of sparkle paper (the kind that the sparkles don’t fall off of). I wanted to simulate water ripples, so I used the Branches folder in my Cuttlebug. It’s super to find creative ways to use our embossing folders!

I coloured my mermaid with Copic markers and added sparkle glue, because I like almost everything to sparkle! I then used brown and blue chalk pastels with a sponge dauber to add some depth to the ocean floor and the water. To add even further interest and depth, I used my daubers with blue and bronze ink pads to edge the oval shape.

So that’s pretty much it! Now, all I have to do is mail them and wait for the package to arrive with the other swap club members’ mermaid ATCs. Can’t wait!! Oh, but wait…

…now, that I’m all finished my ATCs, have the envelope addressed and am just about to head out to the post office, I find out that there are two more crafters who joined the swap…after the closing date. Yikes!! LOL!! Back to the craft room, I go, Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho!!!

ATC: Artist Trading Cards–so much fun!

You know, once you get involved with something you really love doing–in my case, it’s making cards, scrapbooks and other paper-crafting projects–there’s just no limit to where it can take you. It’s like a magic carpet ride, with something new and exciting at every turn!

Of course, this is all leading up to my latest discovery: Artist Trading Cards–ATCs, as they are called.

Here is my first ATC. 


What is an ATC?

You may already know what an ATC is, but for those who don’t, below is a short explanation.

Artist Trading Cards are miniature works of art, 2 ½ X 3 ½ inches (63 mm X 89 mm) in size. They are designed to fit into standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets, like the ones used for baseball cards.

These little works of art are created by artists and crafters, who trade them with other artists and crafters. They are not sold, simply traded. Every artist uses his or her own technique and media, which can range from digital and stamped images, to pens and pencils and even water colour and acrylic paints. The ATC can even include metal or cloth and just about any other media that strikes the artist’s fancy.

The back of each ATC must include the title, artist’s name, date and series number. For example, the ATC shown above is number three in a series of 12. Kristy Deyette of The Crafter’s Cafe hosts an ATC swap every month. This month’s theme was frogs, so we had to include at least one frog anywhere on are ATC. There were twelve crafters taking part in the swap, so my ATCs were number 1 of 12, 2 of 12, 3 of 12, and so on.

Once we finish making our 12 identical ATCs, we send them off to Kristy (keeping one aside for ourselves). Kristy collates all the ATCs so that each of us ends up with12 different ATCs (one from each artist). She mails them back to us and, voila, each of us has a complete set. As I have already mentioned, this is my first ATC, so I am really looking forward to receiving the package with all the other ATCs. It will be really interesting to see how the other 11 crafters interpreted the frogs theme.

If you have never made an ATC, and would like to give it a try, pop by  The Crafter’s Cafe and check out Kristy’s Swap Club. It’s more fun that a barrel of…frogs!